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Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love


Part 2

Indira Varma videos


Continuing the British contribution, this time from the 21st Century.

Beneath the Skin

No nudity Beneath the Skin (2005) but Rebecca Palmer

and Stephanie Leonidas were very sexy.

Boogie Woogie

Plenty of nudity in Boogie Woogie (2009).

Meredith Ostrom shows the lot,

and Heather Graham

and Gemma Atkinson show their breasts

Jaime Winstone sort of shows some nipple.


There is an upskirt by Amanda Seyfried

and Gillian Anderson is her usual sexiness.


Michelle Pfeifer is supposed to be topless but is clearly wearing a nipple patch in Cheri (2009).

Felicity Jones is looking good.

Coming Down the Mountain

Emer Kenny is topless in Coming Down the Mountain (2007).

Consuming Passion

Most of the nudity in Consuming Passion (2008) comes from a topless Emilia Fox.

Jodie Whitaker is sexy

and Olivia Colman shows a brief upskirt.

Fanny Hill

Rebecca Night is topless in Fanny Hill (2007)

and lots of unidentified women are also topless.

Carli Norris looks good.


Sally Hawkins is in her underwear in Happy-Go-Lucky (2008).

Lennon Naked

Naoki Mori playing Yoko Ono shows the lot in Lennon Naked (2010).

Lesbian Vampire Killers

The nudity in Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009) is brief, and by Margarita Hall and Sianad Gregory

There is also some see-through breast shown by an unknown.

The other women show lots of cleavage and underwear:

Ashley Mulheron,

Emer Kenny,

Louise Dylan,

Lucy Gaskell,

 MyAnna Buring,

 Silvia Colloca,

Tiffany Mulheron,

Vera Filatova

Loch Ness

Pokies by Joely Richardson in Loch Ness (1996).

Love Again

Tara Fitzgerald is in her underwear in Love Again (2003).

Made in Romania

Florentina Boureanu is naked in Made in Romania (2010).

Lots of cleavage by Jennifer Tilly,

Elizabeth Hurley

and Bobbi Sue Luther.


Anne-Marie Duff is topless in Margot (2009).

Morvern Callar

Lots of topless nudity in Morvern Callar (2002) by Kathleen McDermott,

Samantha Morton

and Mette Karsvik.

The Mother

Anne Reid is topless in The Mother (2003).


No nudity in Murderland (2009) just lots of underwear and cleavage by Amanda Hale,

Ania Sowinski,

Lucy Cohu

and Ruby Snape.

My House in Umbria

Maggie Smith is topless in My House in Umbria (2003) but I am not sure what you can see.

Night Junkies

Some nice topless nudity in Night Junkies (2007) by Katia Winter

and Lauren Adams.

Some unidentified strippers also show some see-through breasts.


Judit Viktor

and Julie Drajko are topless in Severance (2006).

Laura Harris

and some unidentified women show their underwear and cleavage.

Slaughter High

Slaughter High (1986) has Donna Yeager

and Josephine Scandi both topless.

Caroline Munro shows a lot cleavage.


Jodie Whitaker flashes her breasts in Venus (2006).


Julie Walters is in her passion-killing underwear in Wah-Wah (2005).






Ofelia Medina and Cecilia Toussaint in Frida: Naturaleza Viva, 1984

Christiana Capotondi in Volevo solo domirle addosso (2004)

Faju, also in Volevo solo domirle addosso