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Boardwalk Empire

True Blood will resume in 2-3 days. A higher priority is the ongoing "Boardwalk Empire," which is hot off the presses in 1920x1080. Here's episode three. Number four will appear tomorrow.

Paz de la Huerta film clips. Massive download - 316 meg. Collages below.



More Rasslin' Women, Divas, Etc.

Candice Michelle

Maria Kanellis

Missy Hyatt

Rena Mero

Stacy Kiebler

Torrie Wilson

Sex Hex

Sativa Verte

Sabrina Fayre

Darian Caine



It's the 70s. Plenty of nudity by some well-known women and lots of sex appeal:


No nudity in Airport (1970), just a bit of side boob by Jacqueline Bisset.


No visible nudity in Barquero (1970).

Mariette Hartley is topless but facing the wrong way.

There are also some side boobs by Marie Gomez

and an unknown actress.

Big Bad Mama

Plenty of nakedness in Big Bad Mama (1974). Angie Dickinson shows the lot.

Joan Prather,

Robbie Lee,

Sally Kirkland

and Susan Sennett get naked showing breasts and bums.

Shanon Christie is a stripper and gets down to her pasties.


More nudity in Bloodline (1979), mainly by women who ended up dead. An unidentified woman shows the lot.

Brigitte Dollerer,

Eleonore Melzer

and Milda Jansen are topless.

Romy Schneider

and Claudia Mori show a bit of cleavage.


Lots more naked women in Bluebeard (1972). They are Agostina Belli,

Joey Heatherton,


Karin Schubert,

Maril¨ Tolo,

Nathalie Delon

and Sybil Danning.

The other women worth capping are Doka Bukova,

Raquel Welch

and Virna Lisi.

The Boys from Brazil

Linda Hayden

and an unidentified woman are topless in The Boys from Brazil (1978).

Demon Seed

Not a fan of the horror genre represented by Demon Seed (1977) but Julie Christie is naked.


I've added a movie of Julie's scene.

Fire in Her Bed

A soft core movie was Fire in Her Bed aka Fire Under Her Bed (1973).  Not a lot of information about the movie and the credits were useless.

Donna Rae



and two other women showed the lot.

The Hawaiians

No real nudity in The Hawaiians (1970) with Miko Mayama showing a bit of boobage.


H.O.T.S. (1979) is one of those classic movies of the era. Plenty of naked women in this college exploitation movie. The topless women are:

Angela Aames,


K C Winkler,

Lindsay Bloom,

Lisa London,

Robyn Martin,

Sandy Johnson

and Susan Kiger.


There are a whole lot of group shots



with other women who are topless, who could be Cece Bullard,

Karen Smith,

Kimberley Cameron,

Marjorie Andrade,

Mary Steelsmith (fortunately she 'disappears' from the footy field when the tops go off),

and Pamela Jean Bryant.

The Killing Kind

The nudity in The Killing Kind (1973) comes from a topless Sue Bernard.

Cindy Williams is shown in her underwear.

Murder by Death

No nudity in Murder by Death (1976), Eileen Brennan

and Maggie Smith show some cleavage.

Sometime Sweet Susan

Another soft core movie Sometime Sweet Susan (1975). The actresses are

Kristen Steen,

Sarah Nicholson


and Shawn Harris



(and that's Harry Reems as the stud.)

Summer School Teachers

There are some topless women in Summer School Teachers (1974). They are

Candice Rialson,

Pat Anderson,

Rhonda Leigh Hopkins

and somebody not identified.

Barbara Deil looks good.

The Wild Party

There is a topless woman in The Wild Party (1975) but we don't know who she is.

The other women add to the experience:

Annette Ferra,

Geraldine Baron,

Jennifer Lee,

Marya Small,

Raquel Welch


and Tiffany Bolling.



Clooney's main squeeze, Elisabetta Canalis, falls out of her top

Magicman did a collage from the HD Kardashian pics



Various women in Bachelor Party 2 (Identified in the clip names)

Crystal Lowe and Karin Konoval in Black Christmas

Helen Mirren, 30 years ago, in Hussy

Victoria Maurette in Dying God

Here are some great old scenes. I think that the following scenes have been extracted from  old VHS tapes, but it's always good to see rare material:

Candice Bergen's butt in Soldier Blue

Isabelle Huppert in a Godard film called Slow Motion in English. She made this the same year as Heaven's Gate. I've never seen this movie, nor this scene, and there were no previous caps or clips from it in my database or in Mr. Skin's. Kind of a cool scene!