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"Lexx: Wake the Dead"

Lexx: Wake the Dead is Season 2 episode 10 of a Canadian TV mini-series. As near as I can tell, it is aimed at a youth market, as many of the characters look punk, the music is rather modern, and sexual overtones are everywhere. Look at the insect/spaceship Lexx in the upper left corner of every image for an obvious phallic shape. In this episode, a group of friends borrow daddy's space transport, set it to wake them up when they reach their destination, and go into cryo-sleep. They are discovered 300 years later adrift by the crew of the Lexx. One of the group unleashes a space assassin, who he charges to "kill everyone."

The exposure is provided by Patricia Zentilli in a shower scene. Note that the entrance to the shower (image 2) looks like a vagina from the inside, and the shower nozzle looks rather like a penis. She shows buns, and rather nice ones, and a quick partial breast shot. This series seems to have a huge following. I can't say that I found it compelling, but then I am not the target audience. C.

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  • Patricia Zentilli (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Alex Kingston festival. Lots of pics. Lots of words.


    Encyclopedia update:

    • there is now a new page for Elizabeth Kaitan. Link there through the main members links (Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, K section). 
    • there is now a new page for Sonja Kirchberger. Link there through the main members links (Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, K section). 
    • later today, there will be a new page for Alex Kingston. Link there through the main members links (Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, K section). 



    in the following, Scoop's comments in white, other people's words in yellow

    Hi Scoop.

    The mispronunciations that ruin the moment for me are the swapping of Calvary and cavalry. Brings up visions of Custer being crucified in Jerusalem, or else kicking Roman ass to save Christ.  The dictionary listing is derived from common usage.  If people say it enough, it becomes correct.  In a decade or so, "motherfucker" will be OK to use in term papers.  Another example: a tidal wave originally meant a wave caused when tides ran through a narrow gap.  Now, however, tidal waves are caused by earthquakes, unless you are a very tight-assed scientific type

    Scoop's note: Yup, Webster's Collegiate is a descriptive dictionary, which means, for example, that the first pronunciation listed should be the one most often used in America. Well, in theory, anyway. So if everybody pronounces dough to rhyme with "loge", that would get the top listing in a few years. Let's go for it.

    That whole Custer/Jesus analogy does help me get a better grip on the movies of Marco Ferreri and Robert Downey Sr.

    I'm referring to two of the strangest movies ever made:

    • Don't Touch The White Woman, the silly movie that has Mastroianni as General Custer battling the Indians in Paris during the Nixon administration.

    • Greaser's Palace, the film that features Jesus in the Old West, as zoot-suited singer and dancer of 1940's boogie, ala Cab Calloway

    Hi Scoop.

    What about "Wednesday"? Or doesn't that count?

    I'm kinda lost on this one. I looked it up in Webster's collegiate and the OED, and they both list two pronunciations- WENS-dee and WENS-day (and my OED edition was last updated in 1884). Doesn't everyone use one or the other? What am I missing? I seem to be out of the loop.

    For those of you who have forgotten, this silly word is named for the pagan god Odin or Wotan. 

    • In Old English it was most often "Wodnes dæg" (Old English had four distinct dialects, and not much survives. Furthermore, standardized spelling is a comparatively modern development. Cayton started the job in 1476, King Jimmy published his bible in the early 1600's, and Dr Johnson's famous dictionary was published just before the American Revolution.). Amazingly enough, the OE spelling of Wednesday has survived recognizably, although I guess it is reasonable to say they used to pronounce it with three syllables.

    • In Old Norsk it was othinsdagr or odensdagr.  Modern Norwegian has kept the essence, but shortened it to onsdag. 

    "Mo-men-to", as opposed to the correct "mim-en-to" (memento)... I bet this one isn't used correctly by more than one person in five. I've heard it on multi-million dollar nationwide ads.

    Good point. This one is absolutely butchered in modern American speech. 

    Two more words for you.  "Library" is often pronounced with the "r" silent at "liberry", and "Valentine" becomes "Valentime".  I never really understood those folks talking about "Valentime's Day"

    I never though of it, but many people do say Valentime, yet nobody gets confused and calls anyone Valentimo. I guess the familiar word "time" just wants to take over.

    Library is certainly butchered. I pronounce the word wrong myself, although not as described above. I'm not sure where I picked it up on my travels (most Americans tell me I have an accent, even though I was born and educated here ), but I say LIE-bree, with two syllables, and can't seem to force out that third syllable unless I am being especially cautious about my enunciation.

    Scoop's additional thought: Speaking of caution, it is fun to hear people speak when they know they will be on TV and they don't use their natural speech. People always try to sound more intelligent and, as a result, achieve the opposite. One of my favorites is when official spokesmen say that they have no information "at this point in time". I take it that they mean "now", a perfectly serviceable and communicative English word which they would normally use, until that mike gets up to their mouth and they want to sound official. If you have an urge to say the even more stilted "at this particular point in time", hoping to stress immediacy, you can try out "right now"

    It reminds me of Patton's famous command, "do it at this particular point it time".

    Scorpion's Skinemax
    Yup...once again it's time for boobs, bum, bush and sport-humping as Scorpion brings us the highlights from the past week of late night cable!

    First up...scenes from episodes of "Beverly Hills Bordello".

  • Amy Lindsay...the petite blonde goes topless, frontal, and has some very minor pseudo sex. (1, 2)

  • Debra Summers, a little bit o' boob, and a hint of pubes. From the episode "Cyber Style".

  • Peggy Trentini, the busty B movie babe shows topless, frontal, and rear nudity in the episode, "The Witness".

    Out next featured late night cable series..."Nightcap".

  • Cheri Lacey mostly robo-hooters, a little pseudo sex, and a close-up of what looks like a guy playing tune in Tokyo from the episode "Sexual Competitors".

  • Julia Kruis shows her pierced plastic breasts, a hint of pubes, and some phony lovin' from the episode "Discoveries". (1, 2)

  • Kim Yates goes topless and has a nice thong view. Also from the episode "Discoveries"

  • Kimberly Woods, one more from the "Discoveries" episode. Kimberly goes topless (but really should get a new boob doctor). She also gives us peek below the equator, and some partial rear views in a 3-way love scene.

  • Peggy Trentini, gettin' it on, and showing topless and frontal exposure from "Sexual Competitors".

  • Stella Porter, fairly tame breast and pseudo sex scene from the episode "Making Believe".

  • Taimie Hannum, a Skinemax favorite who is always willing to show off the goods. Nice and clear robo-hooter and down under 'caps in the "Sexual Competitors" episode.

  • Taimie Hannum Cheri Lacey plus a dude and a video camera in this 3-way scene from "Sexual Competitors".

  • A little Skinemax bonus. This is an enlarged view of a frame from the 3-way scene above. Just in case you folks at home wondered if the dudes ever got turned on while shooting all of these sport humping scenes....the answer in this case is yes.

  • Tane McClure is seen completely nekkid in the "Making Believe" episode. Breasts, bum, a little bush, pseudo sex. Almost the whole Skinemax enchilada. The only thing missing is a some lesbo lovin. (1, 2)

    Last but not least...

  • Landon Hall topless and getting it on in the "Intimate Sessions" episode "Janine". (1, 2)

  • Variety
    Jaime Pressly
    (1, 2, 3)

    Excellent topless and thong exposure in these scenes from "The Journey: Absolution " (1997), staring Fun House hero, Richard Grieco!

    Claire Forlani She doesn't show the goods often, so Claire fans will like this brief topless scene from "Into My Heart" (1998).

    Josie Maran As Comic Book Guy might say..."Best...babe...ever". I think Brainscan will probably back me up on that. Here is a great single bare breast scan.

    Vicky Vickers and Monique Gabrielle Both topless in a shower scene from "Angel Eyes" (1993). Two bits and pieces of info...
  • Vicky Vickers...aka adult film star, Raven
  • This movie stars another Fun House hero...Erik Estrada!

  • Elisabeth Brooks Dann does a great job with this hard to 'cap full frontal nude scene from "The Howling" (1980).

    Heather Graham
    (1, 2)

    This is new to me...either that I've killed too many brain cells recently. Heather in scenes from "Terrified" aka "Evil Never Sleeps" (1995). In these 'caps by nmd, Heather makes out with a chick (link #1) and then sits on a guys face (link #2).

    Sara Cox
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    The British paparazzi do it again! Here is the popular UK TV presenter caught starkers! Topless and bare bum views only since the tabloid censored the other "B".

    Christiane Krüger
    (1, 2)

    Very nice topless and bare bum 'views from the movie "Eine Frau für gewisse Stunden" (1985), by UC99

    Kim Basinger
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    From Tomkru...a few upskirt 'caps of Kim in 1985's "Fool for Love".

    The Funnies
  • With the holidays fast approaching, I think I'm going to run out and get my Tali-Tubby now before they sell out and can only be found on Ebay for 600 bucks!

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