TV Round-up


Les Vivants et les Morts

Florence Thomassin, s1 e4

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



True Blood


Aesthete is going to cover all the nudity from the entire series, both years, in 1920x1080 resolution.


Here's Danielle Sapia again

(Samples below)




Naked Women's Wrestling League

Why weren't they covering this instead of the Rays/Rangers series?

Demonica Disco

Becky Brady

Knight Peeper

Heather Polamis

Nikki Notirile

Sativa Verte

Tara Ashleigh

Tatianna Stone

Voodoo Dolls

Christine Nguyen


Algina Lipskis



City Rats


Johnny's comments:

City Rats is an ensemble drama about a group of people at what could be described as their lowest points. A man, whose only relationship is with a phone sex operator (Susan Lynch), tests out jumping from a building by dropping watermelons from the top of the building. He spies a woman (Myanna Buring) about to jump from another building, which stops her, to which they strike up a friendship. A lowlife just out of jail is followed by a woman who turns out to be the mother of the man he buried for someone else and she wants closure. A man takes his gay spastic brother out to have his first sexual experience. Finally, an artist is inspired by the bumping and grinding from the above apartment, who turns out to be inhabited by the above phone sex operator, who is also a prostitute who wears calipers, asks her to be his muse. She accepts, but on one condition... Pretty depressing stuff with, of course, everyone interrelated somehow, but not all that bad, hell even Danny Dyer tones down the lad 'act' and proves he does have some ability. At least it's not preachy, which these types of films seem to have a habit of being and which I truly hate (I'm looking at you Crash).

Myanna Buring (Collage below)




Here, finally, are HQ versions of those Kim Kardashian pics

Kristin Hager in Manson, My Name is Evil

Kaniehtiio Horn in Manson, My Name is Evil



Jasmine Waltz in Poker Run. She's the woman who got what's-his-name to cheat on Courteney Cox (caps below)

Mega-babe Alice Eve in Sex and the City 2 (720p; sample below)

Claire Danes and Zoe Tapper in Stage Beauty in HD

Women Without Men: Orsi Toth and Pegah Ferydoni

Sophia Miles in Hallam Foe 720p

Zoe Lister Jones in Breaking Upwards