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The New York Ripper


Lo Squartatore di New York is a Lucio Fulci giallo which people remember for two things: (1) the killer quacks like a duck; (2) a woman's nipple is sliced in half with a razor blade.

Fulci puts us on notice from the opening credits, which show a man playing fetch with his dog near the Brooklyn Bridge. The dog retrieves a severed hand from the bushes. Later, a girl (Cinzia de Ponti) is riding her bicycle in the lower west side. She runs into a red VW, and the owner is quite rude. She boards the Staten Island Ferry, sees the Volkswagen and decides to leave a message for the jerk on the inside of his windshield. Someone catches her there, terrifies her, and she tries to get out the passenger door, but it is too close to the wall. The killer slices and dices her. Cut to the morgue, where we see her with her incisions stitched up. The salty old coroner comments that "the killer used a blade. He stuck it up her joy trail and slit her wide open." The coroner then says it is the same killer that did the model a few weeks before -- the one whose hand was discovered in the opening scene.

The detective in charge returns to his office to find the chief of police there, played by Fulci himself. The chief tells him to give everyone the impression that the department is on top of it, and not to jump to any conclusions about it being a serial killer. The detective hires a psychology professor to assist. The killer continues to target attractive women, and taunts the detective with his phone calls, where he always quacks like a duck.

This is an accessible giallo that will keep you guessing to the end, and Fulci masterfully builds suspense in several scenes.

I re-did this project from a Danish DVD, which is the most complete version to date. The excellent transfer is all-region, and contains an English sound track, as well as subtitles for all of the Scandinavian languages. The disc is loaded with special features.

  • H. Ross interview with English Subtitles 25 minutes
  • Francesco de Massi forever interview, with English subtitles 51 minutes
  • Ti Recordi di L. Fulci (pt 2) 43 minutes (People talk about Fulci). English subtitles
  • Trailers for for the films Torso and Puzzle
  • Slide show of publicity material from several countries.

IMDb 6.0

This is a C+. Top of the giallo line, full-featured DVD. Highly recommended for genre buffs.


This film has more nudity than is the norm for a Lucio Fulci film, including breasts from an unknown, full frontal and rear from Zora Kerova, Daniela Doria and Alexandra Delli Colli, and breasts from Cinzia de Ponti.

Zora Kerova


Cinziade Ponti

Daniela Doria

Alexandra Delli Colli









Zombie Holocaust


The Time Machine is off to 1980 for a film which was released under about 8 different titles including "Dr. Butcher, M.D."

A not so great Zombie-Cannibal-gore fest but it did have Alexandra Delli Colli getting very naked. Nice breasts, ass and even some full frontal as she winds up on a sacrificial table.

Not to worry ... she escapes.

Scoop's note: It's an Andrea Delli Colli festival today. New York Ripper and Zombie Holocaust just about summed up her entire nudity career. (Well, as far as we know. She was in several other films, so more may emerge ... )






Notes and collages


Judy Geeson and Shannen Doherty, Season 3, Episode 4











Jennifer Love Hewitt cleavage

A film clip of Jayne Mansfield in Promises! Promises! Crap quality and no sound, but still fascinating.

Catherine McCormack in 28 Weeks Later

The L Word in HD

Various 720p film clips and captures. The film clips are large downloads.

Katherine Moenning and Sarah Shahi in the episode "Lifesize" (film clip)
Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison in the episode "Latecomer" (film clip)

Lauren Lee Smith in the episode "Losing the Light" (film clip)
Mia Kirshner in the episode "Left Hand of the Goddess" (film clip)

The Latest from DragonScans

Jane Birkin in Je t'aime, moi non plus
Mi Gronlund in Addiction
Soledad Miranda in Eugenie
Helen Nima
Andrea Sawatzki in Helen Fred and Ted
Laura Smet
Amber Smith in Midnight Hour
Laurie Wallace








Aprovechando el estreno en dvd de la última película de Marta Larralde ("Hotel Tívoli"), presento su biografía y las capturas de la otra película en que se ha desnudado:

Biografía: Marta Larralde es una joven actriz gallega nacida en Vigo (Galicia), el 22 de abril de 1981.

Aunque se formó como realizadora con un Ciclo Superior de Realización en la Escuela de Imagen y Sonido de Vigo, y empezó trabajando detrás de la cámara como guionista, directora y ayudante de dirección, se sintió atraída por la interpretación y se ha convertido en una de las actrices gallegas de mayor proyección tras ser elegida de forma casual en 2001 para protagonizar el largometraje Lena, de Gonzalo Tapia. Desde entonces ha participado en varias películas, destacando León y Olvido y su breve aparición en Mar Adentro así como un papel fijo en la última temporada de la famosa serie española de televisión Hospital Central.

* "Hotel Tívoli" (2006): Siguiendo el itinerario de un mechero que va siendo perdido por sus sucesivos dueños en diferentes lugares del mundo, se construye una "historia de historias". El denominador común de todas ellas son las relaciones de pareja y la aparición de sorprendentes persnajes portadores de relatos insólitos. Como curiosidad esta película fue rodada en 6 idiomas: español (60%), danés, inglés, alemán, euskera y catalán.

* "León y Olvido" (2004): León y Olvido son dos hermanos mellizos -él con síndrome Down- huérfanos desde hace cinco años y que como única herencia han tenido el alquiler de la vieja casa en la que viven y un coche. La relación entre ellos es contradictoria, por un lado les une un gran cariño, por otro disputan sin tregua. Olvido quiere que León tome sus propias decisiones, colabore en casa y aprenda a valerse por sí mismo, pero León sólo desea sentirse protegido y atendido por su hermana. Olvido ha tenido que dejar sus estudios y ponerse a trabajar; León apenas acepta algunas pequeñas cuotas de responsabilidad en los asuntos de la casa. Y las relaciones de ambos con el mundo exterior no siempre son gratificantes. La desesperación de Olvido va en aumento y la tenacidad de León será continuamente puesta a prueba, por lo que ambos vivirán situaciones muy extremas. Situaciones que desafían el amor que se profesan y el marco moral en el que se mueven.


Following up on the DVD release of Marta Larralde's latest film, Hotel Tivoli, here's her biography to accompany captures from this film and the only other film in which she showed any flesh.

Marta Larralde is a young Galician actress born April 22, 1981 in Vigo. Although she was trained as a director at the Vigo Academy of Image and Sound, and began working behind the camera as a screenwriter, director and assistant director, she was attracted to performing and has become one of the highest-profile Galician actresses after having been chosen to play a role in Gonzalo Tapia's Lena. Since then she has acted in several films, highlighted by Leon and Olvido and a brief appearance in Mar Adentro, as well as a recurring role in the last season of the famous Spanish television series Central Hospital.

* "Hotel Tivoli" follows the route of a cigarette lighter that will be lost by its successive owners in different parts of the world. This film was shot in six languages: Castillian (60%), Danish, English, German, Basque and Catalan.

* "Leon and Olvido" are male/female twins. Leon has Down's Syndrome. They have been orphans for five years, with nothing but an old house and a car. The relationship between them is contradictory. On the one hand they are united by great affection, on the other they quibble endlessly. Olvido wants Leon to make his own decisions, work around the house and learn to fend for himself, but Leon just want to feel protected and cared for by his sister. Olvido has had to leave school to go to work; Leon barely accepts some small responsibilities around the house. The relations of both to the outside world are not always smooth.


Hotel Tivoli




Marta Larralde



Leon and Olvido



Marta Larralde







Latin Lover

More from the naughty Peruvian soap opera


Silvia Caballero


Paola Aravena


Natalia Villaveces









The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

In news from Oslo, Al Gore and the UN panel on climate change were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which comes with a $1.5 million cash prize.  The prize immediately caused Gore boosters to start raising money and spending tens of thousands of dollars on ads urging him to run for president, but Gore hasn't shown any interest in taking on Hillary Clinton.   

* Remind me again. Why are Norwegians against warming?

Caren Ann Burke of Seymour, Wisconsin, apparently gave up her attempt to change her name to "Bin Laden."  A judge dismissed her petition when she failed to finish the paperwork or attend the hearing.  She had listed her reason for changing her name to Bin Laden as "divorce from Rory S. Burke."

*  She now realizes how silly that whole idea was, and has changed her name to "Caren Ann Unabomber."


On this day in 1860, eleven-year-old Grace Bedell wrote a letter to
presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln, suggesting that he would look better if he had a beard.

*  Sen. Larry Craig would agree that a good beard can come in handy for a politician.