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  • Gwyneth Paltrow posing nude in Bazaar! The nudity isn't Skinemax quality, but I'm sure Gwyneth fans will not be disappointed with her bare bum! (1, 2)

  • Tuna
    "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" (1976)

    The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) is the 5th in the series. Maltin gives 3 1/2 stars IMDB voters say 6.8/10. Jaques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) has become Chief Inspector, and his former boss, Herbert Lom, has been driven crazy, and hatches a plot to blackmail the world with a doomsday machine to get Sellers killed. Lesley-Anne Downe, as the Russian assassin, has a nip slip in clear light, then a very dark topless scene. The film is mainly slapstick, and vaudeville schtick, but does feature the animated titles, and the great Mancini theme. The titles this time are homages to about a dozen films.

    This was done by request - keep those coming. It could have been my mood, but I didn't get much entertainment from this film. C.

  • Thumbnails

  • Lesley-Anne Downe (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Encyclopedia update:

    • there is now a new page for Sally Kirkland. Link there through the main members links (Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, K section). 
    • there is now a new page for Dame Tawny Kitaen. Link there through the main members links (Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, K section). Interesting fact: she is the only "Dame" to be named Tawny, although there is a Boopsie, interestingly enough.
    • there is now a new page for Kathleen Kinmont. Link there through the main members links (Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities, K section). I noticed as I was organizing Kinmont's pictures that she showed more as she got older. All through her twenties, no nudity except topless, and one shot of her in a thong. Then she shows her pubes briefly at age 31, and shows her butt at 32. As you know, as women get older they try not to show the ol' butt unless they are in perfect shape like Kidman.
    • Speaking of buns, there is also a new Gwyneth Paltrow page in the P volume, in order to celebrate her new booty pictures (seen elsewhere on this page as well).



    Hiya Scoop...

    I nominate two more words for frequent mispronunciation, perhaps not as frequent as "February" or "mauve," but certainly more violent.

    I have yet to meet two people in succession who can say "realtor." For some reason, people like to call this person a "real-i-tor." Other people cannot grasp the correct pronunciation of "nuclear." Many, many people prefer to say "nuke-yoo-lar"...even someone as well known as Gene Hackman (check out "Superman 3").Both of these manglings make me cringe.

    Scoopy's note: Those are good ones. It is common in English, when words have an "L" in the middle, to add or subtract a syllable following the "L". In the same vein of misplaced syllables following an "L",  I used to cringe when I heard people say "jewl-a-ry", just like "real-i-tur", and I wondered why they put two syllables after the "l", until I realized that in British dictionaries, the word may also be spelled jewellery, so it makes plenty of sense to have two syllables after the "l", and the OED accepts this as a secondary pronunciation.

    On our tea-free side of the Atlantic, Webster's Collegiate lists two pronunciations:

    •  "jew-ul-ry"
    • or the two syllable "jul-ry"

    By the way, my Webster's Collegiate lists five pronunciations for "interest", some with two syllables, some with three, but does not list a three syllable variation of "interesting". Other dictionaries do not agree, and "IN-tra-sting" is listed. In the words of that Nazi guy from Laugh-in - "fairy in-ter-es-tink"

    I have come to the conclusion that the Collegiate seems to march to its personal drummer.



    Dear Scoop,

    Here's my nominee for the most mispronounced word:  "err."  Everyone pronounces it "air" instead of "ur."  I usually do that myself because this word is almost universally mispronounced.  If you pronounce it correctly, nobody knows what you are talking about, or else they stare at  you as if you were Niles Crane, sipping tea with your pinkie in the air.  So when people say, "To err (air) is human," they are proving it by making an error in pronunciation. 

    Scoopy's note: Another very strong nominee.

    Webster's Collegiate is a descriptive dictionary, and accepts the following:

    err - may be pronounced to rhyme with "air" (It actually lists that pronunciation first, but other dictionaries do not agree, to say the least. Some don't list that option at all. I looked it up in four dictionaries, four different answers)

    mauve - may be pronounced "mawve" (au like aw, as in "law"), as well as to rhyme with "grove"

    suite - may be pronounced "suit", when referring to a set of matched furniture

    As you all know, we do not have an official academy of the American language, nor do they have one for Britain, ala the official French linguistic arbitration. (Canada does have one, but it simply says to add "eh?" to the end of every sentence.) Pronunciation, like many things in our countries, is determined democratically, from the Greek "demos", meaning "the common people". In other words, if that's the way people commonly say it, that's the way it is pronounced, irrespective of what William Safire or Webster may argue to the contrary. Languages are fluid, and the American language is probably the most fluid of them all, sometimes picking up and discarding each usage like a disposable diaper, absorbing the slang of every sub-culture from California surfer boys to NYC gangbangers to the imaginary worlds of favorite movies, importing foreign pronunciations to the best of our limited ability, or rejecting them if we simply don't like them.

    In other words, I guess I better get used to hearing "mawve"

    Graphic Response
  • Amy Robinson, all three B's in her last movie role in scenes from "Mean Streets" (1973). Interestingly enough, she's put her clothes to make it in Hollywood. As a producer, she's worked on "From Hell" (2001), "Autumn in New York" (2000), "For Love of the Game (1999), "With Honors" (1994), and "White Palace" (1990).

  • Arielle Dombasle topless and full frontal nudity in scenes from "Pauline at the Beach" (1983).

  • Emma Thompson, topless in "The Tall Guy" (1989).

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • DeVo
    A whole bunch of nudity in scenes from the immortal cinema classic..."Psycho Sisters"

  • JJ North, shows off her breasts in a love scene. (1, 2, 3)

  • Theresa Lynn lets her big'uns come out and play.

  • Nancy Alison demonstrating the latest in Psycho Sister fashion....rear nudity and latex.

  • Tina Krause and Deana Enoches taunting some dude on the phone by pressing their breasts against the glass. I know, not very threatening, but remember, they are Psycho!

  • Brainscan
    Couple of babes, domestic variety: first off is a collage by Maelstrom's Eye of uber-babe Shania Twain. Yes, yes I do know she is Canadian but she spends enough time south of the border for us to think she's home-grown. Or at least wish she were. And then there is bunnymag model Monica Mendez in some naughtier poses.
  • Shania Twain
  • Monica Mendez (1, 2)

    International babes also arrive as a pair today. Leading off is French movie babe, Emmanuelle Seigner. She is followed by Italian tv showgirl, Matilde Brandi. We have waltzing Matilde in a nicely posed scan, a beautiful bottom paparazzi pic and finally a collage of see-through caps from Italian telly. A major trifecta.

  • Emmanuelle Seigner
  • Matilde Brandi (1, 2, 3)
  • Okay, so now a real but vintage domestic movie babe. Diane Webber was a star of sorts in several nudie films of the 60's... and she was a pin-up babe of the same era. Lovely set of coconuts.

  • Diane Webber (5, 6, 7)

    Pet of the day is a semi-cheap trick on my part, 'cuz her name is also Diane Weber (the one b makes all the diff). Diane was Pet of the Month oh so long ago, as in September 1978. She was a beaut and PETScan, as usual, did a kick-ass job with the scans.

  • Diane Weber (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Fashion models of the day include:

  • Anna Eirikh in a Chanel ad, wearing only the scent.
  • Aurelie Claudel with a dorsal view and see-thru view. (1, 2)
  • Michelle Ferrara with a barely concealing ventral view and a high-mag dorsal view (1, 2)
  • Michelle Weweje... just because no site of celeb nudity would be complete without a Weweje.

    Vidcaps... actually edited collages of others' caps:

  • Claudia Texeira in God' Comedy... a history of Florida during last November
  • Eva Robbins in Tenebrae, which I would guess translates as "Scrawny Nekkid Chick."
  • Helen Jones in Bliss.
  • Irene Jacob in Big Brass Ring.. with a wonderful dorsal view
  • Kimberly Kates as a dripping wet natural redhead in Armstrong
  • Kathleen Kinmont with submerged hooties in Sweet Justice
  • Louise Turcot in some movie I don't know the title to
  • Marisa Morell in Go... or better yet. Stay!
  • Maria Conchita Alonso... the frequently nekkid former beauty queen in Extreme Prejudice... such as the one I have for frequently nekkid former beauty queens.

    Okay, then lets wrap up things with paparazzi pics, some of which I scanned myself and most of which I cleaned up.

  • Angelina Jolie plays peek-a-boo at one of the 345 award shows of the past year.
  • Donna D'errico plays her own game somewhere, sometime.
  • Carmen Electra, Jennifer Anniston, Rose McGowan and Shelby Lynne all play a different game called Poke-a-boo.
  • Jennifer Lopez in a low-cut dress. A low-cut dress, you say. What a shock, never expected that.

    To finish up we have International babes ala paparazzi, featuring gals named Taylor.

  • British babe Davinia Taylor at what I gather to be an FHM get together with the 100 sexiest women. Seems she planned on fishin' with that net when she got done wearing it.

  • Jo Beth Taylor, who I have read is an Aussie singer, but looks as though she's done a little fashion modeling. A real cutie. (1, 2)

  • The real winner of lot is Joanna Taylor, U. K. telly star. First she is in moderate see-through pic; not terribly revealing but a nice pic anyway. Then, finally, there is the gorgeous Joanna and Danielle Brent (1, 2) on the beach together in what I have decided are the most attractive and sexiest paparazzi pics taken this year or any other for that matter. In fact, if a Pulitzer were awarded for nekkid babe pics, these two would win.

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