New Polish series

s1e1, 720p

Alicja Pietruszka

Helena Sujecka

The Haunting of Hill House

Kate Siegel in s1e1

Kate Siegel in s1e3


new Spanish series

season 1

Maria Pedraza, Ester Exposito and Danna Paola


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s7e7, 1920x1080

Shanola Hampton and Isadora Goreshter


Trainwreck (2015) shows Amy Schumer in her underwear,

 including in a deleted scene.

Octavio is Dead!


Octavio Is Dead! is a drama about a young woman (Sarah Gadon) who is told her father, who she has never met, has died. She goes to the city to his apartment to try and discover more about him and finds his apartment is a barely livable mess and also his ghost still inhabits the place. She also sees a man at her father's headstone and follow him to a men's club where he works, but she isn't allowed in. So, she dresses in her father's clothes and meets the man and they become friends and maybe more.

Weird Canadian drama that's not bad even with not a lot happening.

Sarah Gadon film clip (collages below)

Riley Keough in an enhanced 1080hd clip from Hold the Dark (2018)

Autumn Kendrick in The Girl In The Photographs (2015) in 1080hd

Jessica Alba