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Sex & Lucia



This is the fourth of five parts. Today: the third batch of Paz Vega film clips

 "Femme Fatales"

episode: "Crazy Mary" (s2e9)

Kate Luyben: 40 years old but still with killer body to do softcore.

Janelle Giumarra (aka Janelle Marra):  nude having some hot lesbo lovin'.

Simona Morales:  nude having some hot lesbo lovin'.

unknown: gyno-cam of uncredited nurse

720p film clips:


Giumarra and Morales

some blogs say the nurse is Anelia Dyoulgerova

"World Without End"

episode: "Pawn" (ep5)

Unlike the novel, this miniseries is rather tame regarding sex and nudity.

Tatiana Maslany (left) and Charlotte Riley: lesbian nuns having a lesbian kissbut unfortunately still dressed up like nuns.

"Hell on Wheels"

 episode: "Blood Moon" (s2e09)

The first part of the season two finale.

Kasha Kropinski: wet gown giving baptism. Halleluiah!


 (tv series)

Mid-1980s television series starring Winston Rekert, who passed away just last month. Winston Rekert is best known for ravaging Jennifer Dale in her 1980 movie debut.

various guest stars:

Gwynyth Walsh: sexy.

Heather Smith: very sexy.

Joyce Gordon: nude as art model.

Lolita Davidovich: sexy as bubblebath girl.

Cynthia Belliveau: Miss Mona Lott is very sexy.


 episode: "Dirty Trick" (1989; s1e6)
The title of this series is short for Electronic News Gathering, which predates the internet and involves electric typewriters and primitive telephones whose only use is to talk to people.This series also stars Cynthia Belliveau in her first serious leadwhere she didn't take off her top.

Sabrina Boudet: sort of topless as stripper

Cindy Fidler: sexy as stripper.

strippers: sexy.


sketch: "Cure For Hiccups" (circa 1980s)

A low quality but rare topless collage of Miss Mona Lott that's not on the 10 volume DVD set.

Cynthia Belliveau: topless.


Movie directed by newbie Cronenberg, Jr. and once again starring Sarah Gadon.


Nenna Abuwa: lingerie in modelling shot. She's topless in the movie.

Lady Vezina: recently installed robothooters in modelling shot.
(She's topless and bottomless in the movie)

"Dirty Deeds"

webisode: "Simple Pleasures"

This is mainly a clip episode as nothing new is being made.

Jennifer Krukowski: nice full frontal.

Bettina May

Canadian burlesque dancer Bettina May made the news last week whenshe got a United States Green Card for being a "resident alien of extraordinary ability.: That's the same loophole the Hefmag used to get Pamela Anderson across the border.
Bettina May: topless.

Film/TV Clips

On the Road (2012) again, this time in 1080p

Kaniehtiio Horn

Alice Braga

Kristen Stewart


First look at The Thompsons (2012)

Zoe Grisedale

Katerina Gellin


Lucrezia Phantazia in Das Hochzietsvideo (2012) in 720p

Angie Cepeda in Heleno (2011)

Severine Caneele in Humanity (1999) in 720p

Maruschka Detmers in First Name Carmen (1983)

Today's Italian exploitation: Catherine Spaak in Una Ragazza Piuttosto Complicata (1968)


Madonna in a recent concert

speaking of Canada, long-time Funhouse favorite Mia Kirshner in The Barrens (non-nude)