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La Liceale


La Liceale (1975), commonly known as "The Teasers" in English speaking countries, is the first in a series of schoolgirl comedies, the first four of which starred Gloria Guida.

This one is the story of her losing her virginity. The top contender for the deflowering is a student that pretends to be a painter long enough to get one of his classmates naked, and then he tries to jump her. He never has a chance with Gloria. Then a new student from America joins the class, dark, handsome, and enraptured by Gloria. (Hey, I would have been too). She is interested, but in two attempts, things don't go smoothly. The first time, she panics, and the second, they are rudely interrupted. Finally, she meets a debonair business associate of her father, and he is happy to rid her of her maidenhead, but balks at a relationship. Meanwhile, the young man is still pursuing her.

Gloria Guida fans will probably find it worth the effort, but this is a case where I found the sequel to be better than the original. Compared to the second installment, this one has less nudity and physical humor, replaced by more dialogue and drama. In other words, it is a little light on what I watch a 1970s Italian sex farce for.

It is only available from  The transfer is excellent, and there are special features, but one must realize that this is an Italian DVD made to be watched by Italians on Italian DVD players and Italian TV. In other words: (1) it is in Italian, with no subtitles available; (2) it is coded exclusively for Region 2; (3) it is in PAL format.

La Liceale


Gloria Guida does full frontal and rear. Angela Doria shows breasts and buns, including a rear gynocam. Ilona Staller shows breasts and offers a glimpse of her pubes under see-through underwear. Staller, you may recall, enjoyed a porn career under the name Cicciolina, and later became a member of the Italian parliament.

Gloria Guida

Angela Doria

Ilona Staller










Today from "Lifeforce" the lovely Mathilda May displays her ample charms.

Scoop's notes:

This film was directed by my fellow Austinite Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), from a novel by Colin Wilson called Space Vampires. Wilson hated the film and wrote in his autobiography (Dreaming To Some Purpose, 2004, p.332): "John Fowles had once told me that the film of The Magus was the worst movie ever made. After seeing Lifeforce I sent him a postcard telling him that I had gone one better."

I'm guessing Mr. Wilson was not a big fan of breasts.






Notes and collages


Shannen Doherty, Season 3, Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3








A film clip of Cecile de France in Moi Cesar. Dead Red wrote that this is supposed to be a kids' movie, thus making France the second-coolest place for a young boy to grow up. (After Brazil, of course.)  Collage to the right.
Film clips of Nancy Travis in Married to the Mob. She didn't do much nudity, so this is one to savor. Collage to the right.












Gwendolyn Bucci


Lynne-Marie Stetson


Nicole Kidman







Latin Lover

More from the naughty Peruvian soap opera


Andrea Montenegro


Malu Costa









Romeo Must Die


Some brief topless exposure by Jennifer Wong at the start of Romeo Must Die (2000).



Basilisk: The Serpent King

No nudity in the very mediocre Basilisk: The Serpent King (2006) but Yancy Butler is down to her underwear.



Shy People

Another movie with no nudity is Shy People (1987).

The best we have is a damp Martha Plimpton showing pokies

and there is a stripper showing tassels.



Back to the Beach

As the name implies, Back to the Beach (1987) is a rehashed 1950s beach movie. No nudity but Lori Loughlin shows an upskirt.



Baby for Sale

No nudity in the TV movie Baby for Sale (2004), just some pokies by Dana Delany.




Erin Woodward is cavorting in her underwear in Hustle (2004).



Age of Innocence

Some nice breast exposure in Age of Innocence (1977).

First off by the original Pussy Galore, Honor Blackman. At the time of this movie she was 50 years old.

There is also a brief nipple flash by Trudy Young.



Slap Shot

Some big nipples on view by Melinda Dillon in Slap Shot (1977). (FILM CLIP)



Man in the Moon

No real nudity in the British film Man in the Moon (1960), which tells the story of the British attempt at a moon landing. Shirley Anne Field is naked but only a bit of butt crack is visible.



The Mean Season

The Mean Season (1985) sees Mariel Hemingway's showing us her breasts.




Suzanna Dilber didn't last long in the Swedish Paradise aka Paradiset (2003) and we see her topless corpse.




Another Scandinavian movie is the Norwegian film Dragonflies aka Řyenstikker (2001). We see lots of a naked Maria Bonnevie.



My Wife is a Gangster

South Koreans are good at producing movies with naked women and My Wife is a Gangster aka Jopog manura (2001) is another one. We see Eun-Kyung Shin's naked and colourful behind.



Pay It Forward

No nudity in Pay It Forward (2000) just lots of cleavage by a half-dressed Helen Hunt.




Frozen Days

From Israel we have Frozen Days aka Yamim Kfuim (2005). Anat Klausner is naked but we can only really her see from the rear.


Hotel Erotica - All Screwed Up

This is an episode from the Hotel Erotica series called All Screwed  Up (2003).

Ava Vincent

and August Avila are completely naked.