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Catriona Balfe


"O Cacador"


Monica Morgane Martin

Scoop's note: I had to look this one up. O Ca├žador is a Brazilian mini-series which aired last year.

Johnny breaks out his old VHS tapes to present some rarities:



Moloch is a horror movie where two friends Jake and Alex (Luke Dean and Taras Sobol) hatch a plan to get rich by buying an old abandoned property that is rumored to be full of gold called Moloch. They convince their respective girlfriends Nat and Ari (Charlotte Rees and Naomi Lopez) to come along as they spend the weekend checking out and setting up for the big dig. Along the way, they get a flat tyre and stop off at a service station to get it fixed and are greeted by a creepy lady who helps them. Meanwhile, Ari spots a little girl, apparently the daughter of the creepy service station lady, having a tea party and decides to join her, only for the little girl to strangle the living daylights out of Ari. The creepy lady laughs it off and then warns them about going to Moloch. The foursome reach Moloch, a place that looks properly abandoned and creepy things begin happening. First, they find a room full of dead birds, creepy dolls litter the place and some of the group get locked in places for a period of time. The next day, Jake finds that all of their markings to dig have disappeared and his compass is going wild. At night, they decide to leave, but their car collapses around them and in the commotion, Nat disappears. The next morning with no car to leave, they find a terrified old man chained up who tells them of the Molochs that haunt the place and attempts to help them find Nat. But, the Molochs are not done yet.

Boring, seen-it-all before horror movie that takes an eternity to get going and then when it does, it all that much scary and doesn't really explain much of why it is happening. It has two effective scenes, both involving the little girl who unbelievably creepy, but apart from that, Moloch doesn't work and the premise isn't interesting at all.

Charlotte Rees film clip (collage below)



Scratch is a 2000 horror comedy where three young upstarts, Jay (Jed Kurzel, now a composer on movies like Snowtown, The Babadook and the upcoming Macbeth movie), Mick (Victoria Dixon-Whittle) and Tommy (Aaron March) have there own TV show called Shocko where they scare the living shit out of the dregs of society for a cheap laugh. Their next victim guest is Colin (Bernie Ledger) who works as a security guard at an abandoned insane asylum and looks like a real loser, perfect for their show. Things all go to plan and Colin seems to be losing it, but then something unexpectedly comes over Colin and now the hunted becomes the hunter and he traps the three and sets them up on his own TV show. Turns out Colin used to be a game show host on some show that lasted a few week, but has been reliving it every day since. And his game show is all about humiliation and torture. He gets Jay and Mick to answer question with the punishment being a rather severe piercing or they get the opportunity to save Tommy whose head is inside a microwave oven. Meanwhile, two crims on the run in a caravan are its only audience, but they'd rather watch the football.

Bizarre black comedy that's actually not half bad and seems to have its ideas better thought out than the other movies. Completely nutty most of the time and at times quite nasty, but not a bad watch even with its budget limitations. A surprising success...

Victoria Dixon-Whittle film clip (collages below)

TV/Film Clips

Jehane Paris in a DSTLD Denim Shoot in 720p

Kimberly Leemans in Fire City: End Of Days (2015) in 720p

Tayana Dantas and Lorena Lima in Entreturnos (2014) in 720p



Virginia Madsen and Mariel Hemingway in Creator (1985) in 720p

Margaux Hemingway, Mariel's older sister, in Lipstick (1976)


Joanna Krupa nip-slip

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