TV Round-Up

Defoe's French section (below) has the latest from the Une Famille Formidable series, as well as the TV broadcast of the short film Rebecca on the "Short Stories" show.
There was a brief topless scene and a stripper with pasties - with two unidentified actresses on Boardwalk Empire, s5e6.

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The Fappening heated up again on Friday, then ground to a halt on Satuday and Sunday. Check Other Crap for updates in real time, or close to it.



season 1


Today: episode five

Ana Alexander

Ragan Brooks

Defoe's picks o' the week:

Marie Sambourg in episode 2 of Une Famille Formidable's 11th season

Kasia Wolf and Claire Nebout in Rebecca, a short film broadcast on TV

TV and Film Clips

Hannah Hoekstra in The Canal (2014) in 720p

Amanda Ryan and Xenia Katina in Love Eternal (2013) in 1080p



Ruth Sery, Sandrine Rigaux, Anne Marivin in Truands (2007) in 720p




Vanessa Angel in Kingpin (1996) in 720p

Various Pics/Collages

Miley Cyrus in Australia

Shelley Meecham in The Almighty Johnsons (s1e1)

Ashleigh Keating in The Almighty Johnsons (s1e1)

Rachel Blampied in The Almighty Johnsons (s1e2)