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A Star is Born

2018, cam

Lady Gaga's full-frontal nudity could be missed without the pause button. She has some sex scenes as well, but I guess we'll have to wait for the Blu-Ray to get a good look. The cam did do a decent job on the frontal. I suppose this will get some support for Nude Scene of the Year, given that it is a full frontal and she's a huge star.

Look Away
2018, 1080hd

This nude performance by India Eisley (Olivia Hussey's daughter) IS one of the best of the year.

a large-breasted redhead named Kiera Johnson was topless in a brief scene

Cocaine Coast
s1e3, 1080hd

New Spanish-language Netflix series.

Jana Perez


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s7e5, 1920x1080

Emmy Rossum

Ruby Modine


Vacation (2015) has some nudity by some unidentified women.

 Also easy on the eye are:

Catherine Missal

Christina Applegate

Kirstin Ford

Between Worlds

2018, 1080hd

Between Worlds is a thriller where a down-on-his-luck truck driver named Joe (Nicolas Cage), who is still not over the tragic death of his wife and daughter in a fire, sees a woman named Julie (Franka Potente) strangling Julie and saves her.

Except she wanted to be strangled.

Julie has the ability to go over to the other side of death and she is attempting to save her daughter Billie's (Penelope Mitchell) soul as she just found out she's in a coma because of a motorcycle accident. Julie saves Billie life but something is not right with her. Joe moves in with Julie and they begin a relationship but this sets off Billie, who becomes very attracted to Joe, which at first disconcerts him but he's also flattered by the attention he's getting that he hasn't had in a while. Eventually, Joe succumbs to Billie and they begin an affair and then finds out why Billie is attracted to him and it set off a series of events which will end badly for some.

Absolutely crazy Nicolas Cage movie, so you already know what you're in for, but Cage is at his over-the-top best here with a plot so batty it doesn't even matter. Most of Cage's VOD movies have been pretty straight-laced, so it's great to see him do a crazy one for once. So many scenes where I couldn't help but burst out laughing at how ridiculous they were, but the sex scene(s) where he reads a memory book authored by Nicolas Cage is all-time crazy. Or the sex scene where he quotes The Exorcist...

Penelope Mitchell film clips (collages below)

Lydia Hearst film clip (sample below)

Ella Kweku and Paige Emerson in With a Kiss I Die (2018) in -1080hd



Nicole Kidman in Hemingway And Gellhorn (2012) in 1080hd

Brenda Bakke, Deborah Driggs and Lisa Saxton in Twogether (1994) in 1080hd




Drew Barrymore in Doppleganger (1993) in 720p

Vanessa Hudgens