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Sex & Lucia



This is the first of several parts. Today: Elena Anaya film clips, with captures below



Libido is a portmanteau film consisting of 4 short stories revolving around the erotic feelings of certain people in very different situations.

The Husband is about an ultra-jealous husband who allows his wife and mother of his two children (Elke Neidhart) to have her own life, but has secret fears that she is off with other men. His fears seems unfounded - or are they?

The Child, directed by Alvin Purple director Tim Burstall, is about a young boy who becomes infatuated by his new nanny (Judy Morris), but things sour dramatically and end in tragedy when she falls for a man.

The Priest, directed by Fred Schepisi, is about a Catholic priest who falls madly in love with a nun (Robyn Nevin), but does she return the love?

Finally, The Family Man is about two married men, Ken (Jack Thompson) and Gerry (Max Gillies), who decide to hook up with some young women while Ken's wife is in hospital after giving birth, but things don't go to plan when they pick up two girls (Debbie Nankervis and Suzanne Brady) from a bar.

Tough to like all four stories as they are all quite wildly different in tone and how they are told. Both The Husband and The Family Man are told in a more contemporary, mainstream way while the other two stories are more artfully told. The Priest is almost all narration, which gets a bit monotonous. Personally, I would say my favourite story was The Family Man, mainly for its interesting look at sexual politics in a time of great change for women and because Jack Thompson acting drunk is always fun.

Oh and then there's Debbie Nankervis, wowee wow wow we-wah... Debbie and Elke Neidhart also get naked in the same year's Alvin Purple and for another curious comparison, Debbie Nankervis screams to a man "Why don't you rape me?" as she is stripping off in both films. Didn't I recently say I watch too many movies? Yeah...

Debbie Nankervis clips (collages below)

Elke Neidhardt clips (collages below)

Robyn Nevin clips (collages below)

Suzanne Brady clips (sample scenes below)


Film/TV Clips

Lola Naymark in Faux coupable (2012) in 1080p

Josephin Busch in Der Turm (2012) in 720

Katja Riemann in Ich bin die Andere (2006)

Betsy Russell, a major babe of the 80s, in Tomboy (1985), now in 720p


This is Heather Clem, the woman in the Hulk Hogan sex tape and the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge.