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Little Odessa


Moira Kelly film clips, frame grabs below


Scoop's notes:

Little Odessa is a bleak, unsparing look at a merciless hit man and the dysfunctional family that spawned him.

The hit man (Tim Roth) has always avoided taking any work in Brooklyn because he grew up there, and his mandatory professional anonymity is lost on that turf. Perhaps that's not the only reason why he has stayed away from his home borough. Although he's repelled by his ethnic Russian-Jewish background, he is also attracted to it. He has an adoring younger brother who seems like a good kid, along with an abusive and bitter father, a mother dying of cancer, and some dangling threads from a former love affair.

He is forced to take a contract in Brooklyn and is gradually drawn back to his childhood home, but when he revives his relationship with his loved ones, his ability to function as a hit man is radically impaired. He becomes vulnerable because he can't keep the detachment necessary for his profession.

In a sentence, it plays out like Ingmar Bergman's concept of an urban crime drama. The cold, depressing tone of the film is accentuated by some somber classical and religious music, as well as some stark photography of Brooklyn's Brighton Beach in the wintertime, which looks like a ghost town - empty, dilapidated, covered with snow.

The film was considered a spectacular debut for director James Gray, although his career since then has stayed below the radar: sometimes praised, but rarely noticed.




Fired Up


Kate French film clip, collage below







"Bag the Wolf"


Up until last week nobody knew of the existence of this low budget spy snoozer.

Deanna Dizadji: boob and butt having sex

Talia Russo: boob, buns, and some panties labia lip slip

Jennifer Dale: cleavage, fully clothed sex

Julia Gorducova: topless whomever she is

Anne Shepherd: nosey landlady masturbating while listening to tenant having sex with Jennifer Dale

Since then Deanna Dizadji is now Deanna Dezmari; Talia Russo is Toronto's best known SunShine Girl (in fact she made the cover of the Toronto Sun the day this movie finally aired); Jennifer Dale is still Jennifer Dale; Anne Shepherd does mostly short films; and Julia Gorducova has fallen off the face of the earth.

Here's Talia Russo in a more recent movie "The Rocker"

... and Anne Shepherd playing a hooker in an episode of Cock'd Gunns



(2009 TV series)

Amy Lynn Grover and Erica Cox have lesbian sex with each other during massage session. They previously went lesbo with each other in the Jason Mewes movie Bitten.

Amy Lynn Grover

Erica Cox


"The Beachcombers"

episode: "Channel Swimmer"

Set the time machine to the setting "before they did porn" and here's a fresh Kehli O'Byrne (now Kelly Burns) in this 1987 episode for her very first acting role.


"Paradise Falls"

season 3

No (female) nudity yet but American import Julie Brown shows a lot of cleavage in episode 8.  For someone who recently turned 50, she's still sexy.


Kate Steen

More of Kate Steen, now seen in "Howie Do It"

sexy as grieving black widow who revives corpse by bending over so he can peer down her blouse.

very sexy as nurse.

another nurse in a Jon Dore episode Fit.

nekkid in PETA ad.



Assassination of a High School President


This 2008 dark comedy/whodunit has all the clichés you'd expect from a teen movie, but still manages to also have a pretty interesting storyline, and Mischa Barton topless didn't hurt, either.

At a Catholic high school, school newspaper reporter Bobby Funke gets a request from the most popular girl, Francesca (Mischa Barton, who he has a serious crush on): find out who stole the SATs, which she is convinced she aced. Bobby can't say no, of course.

After some snooping, Bobby finds the SATs in the locker of the school president (who also happens to be Francesca's boy friend). Furious, she dumps the guy and takes up with her hero, Bobby. Unfortunately, another reporter digs deeper and finds that someone has framed the pres, and Bobby is the prime suspect.

Desperate to prove he didn't frame the guy, Bobby continues to dig and finds a much more sinister plot afoot. One that could bring down a lot of people, including beloved Francesca.

As I say, silly in parts but also a pretty decent thriller wrapped in teen comedy, I enjoyed it.

Mischa Barton


Here are some good versions of the Lily Allen downblouse (+ a non-nude upskirt)


Leigh Feldpausch in Offspring


Ahna Tessler in Offspring


Olivia Williams in the Postman in HD



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