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I've missed the past three or four days. Junior filled in for me. I attended my 40th high school reunion in Rochester, New York. I was late on today's edition, as some of you may have noticed, but I'm back on my normal routine starting with the Thursday page. Had a great time, but it's good to be back!



The brief but sweet nude exposure of Milla Jovovich (zipped .wmv) in No Good Deed, (Movie House Commentary). (This is not good quality. I'll try to find a better clip.

Erica Durrance (zipped .avi) in Butterfly Effect 2. I'll look at this one tomorrow.

Ariadna Gil  (two .avis zipped together) in Libertarias.

Bettie Page  (zipped .avi) in the short which can be found on the DVD of The Notorious Bettie Page. (Movie House Commentary).

Homework. This is Joan Collins, except for the nudity, which is done by a body double named Joy Michael  (zipped .avi).




USS George H. W. Bush Christening: President's Remarks Honoring the Long-Overdue Launch of a Bush-Themed Vessel of Mass Destruction - (WHITEHOUSE.ORG satire)

Police Officers Served Pot In Burger King Hamburgers

  • The lead officer on the case said, "Whoa, we noticed almost immediately that something was wrong with the food, dude. Like, stress ALMOST."

A cool demonstration of the Meissner Effect

Four clips from Catch a Fire

  • Powerfully telling the story of a South African hero's journey to freedom, "Catch a Fire" is the new film from director Phillip Noyce ("The Quiet American," "Rabbit-Proof Fence"). The political thriller takes place during the country's turbulent and divided times in the early 1980s, and in the new South Africa of today.

A large collection of free celebrity nudity video clips

In New Poll on Ethics, Public Ranks Congress Lower Than Pirates

Streisand to heckler: 'Shut the fuck up'

A clip from The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Four new clips from The Grudge 2

The Weekend Warrior's Box Office predictions for the upcoming weekend

  • He says The Grudge 2 will win by a mile.

The REAL reason why Google wanted YouTube

Did The United States lose the War of 1812?

Letterman's Top Ten Yankees' excuses

"Doubloon-Operated Coin Laundry Found Aboard Sunken Spanish Galleon"

Weekly World News - Story: "Aliens Abduct Fugitive, Prompting America's First Interstellar Extradition Treaty"

Pravda has become the Russian version of Weekly World News: Egyptians used their pyramids as waterworks to pump water from Nile. Hey, it must be true. Pravda means "truth."

Headline of the day so far: Town bans Ledd Zeppelinn after car chase

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Is this a ceiling mural in a smoking room?

Urban Legends Reference Pages: VERY Big Dog Free to Good Home

Trekkies spend $7.1 mil at 'Star Trek' auction, highlighted by the $576,000 sale of an Enterprise miniature which was used in filming the title sequences.

A Pima, Ariz., couple has stepped down as leaders of a church that considers marijuana a sacrament and deity.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Othello (1995)

Othello (1995) is a screen interpretation of the classic Shakespeare tragedy by Oliver Parker. Whatever you decide about how well he did, you will find major critics who agree with all of your points. I might as well throw my impressions into the mix as well. Shakespeare was first and foremost a wordsmith, not a story teller. Many of his stories were taken from oral tradition. All of this makes one wonder at the wisdom of cutting more than half of Shakespeare's words from the production. Hold that thought. For the first time on the silver screen, he cast a black man as the blackamoor Othello. In 1964, in honor of Shakespeare's 300th birthday, a Southern California Junior College cast Othello as a black actor and Desdemona as a white actress. This was hugely controversial, but the school backed up the director's decision, and the show played to rave reviews. It took 31 years for movies to manage what a junior college achieved.

Now follow closely here. They cast Laurence Fishburne in the title role. Had the dialogue been faithful to Shakespeare, and showed Othello as an eloquent and lordly character, the casting simply wouldn't have worked. Fishburne was a very good choice for this Othello, who was a heroic general who doted on Desdemona, but had one weakness, jealousy. While the full version of the play is thought to be a hard watch, this film version was much more accessible. So, for the first two major departures, I like them both. Making Othello a simpler person, and cutting much of the flowery dialogue was a valid artistic decision. The third distinguishing component of this production was in fact, the production, and they were highly successful in making the set and the photography seem like separate characters in the film.

For Othello to work, you must have a very strong Iago, and a sympathetic Desdemona. Irene Jacob as Desdemona was sympathetic, and what she lacked in language skills, I thought she made up for in character development. Kenneth Branagh, for me, was a weak Iago. He simply wasn't slimy or evil enough. I would have liked to see some work with varied pacing, and more joy than a single love scene to contrast with a very dark ending.

IMDb readers say 6.8. It only earned $2.11M against an $11M budget. Critical reaction was all over the place. Could there be a better screen Othello? Certainly. On the other hand, it could have been much much worse. I will give this a C+ as a film that Shakespeare buffs should see.


Irene Jacob shows her breasts from a distance, and then her right breast in close-up.



Another Way (1982)

Another Way (1982), or Egymásra nézve, was created by Hungarian master Károly Makk, based on a novel written by one of his ex students, Erzsébet Galgóczi. It is set against the immediate aftermath of the failed revolution of 1956. Makk loved the chance to talk about the revolution aftermath, and also that there was a captivating love triangle story to flesh out the work. It was unimportant to him that this triangle had lesbian content. I suspect that once the gay/lesbian audience gets a chance to see this film, they will feel it matters a great deal. At one point, Makk had to film a love scene, and realized that there was at least one thing that was different about the fact that there was a lesbian relationship. He had no idea how girls did it. Someone else on the crew had a lesbian friend, and was sent off to ask the question. He came back relieved, and said, "It is simple. She told me it can be done with one, two or three fingers. Now get out of here, and make your movie." The line made it into the movie.

The story opens with star Grazyna Szapolowska in the hospital with some neck injury, and co-star Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak dead near the border. The film is told in flashback. Jadwige has been unemployed for three years for political reasons, but lands a job with the same newspaper that Grazyna writes for, telling as much of the truth as is possible. Jadwige shares an office with Grazyna, and the mutual attraction is obvious. There are more than a few problems. Grazyna is married to an army officer, lesbianism is illegal, and Jadwige is a radical dissident, out to expose the truth about the communist party. Obviously, this has to end badly, and it does.

IMDb readers say 7.3. Although it played at the NY Film Festival in 1982, I doubt if many Americans have seen this film. It is an indifferent letterboxed transfer with mushy sound and burned in subtitles, but none of that bothered me. Even though Makk was not interested in the gay angle of the film, he portrayed the experience of being in love with someone of the same sex in a repressive society with great sensitivity. I believe if this film was being released today, bright and shiny with a widescreen version that is would do very well.  Both actresses have numerous credits, reinforcing Makk's casting decision. Those who don't tolerate subtitles well will find this one a chore to wade through, but for everyone else, it is worth checking out. The genre is foreign art film, and this is a C+.

Scoop's note: I am curious about some elements of this film. How the hell did Makk find two Polish actresses who could speak Hungarian well enough to pass as native Hungarians? (The two languages have nothing in common. Hungarian has nothing in common with any major languages except Finnish and Estonian.) Why couldn't he find any Hungarian actresses? Everyone else in the cast is Hungarian except the two stars.

Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, in a well-deserved Cannes Best Actress winning performance, shows her bush.

Grazyna Szapolowska shows both full frontal and rear.







Dann reports on Kicking and Screaming

Jerry Seinfeld got rich and famous doing a TV show about doing nothing. I'm guessing the producers of this 1995 alleged comedy didn't do as well, although their movie is basically also about doing nothing. It also is a stretch to call it a comedy; at best it's mildly amusing.

Following college graduation, a group of students hang around campus and basically do nothing. They don't move on. They don't make new friends. They just take a place near campus and continue to hang out at the same haunts, chasing the same women, that they did while in college.

No one wants to make a move that could drastically alter his life, although they also don't want to end up like the college "professional student" (all colleges have them, it seems) who has been hanging around for 10 years without graduating.

This story has been done before and since, and probably better. It definitely has some amusing parts, but it's also boring and dumb much of the time.

Kaela Dobkin Perrey Reeves




Amber Tamblyn falls out of her dress at the premiere for The Grudge 2. The third picture is actually larger than life-size

Karen Black in Miss Right

Marie-France Pisier in Miss Right

Margot Kidder in Miss Right

Erica Durrance in The Butterfly Effect 2

A slight see-through from Naomi Watts

The obscure Candace McKenzie in the timeless screen romance known as Pinocchio's Revenge

Wow, did Rose MacGowan get skinny!! She looks so different that the first glance is quite shocking, but she still has quite a nice shape. Somehow, she managed to keep the boobs large and firm, despite all the weight loss. (With some help?? I don't know, but that seems logical.)