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This presentation will be in three parts:

Two days ago: Clips of Kate Winslet, part 1

Yesaterday: Clips of Kate Winslet, part 2

Today: Clips of the other women, and all of the captures.

Karoline Herfurth film clip

Jeannette Hain film clip

Kate Winslet images

Karoline Herfurth images

Jeannette Hain images

Film/TV Clips

Chroniques sexuelles d'une famille d'aujourd'hui (2012) in an uncensored version

Faustine Dubois

Laetitia Favart

Mailys Amrous

Valerie Maes

Leila Denio

Adeline Rebeillard


Director Brett Ratner did a nudie shoot (2012), just for laughs. His model is AMANDA PIZZICONI

Flore Bonaventura in Malgre elles (2012) in 720p

Kirsten Varley in a total nude scene on daytime TV in the UK (in 2009). The nakle of the show is Life Class - Today's Nude, and it aired on channel 4.

Patricia Chraskova in A l'est de Moi (2008) in 720p


The Osterman Weekend (1983)

Meg Foster (non-nude, but some see-thru)

Cassie Yates

Helen Shaver

Merete van Kamp


Jemima Kirke naked and pregnant

Elenea Bouryka in Tutte le donne ... (2007)

Rosalinda Celentano in Tutte le donne ...

Michela Cescon in Tutte le donne ...

Sabine Tingry in Red Shoe Diaries (1995)

 Caron Bernstein in Red Shoe Diaries (1994)