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The Edge of Love

The way I look at it, Dylan Thomas was the Mickey Mantle of literature. Both men were considered superstars while still in their teens, and of both of them it could be said, "Damn, as good as he was, imagine how much better he might have been, had he stayed sober." Dylan Thomas was not a serious intellectual like Ezra Pound, nor a crusader like W.H. Auden, nor a meticulous craftsman like T.S. Eliot, and he had neither the education nor the discipline one would expect from a serious writer, but there was no denying that he had talent. He was a true natural genius. Among all the 20th century poets, he had perhaps the greatest natural gift for capturing the rhythm and the inherent musicality of the English language. He also became a genuine pop superstar by performing theatrical basso recitations of his own compositions, often followed by some flamboyant public behavior. Since his fame provided him with women eager to pick him up, and with men eager to pick up his bar tabs, he lived out his thirties as a drunkard and a compulsive adulterer. He was to 20th century poetry what Lord Byron was to the 19th, making up in charisma what he lacked in scholarship. I suppose he was the last poet in our language to live like a rock star, and the last to be able to, despite a homely, decrepit appearance.

Here is a recording of him reciting his most famous poem:

His ride on the fame express didn't last long. Alcohol killed him before his 40th birthday.

You'd think there would be at least one great movie about the life he led from the end of WW2 until his death in 1953.

Unfortunately this isn't it.

This is a muddled historical romance about Dylan's salad days in the WW2 era. It incorporates Dylan and his wife into a fictional tapestry about a romantic quadrangle involving the two of them with Dylan's boyhood love (Keira Knightley) and her husband. The two women end up close friends, but everyone's life is complicated by the fact that Dylan seduces the ex-lover while her husband is off to war (apparently acting in the previous year's Keira Knightley movie, Atonement). When hubby returns, he's not happy to discover that he has risked his life so that his salary could provide Dylan Thomas with sex and booze.

The film picked up a bit of notoriety when Lindsay Lohan was originally cast as Dylan's Irish wife, and told everyone that her character's relationship with the Keira Knightley character had lesbian undertones. That turned out to be mostly inaccurate, although the two women do bathe together and there is a time when they disappear under the covers together, so it's not entirely missing from the subtext, but I'm pretty sure that they are just supposed to be best friends, and closer than sisters. (The do not kiss or embrace sexually.) At any rate, Lohan ultimately had to leave the project, and the purported lesbian activity was assigned to Sienna Miller, who did a fine job.

Indeed, everyone involved did a fine job. This literature-based chick-flick uses an army of talented people to evoke the styles and feel of another era (WW2), and is assembled by an excellent director and acted by a top-notch cast. Keira Knightley even sang quite well. But to what end?

To the screenwriter's credit, the film avoids romanticizing Dylan Thomas, portraying him fairly as a great talent who could also be a cowardly, jealous, small-minded sot, but I'll be damned if I can figure out why anybody wanted to make this film in the first place, or what the point was supposed to be. It all seems like "a tale ... full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Much like a lot of Dylan's poems.

Sienna Miller had only a couple of single-frame nipple slips.

Film clip here, snaps below.

Keira Knightley, however, did quite a nice little love scene with The Scarecrow.

 Film clips here, collages below.


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The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar


Some videotapes will never make it to digital media. The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar should be one of them. This is, for most of its running time, a standard strip and pose - no wiggling at all - kind of tape. Gals get nekkid in two settings, once while they are posing for this calendar while riding a carousel ... you see where the title comes from ... and again out in the wild somewhere. The carousel posing is partly behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot and partly a more free-form, clothes-free romp. All that is just dandy and it takes up maybe 60% of the tape time. The other 40% is not so dandy as the folks who shot this tape turned it into a documentary about the photographer. One would not object except he is made out to be some sort of artist who sculpts and paints and only lately chose to shoot nekkid gals on film because that is just as legitimate a medium to work with.

He is a latter day Toulouse Lautrec, this guy - just as humorless

Only taller.

And no beard.

Anyway the gals look good and were this a DVD I might still be capping it. A few of them you know from real movies - Julie K. Smith, Samantha Phillips, Erin Ashley and Shelly Jones. Several others come with two names but seem to have done little more than pose for Penthouse - Robin Brown, Sasha Vinni, Shandra Rollins, Amy Morgan, Gina Passarella and Dawnya Welsh make up that group. With three women we are on a first-name basis only. Those would be the Pleasure Twins, Jennifer and Justina, and a pneumatic blonde named Heather (weren't all over-inflated blondes in the early 90's named Heather?).

Do keep in mind this was from an old videotape and so the quality is nothing to brag I won't. But as I stated at the outset, videotape is all we are likely ever to see of the Carousel Girls and their calendar.

Day 5

Erin Weidner Ashley video footage. Sample below







Carried Away


Today we have Amy Locane with a boob show for lucky Dennis Hopper in "Carried Away".




Over on the TV side it's Anna Faris putting on a leg show for Leno.










Rinko Kikuchi in high definition.

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Notes and collages

Dark City


Rok's comments: For those of you who saw "The Matrix" either first or without seeing "Dark City," "Dark City" came first with the same idea that life is an illusion created by aliens. Coincidence in Hollywood?; not likely. The question is who's idea was it first?

Melissa George







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 Today: chicks named Veronique

Veronique Baylauq in Troubles

Veronique Billia in Les Oubliees

Veronique Delbourg in Espirit de Famille

Veronique Picciotto in La Commune

Veronique Reymond in Astree/Celadon







Annie Giradot in The Seed of Man

Lois Young in The Unseen

Brandi Love in an episode of Penn and Teller: Bullshit!


Film Clips

Tilda Swinton in Julia. Brand new film which I have not seen. Said to be Oscar bait and provides some the better celebrity nude scenes of the year. Tilda flashes the boobs in two scenes. Maybe one of you guys would like to make some collages.

The women of Where the Truth Lies in high definition: Alison Lohman and Rachel Blanchard.

Nicole Ari Parker and Laurel Holloman in Two Girls