New Norwegian series, season one in 720p

Ellen Helinder in e1

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Julie Chantal and Levin Erichsen in e7

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Behind the scenes with Emily DiDonato in 720p


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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

2006, 1920x800

Whitney Able

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The Broken Circle Breakdown


Veerle Baeten flashes her beasts and bum a bit on The Broken Circle Breakdown


2019, 1080hd

Scarborough is a drama where two couples check into a hotel for a weekend away in Scarborough, both featuring a teacher and a 16 year-old student. Liz (Jodhi May) checks into her room joined by younger lover Daz (Jordan Bolger) where she attempts to tell him something that will affect their relationship. Meanwhile, Aiden (Edward Hogg) checks in with the younger Beth (Jessica Barden) who is pressuring him to leave his girlfriend so they can be together. In the beginning the relationships mirror one another closely but as the weekend unfolds, the differences begin to come clear when both relationships must come to terms with a pregnancy. The two teacher's unseen partners will also play a part in the direction the relationships go. Can the taboo relationships survive the weekend and their resultant pregnancies?

OK look at two similar relationships that might be related to one another as a tangled web of not-so-much lies as half-truths become unravelled over the weekend. The movie ignores how to two relationships began which doesn't give an emotional hook on either relationship but how the relationships are related is the fascinating part of the movie that I'm still trying to figure out conclusively. Interesting but not really a revelatory movie about the complexities of such relationships.

Jessica Barden film clip

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Sylvia Jefferies in 3 From Hell (2019) in 1080hd

Three other women (Anny Rosario, Flor de Maria Chahua and Jackie S Garcia) in 3 From Hell

Arlene Chico Lugo in What It Was (2014) in 1080hd

Meredith Baxter in a 1994 TV movie, My Breast in 1080hd (TV aspect ratio)

Isolde Barth in In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden (1978) in 720p

Britney Spears, yesterday

Maria Pedraza in Elite