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This presentation will be in three parts:

Yesterday: Clips of Kate Winslet, part 1

Today: Clips of Kate Winslet, part 2

Tomorrow: Clips of the other women, and all of the captures.

Film/TV Clips

Emma Williams in First Night (2010)

From the vault of obscurity: Tusnelda Frellesvig in Flaenset (2000) in a 720 upsize


Courtney Bingham has a bikini malfunction in Malibu

Gabrielle Anwar - bikini bottom not covering her entire crack

German model Toni Garrn in a modeling session

Infidelity: Sex Stories 2 (2012)

Graziella Diamond

Rebecca Lord

Adaline Perron

The Devil's Feast (2007)

Chihiro Koganezaki

Arisa Matsumoto

"Blade the Series" (2006)

Caroline Carter

Viviana dal Cengio

Tammy Morris

Aimee McKenzie

Jessica Gower

Elisa King

Jill Wagner

"Red Shoe Diaries" (1993-4)

Arielle Dombasle

Jennifer MacDonald

Janine Stillo

Saxon Trainor

Denice Lewis

Audie England

Alexandra Tydings

Lynette Walden


Suzen Murakoshi in Wall Street (1987)

Pamela Shoop in Halloween II (1982)