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Slap Shot


 (1920x1080) Melinda Dillon





Locked Down


This mixed martial arts movie has an ample amount of rock hard nibs due to the cold Winnipeg winter weather.

Bai Ling: boob and buns as female guard but it appears she's wearing a crotch patch.

Leilanie Giordmaina: her rock hard bibs are even bigger than Bai Ling's.

Kaitlyn Wong: boob and butt by Miss CHIN Bikini 2009.

Jynx Vandersteen: boob, buns and vag slip by obligatory stripper.

Amber Solstice: boobs, buns and cameltoe as another obligatory stripper.

Frisson des collines


Recent Quebec release.

Evelyne Brochu: partial boob, pokies and a ridiculous fully clothed sex scene.

"Venus Spa"

youtube series set in a 1980s health spa.

hottub: various castmembers showing partial boob.

Leilanie Giordmaina: sexy in leotards.


webisode: "Know Your Target"

Fifth episode of the eight part series.

Alexandra Elle: sexy as lesbian dominatrix servicing Elitsa Bako.

"Cashing In"

episode: "Boys and Their Toys" (s3e05)

Finally some nudity,

Nancy Sorel: bare butt but it could be a stunt butt.


episode: "Ditch Monkey" (s1e05)

Another obligatory visit to the obligatory stripclub.

Lee Tomaschefski: bra and panties as stripper.

strippers: sexy.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Last week some volunteer models showed up topless on Yonge Street (the Toronto
equivalent of the New York Times Square) to raise awareness concerning breast cancer. Bikini model and singer Candy Marie Bascoe sure got their attention.

Candy Marie Bascoe: whole side boob at demonstration,

nipply bikini model,

and bare back.

Racks on hacks

Speaking of boob awareness the past few weeks there's been some silly controversy concerning Canadian female politicians sporting their bountiful bosoms.

Christy Clark: Canadas first female premier sporting some cougar cleavage at the B.C. legislature.

Rathika Sitsabaiesan; NDP MP had her cleavage photoshopped out from her website.



"Underbelly: Razor"

s4, e9

Anna McGahan (sample below)


I haven't been to the dusty VHS vault for a few months so a request has got me to reopen it and pick out a couple of pretty much forgotten movies. As with all VHS works, the quality varies, The Empty Beach came out alright, but The Surfer is pretty poor. I wouldn't have capped it if there was a chance of a DVD release.


The Surfer


Based in Brisbane and Queensland, The Surfer is a noir thriller from the director of that classic Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story.

Surfer Sam Barlow (Gary Day) is thrust into a world he wants nothing to do with. Invited to a friend's party, he is approached by a woman who gives him a note to give to his friend. His friend reacts immediately to the note and goes out to a park with Sam. The friend is then murdered by a couple of Vietnamese men. Sam attempts to stop them, but they get away.  For the sake of the murdered man's wife (Kris McQuade), all Sam wants to do now is find out why this happened and to identify the woman who gave him the note. This leads him to a casino owned by hot-shot Hagan (Rod Mullinar) who becomes very concerned with Sam taking an interest in his dealings. This leads Sam to the woman who gave him a note, Gina (Gosia Dobrowolska, gorgeous as ever). When Hagan puts two and two together, he gets bent cop Calhoun (Tony Barry) on the trail to kill them both. Sam and Gina go on the run. When Sam accidentally impales Calhoun when they tussle, Hagan brings in the big guns to kill them and thus to stop Gina from revealing his nefarious plans.

Totally forgotten film that is an absolute little gem that only fails when the plot is fully unveiled to reveal something utterly preposterous. It lays some great groundwork before then. Day is very good as a man well and truly out of his depth and Dobrowolska is as sexy as ever. Better known for her various Paul Cox roles, she been in a sort of semi-retirement from acting, so it was great to see her recently in an episode of East West 101 still looking amazing after all these years.

It's totally forgotten and I'd never heard of it until just recently and didn't even know what it was about until I watched it. Shame this film will never be seen again, but I'm glad I picked it out on a whim. A pleasant surprise indeed.

Gosia Dobrolowska (collages below)


The Empty Beach


The Empty Beach, a noir thriller set along the glamourous Sydney Harbour, is about Cliff Hardy (Bryan Brown, who else...), a private eye who has been hired by lonely widow Marion Singer (Belinda Giblin) to find out what happened to her husband, who's been dead for two years. A newly arrived note suggests he is very much alive. It seems John Singer is a man who pissed off a lot of the underworld. A journalist named Brian Henneberry (Nick Tate), had been looking into Singer's dealings before he died. And he had dealings with a shady character called MacLeary (Ray Barrett). Also, a very rich powerful man named Fred Ward had dealings with Singer. When Henneberry does some digging into Singer, he has his throat cut while surfing as Hardy is watching. The police, including a detective Parker (John Wood), want to know who killed Henneberry, but Hardy is holding back and wants to run his own investigation, which the police give him 72 hours to get what he wants. With the help of Henneberry's protege/lover Anne Winter (Anna Maria Monticelli, with long hair!), Hardy uncovers some incredibly shonky dealings and a mystery that should've stayed unsolved, well at least make a scintilla of sense

Yeah, this film, an early production for uber TV producer John Edwards, is utterly preposterous and I can't make head or tail of it. This film so wants to emulate that sleazy, sweaty, ugly noir of the 40s and 50s, but is an absolute mess. Bryan Brown is so good here, he saves the film from disappearing up it's own arse by giving his a highly charismatic performance, but the plot is hard to make sense and the ending is enough to pull out a gun and shot whoever started the ball rolling.

Not a bad film as it has interesting and quite creepy touches (the old folk's home scene is particularly memorable), but too full of it's own cleverness to ever be a great film. Sometimes the simpler the plot the better the film is, look at The Surfer above.

Peggy Wallach (sample below)

Simone Taylor (sample below)




One more version of Melancholia, this time in HD. Clips from Recapped. The caps below are mine, and all involve some degree of tinkering - color adjustments, cropping, enlargements, etc.. The last two are identical except that one represents the film's colors and the other is my attempt to restore the original colors beneath the cyan filter.

One more version of X, this time in 1080p

Hanna Mangan Lawrence

Burnetta Hampson

Viva Bianca

Miriam Balderas in Somos lo que hay 2010 (1080p)




Aussie model Abbey Lee Kershaw


Maria Bello in Beautiful Boy (2010)

Antonella Costa in No Mires para Abajo (2008)