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Hey Scoop,

I noticed in the Mailbox that 3finger is looking for De'Anne Power in an episode from Beverly Hills Bordello.  I happened to have that one, so I made the captures and contact sheets.  Didn't have time to capture still frames, but I can get to that later. I'm uploading them tonight.

Tell him that I also have her on DVD in "Rod Steele 0014" if he's interested.  Just let me know.


See Aesthete's section for the Rod Steele clips and samples. The "Bordello" episodes are in the Tuesday and Wednesday pages.


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The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar


Some videotapes will never make it to digital media. The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar should be one of them. This is, for most of its running time, a standard strip and pose - no wiggling at all - kind of tape. Gals get nekkid in two settings, once while they are posing for this calendar while riding a carousel ... you see where the title comes from ... and again out in the wild somewhere. The carousel posing is partly behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot and partly a more free-form, clothes-free romp. All that is just dandy and it takes up maybe 60% of the tape time. The other 40% is not so dandy as the folks who shot this tape turned it into a documentary about the photographer. One would not object except he is made out to be some sort of artist who sculpts and paints and only lately chose to shoot nekkid gals on film because that is just as legitimate a medium to work with.

He is a latter day Toulouse Lautrec, this guy - just as humorless

Only taller.

And no beard.

Anyway the gals look good and were this a DVD I might still be capping it. A few of them you know from real movies - Julie K. Smith, Samantha Phillips, Erin Ashley and Shelly Jones. Several others come with two names but seem to have done little more than pose for Penthouse - Robin Brown, Sasha Vinni, Shandra Rollins, Amy Morgan, Gina Passarella and Dawnya Welsh make up that group. With three women we are on a first-name basis only. Those would be the Pleasure Twins, Jennifer and Justina, and a pneumatic blonde named Heather (weren't all over-inflated blondes in the early 90's named Heather?).

Do keep in mind this was from an old videotape and so the quality is nothing to brag I won't. But as I stated at the outset, videotape is all we are likely ever to see of the Carousel Girls and their calendar.

Day 4

Shandra Leigh Rollins video footage. Samples below




(Oct 7, 2008)

Lots of HQ pictures and some collages, and even a film clip, of La Lohan walking around the City of Angels in a thin black top, no bra.










"Lust in the Mummy's Tomb"


Today we have Misty Mundae revealing it all (what else is new?).

Scoop's note: Those mummies sure were horny. Then again, if you slept for 3000 years, you'd also have some serious morning wood.



Over on the TV side we have morning news babe Amy Robach of the "Today Show" showing off some nice leg & thigh. Caps from three shows and a short clip from April 12th.

April 12th

May 24

July 3rd










Rod Steele 0014

"You Only Live Until You Die"

concluding the salute to De'Anne Power

Film clips here. Samples below.







Notes and collages


Rok's additional collages from Hank's Howard Stern vid


Iron Man


No nudity, but Gwyn showing off her new, sexy image







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Clemence Poesy in Sans Moi

Elizabeth Prouvost in La Campignonne






The Monkey's Mask


The Monkey's Mask, from Australia, is a crime thriller/mystery. It is also a lesbian romance, which makes it more interesting. In fact, the first hour is a lot more romance than mystery, but then it switches gears.

Jill Fitzpatrick (Susie Porter) is a private detective who also happens to be gay. She accepts a job to find Mickey, a young female student who has gone missing. During the investigation, Jill contacts Mickey's poetry professor (Kelly McGillis), who is married but goes both ways, and the women are instantly attracted to one another. During all this, Mickey's body turns up. She was strangled, and having no confidence in the cops, Jill continues to investigate.

A decent enough mystery, pretty much low key for most of the film, with a nice little twist at the end, although I had guessed the villain. Mostly, though, it has some pretty interesting love scenes.

Susie Porter and Kelly McGillis







Two new collages of Diane Kruger in Troy

Two pics of Irene Jacob in the trailer for Fallen Heroes.

These pics are nothin'! I can just about guarantee that this will finish in the top five nude scenes of the year if we ever get to see the damned thing. This is the film where Irene Jacob shows her coochie in close-up in a cunnilingus scene. (And plenty of flesh elsewhere. And gives a hand job on screen.) Of course, Jacob has been nekkid in about 20 films and has always had a magnificent booty, but has never done anything quite like this.


Film Clips

The women of Barbarian (2003): Ekaterina Drobish, Irina Grigoryeva, and Svetlina Metkina. A serious contender for the worst film of the 21st century, but photographed in some historic castles on location in Crimea.

Elsa Pataky in the trailer for Santos

Linda Blair in Savage Streets.  (Samples right)

Linnea Quigley, showing off every inch of her original body, also in Savage Streets. (Samples right)

Gina Gershon in Love Matters. The quality is not good, but it's a new addition to the collection, and it's one of our all-time faves. (Sample right)