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Confessions from a Holiday Camp


Confessions from a Holiday Camp (1977) is the fourth and final installment of the Confessions films.

This time our boys seem to have landed cushy jobs at a holiday camp as director of activities and group leader, but when the facility is purchased by a former prison warden, they suddenly have to work. Anthony Booth barely saves their jobs by saying he is planning a beauty contest which will generate great publicity for the camp. Robin Askwith is put in charge of recruiting guests to participate. Many of them think the way to climb to the top is by climbing on him, but there is a strict new policy forbidding employees from getting involved with guests. Never one to ignore a naked woman, Robin has trouble with that policy.

The creative team hit the bottom of the barrel this time, with fart jokes, a pie throwing match, a gay character, racial jokes, etc. They just went to the well one too many times with this series, but at least had the sense to stop after this one. Well, actually it was dollars, not sense, that prompted the decision. Or rather pounds sterling. A fifth Confessions film was actually planned, but that plan was abandoned when the producers saw the disappointing box office generated by this one.

At least there are six women showing skin. Janet Edis shows breasts, and there is full frontal nudity from Linda Hayden, Nicola Blackman, Deborah Brayshaw, Caroline Ellis and Penny Meredith. All that  flesh is pleasant to look at, but not enough to make the film worthwhile. Even if you love British sex farces, you will find this one lacking.

IMDb readers say 1.5. 


Janet Edis

Linda Hayden

Nicola Blackman

Deborah Brayshaw

Caroline Ellis

Penny Meredith








Blood for Dracula



Today the Time Machine goes back to 1974 for a horror flick in which two lovely ladies show off some skin.


Dominique Darel displays her tiny "Tittie Tots".


While Stefania Casini also gives up the boobs and then some very nice old fashioned full frontal bush.






Notes and collages


Shannen Doherty, Season 1, Episode 16


Nothing from episode 17.






Ya gotta love a woman who looks like this and never wears clothing. Here are more leaked pictures of Sienna Miller from the set of Hippie Hippie Shake - including full frontals in ultra high resolution! She has been complaining about the poor set security, but that same poor security ought to sell some DVDs. I'll even go to see it in the theaters if the reviews are halfway decent.


Britney Spears. Usual deal. A little bit of areola and a hint of cat.


Much-honored actress Marsha Mason in The Image


There was no nudity in Californication or Weeds this week, but there will be plenty on Tell Me You Love Me. First clip: Sonya Walger. (Sample right)

(SPOILER WARNING: this episode has not yet aired.)

Tell Me You Love Me. Second clip: Michelle Borth. I don't much care for her character, but she definitely gets the hottest sex scenes. (Sample right)
Tell Me You Love Me. Third clip: Jane Alexander. WARNING: keep in mind that she is 68 and not a physical fitness buff. (Sample right)
Marina Aleksandrova in The Last Armored Train. (Sample right)
Yekaterina Rednikova in The Last Armored Train. (Sample right)











Kelly Craig



Lena Headey









I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Scoop's note: It appears that this unrated DVD version has a slightly expanded version of the Biel/Sandler scene. If you look at Vejiita's capture #16, you'll see Biel's butt crack. She also shakes that booty. Here's a film clip so you can see it in action. (Sorry, it's in German, but I don't think you'll even notice.)


Jessica Biel


Chandra West












Night of the Demons 2

Fans of the original 1988 horror flick will probably like this 1994 sequel, which does adhere to the original plot line pretty well. Others will just consider it a typical 80's-90's blood and boobs flick.

A group from a Catholic high school decide to hold a party at a creepy mansion to celebrate Halloween, and they drag along a shy and reluctant young woman nicknamed Mouse, whose sister was a victim of an earlier incident years ago (as portrayed in the original film).

What they didn't know was that the sister was still around, but now she's a demon, and boy, does she want to party.

As I said, strictly blood and boobs fare, but fans of the first will probably like it, even though one of my favorite horror queens who was in the original, Linnea Quigley, was not in this one. I especially liked the tape covering Zoe Trilling's nipples in her boob flash scene.

Christi Harris Zoe Trilling various






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

As if Britney Spears doesn't have enough problems, she reportedly returned home at 2 a.m. to find her Beverly Hills mansion had been burglarized.  The thieves are believed to have gotten away with her collection of homemade sex tapes and steamy photographs of herself. They also reportedly took some uniforms she allegedly wears for kinky sex games, and some personal photos of her two young sons.

*  ...whose names escape her.

*  Let's all pray for Britney to get her sex tapes back, or failing that, let's pray that they were made at least four years ago.

Fred Thompson has sparked murmurs on the campaign trail that he might be a little old for the job when he didn't know or couldn't recall details of several current issues and referred to Russia as the Soviet
Union, which hasn't existed since 1991

* Wow, he IS Reaganesque!

* Still, he has an excellent defense plan for dealing with the Persians.