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"Hey, Scoop". (My comments in parens).
  • You have probably seen or heard of a 1990 flick called The Guardian, directed by William Friedkin. It stars Carey Lowell and Jenny Seagrove. Lowell plays a young mother who hires Seagrove as a nanny, only to find out she's some evil Druid tree witch or something who intends bad things for them all. Anyway, on video there is a brief Lowell nude scene (as well as ample nudity by Seagrove), which you or someone else on your site have probably capped before. BUT when USA Network shows the film, there is an extra scene included that is missing from the video cut. Carey Lowell is in bed, naked but covered at first by the sheets, and Seagrove comes in and gives her a back rub. When Lowell sits up to get the back rub, the image of her face and shoulders suddenly and conspicuously gets larger and the resolution decreases; this is a common device used by USA (I've also seen it done for Pump Up the Volume) to include a nude scene without actually showing the nudity. They in essence crop the shot so as to omit the nudity itself, by enlarging the image and using only part of it. Evidently, during this back rub while Lowell talks to Seagrove about feeling guilty about not having sex anymore with her husband, she (Lowell) is topless the whole freakin' time! This seems clear from the decreased resolution during their whole conversation. I saw this years ago, but it has bedeviled me ever since. This is at the very top of my wish list for vidcaps. I have no idea how anyone would get access to the version of the film I'm referring to, but some of your contributors seem to have magical nudity-obtaining powers, so I had to finally ask. Thanks for reading this way-too-long letter and for your regular daily labors!
  • Scoopy, Rebecca De Mornay did a topless scene at the end of ER tonight. Surprisingly, they allowed her to be exposed. It is in shadow, but you can clearly see her breasts onscreen. At one point, she even sits up and you can tell it is her. Let the cappers know that it's there for their expert talents.
  • I saw some recent editions of The Jenny Jones Show. There is a woman named Chela who has a recurring role. She has a look and attitude similar to Carmen Electra except her chest is a least a few cup sizes larger than Carmen's. Is there anything else out there with her in it? She is a HOTTIE!!
  • Uncle Scoopy, Last night, Wednesday, October 6th, toward the end of The Man Show on Comedy Central two of the "Juggies" were boxing while wearing extremely loose fitting tops (not quite) held up by spaghetti straps. There was more than enough "flashing" to see there was nothing underneath -- well not "nothing," but certainly no clothing. One Juggie in particular was having a great deal of trouble keeping her top in place. If anybody taped this episode I'm sure you'd be able to see clearly that she, in fact, did not succeed. Any chance anyone capped this?
  • Just a heads-up on an event that a lot of people have been waiting for a long time. Saw this on the Mr. Showbiz site yesterday: Winona Ryder's baring more than her soul in the upcoming psychiatric drama Girl, Interrupted. The waifish actress tells October's Vogue about her nude scenes for the flick, including one in bed with a guy and one in a bathtub, but refuses to discuss her relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, rumored to have soured, or sweetie Matt Damon. In working with her handpicked director, James Mangold, Ryder says, "This is the first time, aside from working with Martin Scorsese, that I really let everything go. I was incredibly raw. There's stuff that I did in this movie that I've never done before." Including getting nude. "I did a scene where I'm in bed with [a guy], and I'm naked, and I was the most comfortable," Ryder relates. Hmm, Jared Leto co-stars in the film, but Ryder doesn't say who she got nekkid with.

    (Scoop's note: others have written to say we shouldn't get our hopes up because she was naked on the set, but may not actually show much in the final print.

  • on tuesday at the Nassau Colliseum there was WWF Smackdown taping, at the event there was a mud wrestling match between Miss Kitty (Stacy Carter) and Ivory. The winner would be whoever pulled off the others top, Ivory won and I was wondering if anyone took pictures of this, I would do anything for these pictures.
  • Someone asked today what program can be used to join sections of movies. Apple's Quicktime Player 4.0 is one that will do it. I have the pro version and the movie (Aussie) actually came out to 1.31 minutes. Don't know if the regular version of quicktime player will work though. I'm sure other programs will work too. I use copy - paste and join them in order.

    (Scoop's note: no agreement on this point. See the next few letters. I have stayed away from film clips myself. I have resolved not to mess with them until I can do them with DVD quality and sound with reasonable file sizes. I know it sounds like a dream, but these things become possible quickly.)

  • The easiest and best program I've found to join MPEG's is Camel's MPEGJoin. The URL to get this program is: Good luck and keep up the good work.
  • Scoop, The program that I have is iFilm 1.4 this little beauty lets you join any mpeg. It's great for editing out unwanted bits and also just joining mpeg's into one long clip. If it's an Avi clip the Quick Time Editor will join them as well as edit them.It won't do mpeg's though. The other program is Adobe Premier 5.1 it's a bit more complicated,I guess it's meant for the pro's where as iFilm is straight forward and simple to use.
  • Webflix Pro 1.5.1 is the program I use.
  • Comments and news and stuff.
  • Brazil's Tradicom company has a new invention to combat Rio de Janeiro's high crime rate: the Robo-dog. It's a lifesize fiberglass Doberman or Rottweiler that glares menacingly and barks when anyone approaches. Its eyes are tiny cameras that are monitored by a security company. A spokesman says they work in the rain, they don't get tired, and they never take bathroom breaks. For twice as much money, you can even get an exact fiberglass replica of a human security guard. And for fifty bucks more, you can get Patrick Swayze.
  • Minnesota costume shops report that their most popular Halloween costume is Jesse Ventura. All you need is a bald cap, a fake mustache and a feather boa. In texas our favorite is Ross Perot, but we've lost some kids in the past who were blown into Oklahoma when the wind gusts through those ears.
  • The National Enquirer reports that the Jenny Craig diet chain agreed to pay Monica Lewinsky $1 million to be their spokeswoman, but only if she loses 100 pounds. That's $10,000 a pound! She still has 40 pounds to lose before she drops from her all-time high of 223 to 123 pounds. And she's been told that it's a secret deal, so she has to keep her mouth shut.
    1. If it's a secret deal, how come I know about it?
    2. If Monica had kept her mouth shut in the first place ..... (insert your own punch line here)
    3. Two and a quarter? That's a robust, full-bodied woman there.
    4. Only 100 pounds? Should be a breeze. The last time she dropped 200 pounds of ugly fat ....she broke off with Clinton
  • Sci-fi novelist James L. Halperin, author of "The First Immortal" and "The Truth Machine," really wants Oprah Winfrey to promote one of his books on Oprah's Book Club. So in an online charity auction, he paid $10,100 for two backstage passes to her show, $6,550 to attend a yoga class with Oprah, and $42,100 to have lunch with Oprah. It would have been more, but Oprah didn't have any dessert.
  • Mariah Carey reportedly caused a big traffic jam in London Tuesday when she stopped her limo in the middle of a busy London street for ten minutes while she put on makeup to appear on a radio show. .... a radio show .... a radio show.
  • Tuna.
  • Tuna's words: "To me, Compupic produces the best thumbnails. It allows you to place the thumbs on a muted background image, determine how many per row, how many rows, and gives all sorts of options for labeling. Here's a sample"
  • WTF? I'm a pretty big fan of Beverly D'Angelo, but I don't remember "The Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills"
  • Last one of Catherine Rivet in "Emmanuelle 2"
  • Laura Gemser in "Emmanuelle 2"
  • Heather Graham, "Boogie Nights"
  • Julianne Moore, "Boogie Nights"
  • Blinky, the 3-eyed fish
  • Blinky is our guy who combs through the fashion sites looking for flesh and peeks and stuff. This is Olga Pantushenkova. It seems that soon all models will be Slavic, a one-ethnic profession, just like only American Indians work on high-rise construction. This is why they have no tall buildings in Europe. Although, given a choice between really tall buildings and a whole country full of supermodels, I think they may have the right idea.
  • Zora Juranova, This group is, by far, the best stuff Blinky has ever sent ius
  • Zora Juranova
  • Zora Juranova
  • Zora Juranova. Check out this swimsuit.
  • Zora Juranova
  • Annika McKay. Must be a mistake. Her real name must be Mikowski. Actually, although I'm kidding, she does look Slavic, despite the Gaelic handle.
  • Annika McKay
  • Annika McKay
  • Annika McKay
  • Annika McKay
  • Annika McKay
  • There is no dedicated Blinky website. blinky doesn't create material, he finds it, but he's here every day, his finds are just for us, and all his contributions are archived in the back issues. Search for "Blinky" with the search function in the back issues. We have more than a year of back issues, plus the rasslin' babes site, the fakes, the Fun House, the Encyclopedia, and the Mardi Gras pics. Click here to sign up, log in, or get info
  • RVF
  • RVF comes from the #france-celebs group on the Undernet. (Hey you other Europeans- should the French and Germans have all the fun?) "Les Contes Immoraux" is the movie selection,and this is Pascale Cristophe
  • Paloma Picasso. I think you know who her dad is
  • Lisa Danvers
  • Florence Bellamy
  • Charlotte Alexandra
  • nmd
  • As usual, nmd's caps are not nudes, but rare material. Tea Leoni in Switch
  • Tea Leoni in The Naked Truth
  • Tea Leoni in The Naked Truth
  • Slarti
  • The girls of "Kleine Biester"
  • Tina Bodhin in "Benzin im Blut"
  • Sandra Cervik, "Ein Anfang von Etwas"
  • Doreen Jacobi in "Die Singlefalle". Find Slarti at #germancelebs on the Undernet.
  • Pitters
  • Hi Scoopy. For today's humble offerings I am returning to the very splendid Saira Todd in the inexplicable BBC drama 'A few short journeys of the heart' (see Fun House passim). To be honest, by this time in proceedings I had completely lost the plot, but these scenes feature Ms Todd from the rear taking a shower in a rather old fashioned way. They are meant to be through the eyes of a small boy who comes into the room, but I've no idea why he was in the film. Pitters. (Scoop's note: raw vidcaps - singleframes. Pitters has no objection if you care to make collages from his material. Credit him if you are so inclined.)
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Saira Todd, "Short Journeys"
  • Hugo
  • Four from Hugo in one day? Wow! Here's Maria Schneider in "last Tango"
  • Schneider
  • Schneider
  • .. and Donna Scott in Soldier of Fortune, Inc
  • More
  • Helcrom caps of Renee Amman in The Stoned Age. Someone told me that she used body doubles in this movie, but as Helcrom rightly pointed out, how could these be body doubles? Must be my mistake, sorry.
  • Sandra Bullock in The Net. Not nude, of course.
  • Cindy Margolis in a photoshoot for Men's Fitness. Sorry, still not naked.
  • Rebecca Gayheart in Vanishing Son
  • Stacey Carter getting her top ripped off by Ivory. Incredibly poor quality, and Crow wrote in to say that his also stinks! Oh, woe!
  • Sigourney Weaver in Alien. Outstanding for a first contribution. from mrZ