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Season One

s1e1, 1920x1080

Cissy Ly

Jacqueline Byers

Beauty and the Least

No nudity in Beauty and the Least (2012) but Mischa Barton,

Franki Holton

and a couple of unidentified women look good.

Celebrity Sex Tape

Celebrity Sex Tape (2012) has plenty of nudity by a large number of women, including:

Amanda Ward

Amy Lindsay

Angie Savage

Christine Nguyen

Emily Addison

Erika Jordan

Jamie Bernadette

Jenny Lin - Diana Terranova

Julie Barzman

Julie Barzman (DVD Extras)

Maura Murphy

And lots I couldn’t identify

Drew Peterson - Untouchable

No nudity in Drew Peterson - Untouchable (2012) but Kaley Cuoco

and Cara Buono look good.

El Gringo

Yvette Yates is topless in El Gringo (2012) but not a lot can be seen.

Sofía Sisniega looks good.

Finding Ms. Right

There is no nudity in Finding Ms. Right aka Jewtopia (2012) but there are a number of sexy women, including:

Elaine Tan

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jennifer Love Hewitt

A couple of dancers

The Model


Charlotte Tomaszewska


2017; 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Smartass is a set over one day/night comedy/drama set 'before cell phones' where 15 year-old Freddie (Joey King) is looking to leave home, but on the night she decides to do so, she gets arrested and then released on a technicality, which leaves her alone to deal with the Californian night life. Meanwhile, an acquaintance of Freddie's, Donny (Luke Pasqualino) is paying off a debt to crazy criminal Paolo (Arturo del Puerto) who's fighting
non-stop with his girlfriend Venice (Cara Santana). Staying with them is the unstable girlfriend of Paolo's brother, Chu Chu (Nicole LaLiberte), who Paolo 'gifts' to Donny, much to his chagrin as she's a complete pain in the arse. Also, Paolo's brother Lobo needs $50,000 protection money in jail from Paolo, but he doesn't care even when the friends of the black man Lobo killed start coming for their piece. Meanwhile, Freddie gets herself into a number of scrapes including being sold into sex work by Mickey (Jake Weary). All this comes together for a helluva finale where she might not live to get to her ultimate goal, going to art college.

Feels very much like those 90s teen movies where a bunch of things happen to teen kids trying to make sense of the adult world, reminding me a lot of S.F.W. And like S.F.W, it's terrible but also surprisingly full of casual racism and numerous scenes where women are just bashed, sometimes just for no reason other than love. Nicole LaLiberte's character is an abomination even though she is playing the same type of character she always plays, but this time with added annoyance and some bizarrely unnecessary racism (the monkey scene is fucking disgusting). The scene where she's killed is so off, I don't know whether to be disgusted or relieved her character is finally gone. Which leaves me scratching my head why the talented Joey King is stuck in this turd of a movie and not without some absolutely shitty scenes (at least 2 scenes, both involving perverted middle aged men are fucking horrible). There's precious little comedy in this comedy, just hatefully foul scenes, one after the other. Now, I don't mind hateful movies as such (Christ, look at the stuff on this site), but Smartass is so disgusting that I can't believe that less than a week after calling The Little Hours the worst movie of the year, Smartass manages to be even worse.

Jesus, I sure know how to pick 'em.

Nicole LaLiberte film clip (collages below)

Cara Santana film clip (sample below)


Sophie Cookson in The Crucifixion (2017; now in theaters) in 720p

Hera Hilmar shows Gandhi her breasts in An Ordinary Man (2017) in 720p

Claudia Eisinger and Svenja Jung in Zarah: Wilde Jahre, Ein Festival der Liebe (2017) in 720p



Marleen Lohse in Sanft Schlaeft Der Tod (2017) in 720p