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"The Honourable Woman"

season 1


Today: episode seven

Lubna Azabal

Continuing the French theme for a couple more weeks:


The Girl from Monaco

Louise Bourgoin is topless in The Girl from Monaco aka La fille de Monaco (2008)

and Jeanne Balibar is down to her underwear.

Nobody Else But You

Sophie Quinton gets naked but only briefly shows a bit of nipple in Nobody Else But You aka Poupoupidou (2011)

and an unidentified woman is in a bikini.

Maps to the Stars


Johnny's comments:

Maps To The Stars is a drama set in Hollywood where struggling actress Havana (Julianne Moore) is desperate to get the role in a remake of a movie that originally starred her now dead mother. Which could be the worst thing for her as she is currently working out her 'mummy' issues with famous unconventional therapist Stafford Weiss (John Cusack) and she has started seeing visions of her mother (Sarah Gadon) that are taunting her. Stafford Weiss's son, Benjie (Evan Bird) is a teenage Hollywood star who is rather obnoxious and is already recovering from a drug problem when he takes umbrage at his much younger co-star stealing scenes from him. Meanwhile, Agatha (Mia Wasikowska), is a woman who was disfigured in a fire and has come to Los Angeles at the behest of Carrie Fisher (yes, this actually happens), who recommends her to Havana as a personal assistant. But, Agatha's past will end up haunting all and her arrival will have a devastating effect on their lives.

From director David Cronenberg, and if you've ever watched one of his movies, you sort of know what to expect, a dark journey with horrible consequences. And Maps To The Stars is no exception, with many horrible characters, particularly Havana whose comeuppance couldn't come quick enough to be honest, but having said that, Julianne Moore plays her so well and is a standout in the movie. Most of the stuff on display here is depressing to watch and the third act is horrible to watch unfold. And I didn't mind that is was horrible to watch because it was pretty engrossing to watch, but how do you recommend a movie where no-one comes out unscathed or with nothing nice to say about anything that happens?

Julianne Moore collages

Sarah Gadon collage

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Alycia Debnam Carey in Where the Devil Hides (2014) in 720p

JezReel Venegas in Contrition (2012) in 720p

Angel Boris in Warlock III (1999) in 720p

Celine Bonnier in The Hunger (s1e3) in 1080hd

Francesca Annis in Macbeth (1971) in 720p

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Pamela Flores in La danza de la realidad (2011)

classic J-Lo in concert