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Hello Scoopy !

Seeing those caps from "Contraband" aka The Smuggler (1980) in the Fun House a few days ago made me think that I might take a trip down memory lane on this one. As some may still remember I submitted caps from this flick in the April 18, 2002 edition. (Tuna also reviewed and capped it in the February 26, 2003 issue.) So I thought some clips from this movie might be a nice addition.

There are three clips in all.

  • First Tiziana Lodetto nearly suffocates a guy with her ample bosom.
  • Secondly an unknown actress takes a full frontal approach on a man.
  • Finally Ivana Monti is stripped and raped, showing all 3 B's in the process, while making heartrending noises. So be warned, do not download this if you are sensitive about this kind of material.

Regarding "Le trio infernal" I wanted to let you know that there is also a DVD available in France. It has a few extras like a 28 min. interview with the director and a small photo gallery. And the trailer with the extra Romy exposure of course. All clips I submitted come from this DVD.

That's it for today.

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Yesterday we gave you Misty Mundae in "Bite Me".....Today we have the rest of the girls.

First up is Caitlin Ross, topless doing her stage show.

Caitlin Ross

Then we have Erika Smith do her routine on stage which is interrupted by a bar room fight, but we get to see her nice tits backstage in the dressing room.

Erika Smith

Next is Julian Wells topless on stage.

Julian Wells

Crimson Ghost
First up, a little something from the A-list. The Ghost takes us all the way back to 1984 for these 'caps of Jamie Lee Curtis showing off her absolutely amazing breasts in scenes from "Love Letters".

Jamie Lee Curtis

Next we fast forward to 1998 and take a look at Skinemax regular Amy Linsday topless and gettin' it on in scenes from an episode of "Beverly Hills Bordello".

Amy Lindsay

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"Pinocchio's Revenge"
Good enough 1996 horror flick has all the necessary elements - blood (but not too much considering the genre), nudity, and a storyline that will keep your interest even though it isn't particularly unique.

A defense attorney tries, but fails, to save the life of a man condemned to death for the murder of his son. After the execution, the prosecution turns over the man's effects, and included is a Pinocchio puppet.

Her young daughter Zoe mistakes the puppet for a birthday gift, and grows very attached to it.

When bad accidents start happening to anyone whom Zoe is upset with, the girl blames Pinocchio while the adults all blame her. Things get worse and worse, until.......

You get the idea. Pretty typical horror fare, but not bad at all for horror fans.

Candace McKenzie

Rosalind Allen

The Gimp
Hardcore 'caps and comments by The Gimp:

Seems like late night cable is using a lot more pornstars in their softcore erotic series these days. One of them is Kaylani Lei, a real Asian beauty. I captured a few frames of her in more natural element in Teen Dreams. A couple of other adult stars, Hunter Young and Jasmine Lynn, also came along for the ride.

Kaylani Lei

Hunter Young

Jasmine Lynn

From Marvin, master of all things Scandinavian, here is Susanne Brauning baring all 3 B's in scenes from "I tyrens tegn" (1974)

Here are some excellent 'caps by DeadLamb of Sarah Mason (aka Sarah Wright) looking absolutely gorgeous and showing some cleavage during a guest spot on "C.S.I. Miami". Some folks may remember her from last years' short-lived FOX series "Quintuplets".

One more from DeadLamb, here is Jennifer Tilly doing her usual cleavage thing. This time it's on the new CBS comedy "Out of Practice" starring the Fonz.

I'm willing to bet this one will be cancelled soon. Have I seen it? No. Do I need to before making such a statement? No. Here's why...3 words..."starring Paula Marshall". Paula is basically the kiss of death for any new TV series.

During the past 11 years, she has starred in 6 other series that were all cancelled before the end of the first season: "Hidden Hills" (2002), "Cursed" (2000), "Snoops" (1999), "Cupid" (1998), "Chicago Sons" (1997), and "Wild Oats" (1994).

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Other Crap

Pat Reeder
Pat's comments in yellow...

Start Me Back Up - In an unexplained incident, the Rolling Stones' concert at the University of Virginia was interrupted while police searched the stage with three bomb-sniffing dogs. Half an hour later, it proceeded without incident.

  • The Stones had started to play a cut from "Voodoo Lounge," and the dogs smelled a bomb.
  • Good thing they weren't drug-sniffing dogs; that would've gone on all night.

    Do Your Screaming Now - The New York Daily News reports that since pregnant Katie Holmes adopted Tom Cruise's Scientology beliefs, she'll be expected to give birth without painkillers and without screaming. L. Ron Hubbard declared that to avoid trauma, babies should spend their first week in silence, which includes the birth. Kelly Preston admitted that she screamed for an epidural during her labor, but husband John Travolta said there wasn't time and that the silent Scientology birth is a "beautiful, still experience that lovingly brings a child into the world."

  • What's even harder for these women is not screaming as the dads describe what childbirth is like.
  • Kelly stopped screaming, as soon as she realized the futility of it.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense to let Katie scream and make Tom Cruise keep silent?
  • This must be why so many celebrity Scientologists have adopted kids.
  • Personally, I need painkillers just to listen to these idiots.

    Fire Up The Tivo! - A year after her lip-synching debacle, Ashlee Simpson returns to "Saturday Night Live" tomorrow night. Producer Lorne Michaels said Simpson was young and ill-advised and he thinks the repercussions went on too long. He said it would be unfair not to let her make it up, "and I can assure you she will be singing live."

  • And for the very first time, so tune in!
  • Once you hear her sing live, you'll stop complaining about the lip-synching.
  • Her live singing voice will give the entire audience acid reflux.

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