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I'm looking for good-quality stills and video of De'Anne Power from the "Beverly Hills Bordello" episode entitled "Forbidden Fruit." De'Anne is a striking, mature (mid-30s) and sophisticated blonde who plays a harried executive who poses as a employee of the bordello in an effort to get her sexual mojo back. She shows full nudity during the sex scenes, including a full light blonde bush, unusual even back in the day when women has bushes. :) If anyone out there can post this material, much appreciated.


Today's Answer

Hey Scoop,

I noticed in the Mailbox that 3finger is looking for De'Anne Power in an episode from Beverly Hills Bordello.  I happened to have that one, so I made the captures and contact sheets.  Didn't have time to capture still frames, but I can get to that later. I'm uploading them tonight.

Tell him that I also have her on DVD in "Rod Steele 0014" if he's interested.  Just let me know.


See Aesthete's section for the film clips and samples.


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White Fire


Made in Turkey and originally released as Vivre pour survivre, this is a story of a would-be diamond thief and his sister-turned-accomplice. They were orphaned when their parents were shot by the military for some reason we never learn, and were raised in Istanbul by a random man they met on the beach. As an adult, the sister goes to work for a diamond mine, and the sibs smuggle diamonds out of the mine and sell them.

A rival organization wants in on their business, and the competition heats up when a huge legendary diamond (White Fire) is discovered. Everyone in the known universe is after it. The sister is killed during a kidnap attempt, but bro is not so easily detoured from his thievery. He picks up a hooker in a bar gets her plastic surgery to look like his dead sister, because the show must go on.

Since this plot was not nearly confusing enough, the director also brought in B-movie superstar Fred "The Hammer" Williamson to play the predictable role of the pimp who wants his girl back on the job, new face or not.

The existing English dub of this film is third rate at best; whoever wrote the dialogue was incompetent; the acting is awful; and the picture quality makes VHS seem like Blu-Ray. The only plus is the nudity: Belinda Mayne, as the sister, does a lengthy full frontal getting out of the pool.

Has anyone ever seen a good movie from Turkey? The Turks just don't seem to be able to adapt their taffy-making expertise to film-making. As bad as this film is, it may be the Gone With the Wind of Turkish cinema!

But it is still a turkey. A Turkey turkey.









The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar


Some videotapes will never make it to digital media. The Making of the Carousel Girls Calendar should be one of them. This is, for most of its running time, a standard strip and pose - no wiggling at all - kind of tape. Gals get nekkid in two settings, once while they are posing for this calendar while riding a carousel ... you see where the title comes from ... and again out in the wild somewhere. The carousel posing is partly behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot and partly a more free-form, clothes-free romp. All that is just dandy and it takes up maybe 60% of the tape time. The other 40% is not so dandy as the folks who shot this tape turned it into a documentary about the photographer. One would not object except he is made out to be some sort of artist who sculpts and paints and only lately chose to shoot nekkid gals on film because that is just as legitimate a medium to work with.

He is a latter day Toulouse Lautrec, this guy - just as humorless

Only taller.

And no beard.

Anyway the gals look good and were this a DVD I might still be capping it. A few of them you know from real movies - Julie K. Smith, Samantha Phillips, Erin Ashley and Shelly Jones. Several others come with two names but seem to have done little more than pose for Penthouse - Robin Brown, Sasha Vinni, Shandra Rollins, Amy Morgan, Gina Passarella and Dawnya Welsh make up that group. With three women we are on a first-name basis only. Those would be the Pleasure Twins, Jennifer and Justina, and a pneumatic blonde named Heather (weren't all over-inflated blondes in the early 90's named Heather?).

Do keep in mind this was from an old videotape and so the quality is nothing to brag about...so I won't. But as I stated at the outset, videotape is all we are likely ever to see of the Carousel Girls and their calendar.

Day 2

Julie K Smith video footage. Collages below








"The View"

Today is a "Hankster Light" day. Cindy Crawford and Elisabeth Hasselbeck put on a leg show on "The View". Cindy looks in great shape. Caps and a clip.

Scoop's note: I would say better than great. She looks unearthly. What is she, like 90 years old? There are galaxies younger than her, but she's still one of the all-time MILFs, and (like Hayek below) never seems to age.





"Wetten Dass"

From a clip in yesterdays "Fun House", here's Salma Hayek and that mega cleavage on German TV.

And a few webfinds in higher definition









"Beverly Hills Bordello"

episode: "Forbidden Fruit"

De'Anne Power

Film clip here. Collages below.







Notes and collages

Summer Lovers


Daryl Hannah

Daryl was an unknown at the time. This came out about the same time as Blade Runner, but neither film was a box office success. It would be another two years before Splash would elevate her to genuine stardom.







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Elodie Navarre in Les Femmes d' Abord

Kareen Bourjade in Le Coup du Lapin

Sara Forestier in Jean de la Fontaine








Speaking of women who never age ....

Actually Nicolette's face does seem to age normally, although she still looks good. It's her body that doesn't age. Some time back she had the nicest butt in the biz, and it still looks just about the same.


Film Clips

Keeley Hazell in a Zoo Magazine photoshoot.

Shannon Elizabeth, pre American Pie, in a goofy horror comedy called Jack Frost.

You've seen these clips of Jaime Murray on Dexter, but not in HD. As Borat would say, "Ni-i-i-i-ce." Season 2, episode 5  and Season 2, episode 10.