The Russians finally find a worthwhile use for x-ray technology.

Katie Holmes - SERIOUS cleavage

Actual headline (not a spoof site): "David Hasselhoff Says Knight Rider Car Was Gay"

I did not make this up. It is not from a satire site: Terrell Owens has written a children's book, 'Little T Learns To Share,' about the importance of unselfish team play

Borat visits the doctor (scene deleted from the film)

Say "Sayonara: to the Twinkies. They never knew what hit 'em

Movie Reviews:

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"La Truite"

La Truite (1982), or The Trout stars Isabelle Huppert. She grows up working on her fathers trout farm, and can't help but notice that daddy and his best friend have their way with all the young female employees. She decides she will use her sexual power over men to get what she wants without giving away anything. She starts off with small things, like convincing her father's friend that she needs an abortion, then marries a gay man. The two of them hustle some rich bankers over bowling, and next thing you know she is off to Japan with one of them. Her husbands attempted suicide brings her home. Eventually, they end up running a trout farm in Japan, and she may or may not be having sex with a powerful Japanese man.

Isabelle Huppert shoes full frontal and rear nudity.

IMDb readers say 7.0, overall, with a 6.5 from men and 7.9 from women, putting this well into chick flick territory. Director Joseph Losey wanted to make the film in the 60s and star Bardot. It is Ebert's opinion that that would have made for a better movie, not so much for the cast change as for the political climate. In 1960, the Huppert character would have been daring, and demanding her place in a man's world. By 1982, nothing she did was that odd. I am all for getting Isabelle Huppert naked, and some of the scenery was nicely photographed, but that was the extent of the appeal for me. C-.

Isabelle Huppert


Imprint (2006) was created by Takashi Miike and was to be the final season one episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror series. Showtime USA refused to air it. It is hard to say why. It could be graphic torture, abortion, discarding fetuses in a river, patricide, alcoholism, child abuse, or maybe something else. They wanted something very strong to end the series, and when you want limits tested, Takashi Miike is your go to guy.

As the film opens, Christopher (Billy Drago) is being rowed to an island whorehouse, when they bump into a corpse of a very pregnant woman (Miyuki Konno). Continuing to the whorehouse, Christopher chooses the one woman who won't show herself, and wants to know what happened to his long lost love, Komomo (Miche). The girl tells him several versions of her life story and what happened to Komomo. She is horribly deformed, and the daughter of an abortionist. Eventually, we see Komomo being tortured over a ring that the deformed girl stole. Near the end, it gets strange.

We see breasts from Miyuki Konno, Michie and Miho Ninagawa.

IMDb readers rate it 7.5. Takashi is prolific in the same way that Jess Franco is prolific, and has a huge fan base. Most agree that it was a very bad decision to film this one in English and I would agree. The dialogue is nearly uniformly bad. If you like things that make you squirm and push boundaries, this is the film for you. Be advised that the torture with needles under the fingernails and into the gums will definitely make you squirm. This is a C, and would have been more had it not been made for TV and in English.

Miyuki Konno


Miho Ninagawa


Today the Ghost serves up some images of Skinemax favorite Lisa Boyle. Here she having some fun with a dude, and then later with an unknown chick. Scenes from an episode of the late night series, "Love Street".

Lisa Boyle

Lisa Boyle and an Unknown


From the is Troma regular Tiffany Shepis baring breasts and bum in scenes from the low-budget bigfoot flick, "Abominable" (2006).