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"The Fifth Element" (1997)

The Fifth Element (1997) is another in the Columbia Tristar Superbit collection, and again is a stunning transfer. It is begining to look like I will need to own 2 copies of several films, Superbit to watch, and other versions for special features. In fact, I had seen this film before, but didn't even try to cap the brief exposure from Milla Jovovich (breasts, and buns in a skimpy costume. The higher quality of this release made the project worth the effort.

A quick recap of the plot. Bruce Willis is a former special forces soldier who is now driving a cab, and Milla is "the perfect woman, and the fifth element" on Earth to save the world from ultimate evil. The setting is the distant future. The story is like something out of Indiana Jones. IMDB list the genre as Action/Sci-Fi/Comedy/Drama/Romance/Fantasy/(more), I say comedy in a Sci-Fi setting.

IMDB readers have it at 7.0/10, Maltin and Ebert say 3 stars. I found it very imaginative, and thought the performances, while intentionally a little over the top, were very good, especially that of Jovovich, who was able to speak a convincing alien tongue without hesitation at an amazing clip. B-.

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  • Milla Jovovich (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

    "Snow White" (1937)

    Ok, you are all saying "What is this crazy fish thinking? A Disney cartoon from 1937?" The images are 1024 x 768 frames without embellishment, and those of you with kids or grand kids will probably find a use for them, but that is not why I did this project. Nor is it because this is an absolutely amazing restoration job on both the video and audio. This special edition, being released next Tuesday, is the most impressive package in terms of special features I have seen to date, and Snow White is a very important films for many reasons.

    Snow White was originally written as a Grimms fairy tale (Sneewitchen). Disney saw a silent version using real actors, and fell in love with the story. In the 30's, he was well known for his shorts, but realized that he would have to make feature films to grow his studio. Snow White was to be the first animated feature film. He also realized that, to pull it off, he would have to advance the state of the art in animation on several fronts. He invented a new animation camera (the multi-plane) to give a dimensional effect to backgrounds, modeled the animation of characters after film footage he took of performers moving, created an art school for his artists, and paid attention to every minute detail to create this masterpiece. You can make a good case for this being the best animated feature ever made. Indeed, several of Disney's later efforts were criticized as not being as good as Snow White.

    This 2 disk set is the standard to which special features will be compared. On disk one, they have pieced together a feature length commentary from actual audio clips of Walt Disney. They have also included a video game played with the remote control, and previews of what will be found on disk 2. The Second DVD contains the complete history of the making of the film, and amazing insight into the process of Disney animation.

    Disney's original budget was $250,000.00, which he quickly doubled. The film actually cost $1.5. It is rated 7.8/10, and #223 in the top 250 at IMDB. US gross is estimated at $184,925M with another $80m in rentals. For those with kids or grand kids, this is a must own. For those with a real interest in film, and especially animation, you will spend hours on the special features DVD, and I found the film a total delight, which may mean that I am in my second (or third) childhood. This film is an A.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Yesterday we had George Romero's comeback film. Today we have The Legend of Rita , which is the most recent comeback film from Volker Schlondorff, the acclaimed director of The Tin Drum. Intelligent, interesting film, that I liked, but basically an academic discussion buried under a soap opera plot. No characters for us to identify with, and in German, so not exactly your basic summer blockbuster.

    The quality of the DVD transfer was deplorable. (Not sure why. Probably the transfer, because the film seems to have been photographed well.) Image quality no better than video tapes.

    When a Stranger Calls is basically a 70's predecessor to the "I Still Know.." type of film that made such a big comeback recently. This is quite a good one. I've seen enough of these that I don't often flinch when they do the scary jump stuff, but this one surprised me as couple of times. It also features great acting by the standards of this genre - Charles Durning, Colleen Dewhurst - wow!

    • no female nudity, but here's Carol Kane's "almost" (the killer -Tony Beckley did get naked, but Tony is a "he")

    There is a new page in the Encyclopedia dedicated to Nastassia Kinski. Link to it from the main members' links.

    Domestic movie babe of the day is Linnea Quigley in pictures of her when she was about 21 and looked much younger.
  • Linnea Quigley

    International babes include German actress Alexandra Kamp (who says she has ways to make you like this scan) Randi Ingerman and Chisa Aizawa. I think Randi is an Italian TV babe and Chisa? Well, I think the only thing she's famous for is takin' off her clothes, but that makes her a celebrity, right?

  • Alexandra Kamp
  • Randi Ingerman (1, 2)
  • Chisa Aizawa (1, 2)

    Fashion model babe is Ana Beatriz Barros. Her bod and her face make her a poor man's Josie Maran, which is not too shabby.

  • Ana Beatriz Barros (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Page 3 babe is a special one. Her name on the other side of the pond is Carol Needham. First scan is from the page 3 site and shows her in typical page 3 form. The other two are from UK mags we have bought and sold over the years. Now, what makes her so special? Well, in the country Carol posed as Lee Ann Michelle and was Hefmag person of the month in February 1979. That makes one of only two page 3 babes to be monthly persons in the bunnymag. And you know, guys, you might be able to help me here. Any of you seen the movie Seven? Not the drama of a few years back, but the Sidaris effort of the late 70's. There's a scene in that movie where one tough guy goes to another tough guy's house and is greeted by a serious babe with what I recall is an english accent. Said babe pulls off her top a little later in the movie. Although she has a couple of lines she is not credited, but I really,really think she is Carol Needham/Lee Ann Michelle. Anybody know for sure?

  • Carol Needham (1, 2, 3)

    Pet of the day is the famous Mariwin Roberts. She was in five movies, got nekkid in all of them and in one (entitled Pet of the Year) she did the down and dirty with her significant other at the time. Caps of that movie were posted in the Funhouse a few weeks back. Anyway, her are a few scans from her monthly portfolio of many years back.

  • Mariwin Roberts (1, 2, 3)

    Vidcaps for today reveal:

  • Alice Freidlun in Please Don't Eat My Mother. A slim beauty. Natural redhead, or so I conclude from the available evidence.

  • Angie Milliken in Dead Heart. Angie gets down and dirty in a most literal sense (1, 2).

  • Azalea Davila in Primal Fear. Cute as a bug and a kick-ass body.

  • Oz
    "De Boerkverfilming"
    Some nice Euro nudity to start with. De Boerkverfilming is the story of three actresses, played by Femke Lakerveld, Nadja Hüpscher and Alette Dirkse, all vying for the same part in a film. Unfortunately for them, the director is using the casting couch technique to choose the one that he wants. Rifka Lodeizen is a policewoman who gets tied up with the boyfriend(?) of Femke.
  • Femke Lakerveld (1, 2)
  • Nadja Hüpscher
  • Alette Dirkse (1, 2)
  • Rifka Lodeizen

    "Never Ever"
    Never Ever is another of those sloppy romantic-type Euro films. Jane March shows some nudity that it is too far away to be interesting but Sandrine Bonnaire shows some excellent pokies.

  • Jane March
  • Sandrine Bonnaire

    "Plaisir (et ses petits tracas)"
    Another French movie is Plaisir (et ses petits tracas) or Pleasure (and its little inconveniences). Some topless nudity by Julie Gayet and Florence Thomassin.

  • Julie Gayet
  • Florence Thomassin

    "La Position de L'Escargot"
    Continuing the French connection, but this time in Canada, is La Position de L'Escargot (The Snail Position). There's almost full nudity by Mirella Tomassini.

  • Mirella Tomassini (1, 2)

    "Under a Spell"
    Moving down a couple of countries we reach Mexico for Under a Spell. Bianca Guerro plays a school teacher that has a fling with one of her students. Nice pokies but the quality is not so good.

  • Bianca Guerro

    "Public Access"
    Dina Brooks plays a minor role in Public Access, the story of serial killer in a small town. She has sex with him but the nudity is too dark for clear caps.

  • Dina Brooks

    I thought I'd been gazumped by Unc yesterday with his caps of Jessica Paré in Stardom. However, it's a classic example where the DVD is not necessarily better. In the satellite version we see bush. It's brief but it's clear. Unfortunately, the best nudity was pixilated out. I've added a couple of other caps that show Jessica's spectacular body.

  • Jessica Paré (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    "In Search of Anna"
    Judy Morris stars in the Australian movie In Search of Anna. Some nice nudity although the frontal nudity is a bit far away.

  • Judy Morris (1, 2)

    Sublet is a movie that has the CIA usurping the life of an innocent bystander. Victoria Sanchez is an agent that finds her conscience and tries to stop her employer. She shows the briefest of topless nudity.

  • Victoria Sanchez

    "My Summer with Des"
    My Summer with Des is a BBC telemovie about the 1996 European Soccer Championships in which, I gather, England came second. Tilly Blackwood shows some topless nudity.

  • Tilly Blackwood

    No nudity in the following caps.

    A terrific upskirt by Melody Anderson in Firewalker. The movie stars Chuck Norris in a role that looks remarkable like Indiana Jones.

  • Melody Anderson

    "Big Daddy"
    No nudity in Big Daddy but Kristy Swanson shows some nice cleavage standing there in a bra. Leslie Mann has some spectacularly developed lungs, probably silicone-filled.

  • Kristy Swanson
  • Leslie Mann

    "For Love or Money"
    There's no nudity by Gabrielle Anwar in For Love or Money, but she has a very nice behind.

  • Gabrielle Anwar

  • Kerry Fox runs around in her underwear in "Fanny & Elvis".

  • Erica Hagen's sole contribution to "Let's Do It Again".

  • Margot Kidder plays a high-class prostitute in "Some Kind of Hero". I liked her in the Superman movies but nowhere else.

  • On the other hand, Dina Meyer looks very nice in "Stranger than Fiction". There's almost some nudity but not quite.

    "Poor White Trash"
    Jaime Presley, Kerri Randlee and Sean Young are all in Poor White Trash. Some nice cleavage by Sean and Kerri and Jaime shows a very brief upskirt.

  • Jaime Presley (1, 2)
  • Kerri Randles
  • Sean Young

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