TV Round-Up

Boss (s2e8) featured an extended and hot sex scene with Hannah Ware

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Risky Business



Rebecca De Mornay

Francine Locke

For the next couple of submissions, I thought I'd head to Spain. This week's movies were made from 1973 to 2003

Part 3 today

Blood Spattered Bride

Maribel Martin shows the lot in Blood Spattered Bride aka La novia ensangrentada (1972)

 and the lovely Alexandra Bastedo shows her breasts.

The Girl of Your Dreams

The lovely Penélope Cruz shows her breasts in The Girl of Your Dreams aka La niña de tus ojos (1998).

Goya in Bordeaux

Maribel Verdú shows it all in Goya in Bordeaux aka Goya en Burdeos (1999).


Intacto (2001) has Monica López showing her breasts.

Kill Me Tender

Plenty of breast exposure in Kill Me Tender (2003) by Ingrid Rubio.

Live Flesh

The nudity in Live Flesh aka Carne trémula (1997) is by Francesca Neri.

Angela Molina

and Penelope Cruz look good.


Anna Mouglais is starkers in Novo (2002). Paz Vega does the hand over the breasts trick,

Nathalie Richard flashes an upskirt

 and a couple of unknowns are looking good.


Pieces aka Mil gritos tiene la noche (1982) has some nakedness on show. Leticia Marfil shows the lot,

as does Pilar Alcón (in jigsaw form).

 Cristina Cottrelli

and a couple of unknowns show their breasts,

and Roxana Nieto shows a bit of leg.

Salamina Soldiers

The most exposure in Salamina Soldiers (2003) is by an unknown woman taking a shower.

 Ariadna Gil

and Maria Botto show a bit of side boob.

Sexy Radio

Laura Conti shows the lot in Sexy Radio aka L'escot (1987).

Sound of the Sea

This time it is Leonor Watling showing the lot, in Sound of the Sea aka Son de mar (2001)

Terror of the Zombies

No real nudity in Terror of the Zombies (1974). Barbara Rey,

Maria Perschy

 and some unknowns are very sexy.

Torremolinos 73

Mari Anne Jesperson

and Candela Peña are showing it all in Torremolinos 73 (2003).

Carmen Machi is in some passion-killing underwear.

Torrente 3

Torrente 3 (2003) has plenty of breasts by Ruth Zanon,

Vanesa Zamora,

Yvonne Scio

and some not identified.

Silvia Gambino

and Carola Baleztena are looking good.

The Tunnel

Some nice breast exposure by Jane Seymour in The Tunnel aka El túnel (1987),

and also by Marga Herrera.

Virgin of Lust

No visible in nudity in Virgin of Lust (2002). Ariadna Gil is looking good.

Voodoo Black Exorcist

Eva Leon is topless in Voodoo Black Exorcist (1973),

as are lots of other women.

Weakness of the Bolshevik

Weakness of the Bolshevik (2003) shows pokies by Nathalie Poza.