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I added about 200 new pics to the Encyclopedia, mostly in volume B, but also in A, F, R, and W. All updated volumes are highlighted in yellow, and they are the ONLY things highlighted in yellow (I reset the others).




Crimson Ghost

Captures and comments from the Ghost.

Marlee Matlin in Hear no Evil


Here is a zipped .wmv clip of Matlin in Hear no Evil

Lysette Anthony in Save Me

Scoop's note: These are just about the best caps ever seen from this movie, which is not on DVD.


Zipped .avis and comments by ICMS


Today it's just three clips from "The Day of the Jackal" (1973).

Olga Georges-Picot shows breasts and buns while it's not so clear what exactly Delphine Seyrig (1, 2) is displaying.

For those who are interested, there is an excellent review, as always, written by Scoop in the Movie House.  

I hope to be back tomorrow with better stuff.

P.S. One last note on the Millau Viaduct: it's a pity the viewpoint at this URL wasn't yet accessible to the public when I passed there in early June. Bummer.

Saving Face

AI gave not seen this, and it doesn't come out on a commercial DVD for a couple of weeks. These caps are taken from a screener DVD. Amazon describes the film as follows:

Saving Face starts like you might expect a Chinese-American lesbian romantic comedy to start: Young surgeon Wilhelmina (Michelle Krusiec, in her first starring role) has kept her sexual orientation secret from the conservative Chinese community of Flushing, NY--but when her mother (Joan Chen, The Last Emperor) becomes pregnant and is kicked out by her own parents, Wil suddenly has to juggle her mother's secrets with her own...which include her sparky new romance with Vivian (Lynn Chen), a ballet dancer and the daughter of Wil's boss.

Krusiec: Chen:


'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today we have a little "Grab Bag" of caps.  

First up is Sharon Stone in "A Different Loyalty" with some boobage in a dark scene.
All the way back to 1980 for Rhonda Snow in her only screen credit at IMDB showing off her nice tits while humping away at the "American Drive-In".
From the same movie Emily Longstreth being harassed by some punks in a "Damsel in Distress" scene that had great potential but never materialized as she never loses any clothing. She was cute tho.  
And finally a quick cap of Julie Bowen in "Joe Somebody", again just cuteness.


Brooke Langton showed a flash of nipple in episode 6 of Weeds
Did Jessica Alba have a brief nipple-slip in Into the Blue. You make the call.

Slo-motion zipped .avi

Polly Walker in the Egeria episode of Rome

Francesca Fowler from that same episode of  Rome
Mr Skin Jr wrote in to say that they had a MUCH better picture of Lauren Hutton in "Permette?" Wouldja believe full frontal?
Emily Blunt in My Summer of Love
Nathalie Press in My Summer of Love
 From Marvin, master of all things Scandinavian, Susanne Breuning in "I tyrens tegn"
Movie Reviews


Here are the latest movie reviews available at


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  • If there is a white asterisk, it means that there isn't any significant humor, but I inexplicably determined there might be something else of interest.
  • A blue asterisk indicates the review is written by Tuna (or Junior or Brainscan, or somebody else besides me)
  • If there is no asterisk, I wrote it, but am too ashamed to admit it.

Other Crap

An early ultrasound shows Katie Holmes is pregnant with a tiny PR rep

BoSox lose a squeaker, have their backs against the wall. If they can't win three in a row, it's the start of a new curse.

Hudson wasn't sharp. The Astros laid a ten spot on the Braves. The Braves, facing the best pitching staff in the majors, are facing an uphill struggle. Roger Clemens is next.

David Strathairn discusses playing Edward R Murrow

"My source tells me that the scuttlebutt around town is that the White House knows something bad is coming, in terms of Karl getting indicted, and they're already trying to distance him from the president."

Art Linkletter spars with property owner.. I'm impressed that Art is still involved in zoning hearings. I had no idea he was still alive. He turned 93 in July!!

Officials say that paparazzi were not a factor in the Lindsay Lohan car crash.

Kanye West Saturday Night Live Reunion with Mike Myers

VIDEO: Janet Jackson's Nude Sunbathing

Nick and Jessica Deny Breakup


The teaser trailer for Yesterday Was a Lie

  • "Hoyle -- a girl with a sharp mind and a weakness for bourbon -- is investigating introverted artist/archaeologist John Dudas. But her work takes an unforeseen twist as she begins to experience events around her in a mysterious, disjointed manner. With the assistance of her loyal partner and a cute young lounge singer, Hoyle uncovers a plot to unravel earth-shattering cosmological secrets, smuggled out of 1930s Germany by a Nazi defector. But when Hoyle's deeper relationship with Dudas is revealed, she learns that the most potent forces of all -- human love, human pain -- cannot be grasped by science alone."

Four clips from The Greatest Game Ever Played

Letterman's "Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying The Meat-Normous Sandwich"

Letterman's Top 10 Signs Your Supreme Court Pick Isn't Qualified

Katie Holmes is pregnant . I guess she's not a virgin any more, unless - wait ... Oh, God. Black masses use crosses, except upside down. Will the Antichrist be a virgin birth, to mock Jesus? Shit, this could be bad.

2005 NFL Cheerleading Tour - Day 18: Minnesota Vikings

With the 2005 NFL season already one quarter of the way completed, the Minnesota Vikings have to be one of the league's most baffling stories. The Vikes were considered by many to be contenders for the NFL crown. Instead they have only racked up one victory in the NFL worst division. The team is swirling in troubles, with rumors of firing head coach Mike Tice, and an ailing QB in Daunte Culpepper.

The Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders appear to be following in the footsteps of their on field counterparts. The home page for the cheerleaders is distracted by a picture of Vikings center Matt Birk. Birk is looming over the right side of the screen looking as if he will pounce on a cheerleader at any moment. Ironic thing is, Birk is out for the season, and isn't even listed on the Vikings roster. Bottom line is this...this site doesn't scream "Cheerleaders Here!" (I even found out that the Vikes are getting a new stadium on this page...why is this information here?) The roster page has individual photos leading to bios, and one picture of a swimsuit calendar. I couldn't find any more pictures of the calendar, but that was alright by me. After going through the bios (all with only one picture of each girl) I determined that only Katie, Niki, and Alli were worth looking at in swimsuits. There is evidence that these girls make appearances, but I have no idea where they are, what they are doing, or which cheerleaders attended the event. You also have no idea where they may be in the future, for they do not list any upcoming appearances. The one saving grace for this site is the Alumni section. Check out photos, uniforms, and cheerleaders from days gone by. This site, the cheerleaders, and the team all seem to be on the same course this year. Going nowhere fast.

Rating 5.5 out of 10.

Daily Show: "The Bush administration says the ice cap is not melting. Rather, the water has been liberated."

The White House spokespeople does their best to reassure the right about Harriet Miers. In code.

The Daily Show: "Nate Corddry gets lessons on geography, names and being a sailor, in a story about a big boat and the city of San Francisco."

At this moment, it seems he can do no wrong, but even for Peter Jackson, a video game movie that doesn't suck is a tall order.

Evangeline Lilly in a green bikini

Photo Gallery - Movers And Shakers - 33 NFL and college cheerleaders

Nic Cage names his son Kal-el

Yet another new nickel - with Jefferson facing forward and smiling. The next one features him firing up some chronic.

NHL drops the puck for the first time since ... what? 1974? Is Rocket Richard still playin'?

"Hurricane Rita inflicted substantially more damage to offshore oil and gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico than Katrina"

"After enduring a year of rumors that their marriage was in trouble, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have really split." But - and this is the key point - they still insist that the rumors were untrue.

The Roman Catholic Church has instructed the faithful that "some parts of the Bible are not actually true ... like that whole wacky New Testament. In fact, we're actually still Jewish. Who would have guessed? It's fakokta."

Emperor Palpatine leading Harriet Miers look-alike contest. "Madam" and Zell Meller are also in the running.

Many of you have written in to say, "nice page, Scoop, but you need more gosh-darn capital letters." We aim to please. PRESIDENT NOMINATES TOKEN VULVA-EQUIPPED JUDICIAL HOBBYIST HARRIET MIERS AS ASSOCIATE CRONY OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

Scientists find: Only earthlings worship God. The rest of the universe worships Oprah.

Dedicated fans of "Lost" view episodes multiple times.

  • Hey, I can relate. I still have, stored in memory, all the songs from Popeye cartoons. "Oh, I don't care whose brother you love ..."
  • Of course, I was six at the time that I re-watched all those episodes of Popeye and The Three Stooges.

Conan O'Brien's latest edition of "If They Mated"

"Emilio Estevez has added Sharon Stone and Elijah Wood to the high-wattage cast for 'Bobby,' his passion project about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, which he will write and direct."

There is a special emotional connection between Bobby Kennedy and Emilio Estevez.

  • Emilio's dad (Martin Sheen) played Bobby in The Missles of October.
  • Martin Sheen also played John Kennedy in a TV mini-series.
  • Like Bobby Kennedy, Emilio Estevez has a perpetually hammered brother, and a brother who really likes poontang. Of course, in Bobby's case it was two different brothers.

Any Bonds Today?. Bugs Bunny takes time out from his usual zany WW2 antics (making racist fun of Japanese people) to do something completely different (making racist fun of black people)! Vintage Americana look at "the way we were," which is to say "the way we didn't have enough sense to avoid being."

Some French dudes seem to have scored a King Kong poster. Or not. But it looks cool.

Bush Explains Magic Suit Criteria In Supreme Court Choice

North Korea Offers Delay Political Asylum ... 'Hammer' Will Fit Right In, Says Kim Jong Il

From Dave Barry: Python tries to swallow Gator in Glades creature clash. Don't miss the picture.

Conan O'Brien and John McEnroe look far into the distant future - all the way to the year 2000.

  • "President Bush finally throws himself into helping with the hurricane aftermath when he's assured aftermath doesn't involve actual math."
  • "Paris Hilton will be featured in 'U.S. News and World Report' when it's revealed that, after the University of Texas, she has the greatest number of incoming freshmen."
  • "Michael Jackson will give back the entire Beatles song catalog when he realizes that it's over 11 years old."
  • "The Vatican will maintain its official ban on gay priests, but will, as a conciliatory gesture, allow bayberry-scented candles during mass."

Four featurettes about "Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story," aka "Seabiscuit II"

"Conan to Turn Entire Show Over to U2 "

  • I'm not sure that's what the headline writer meant. I think he meant "Conan to devote one entire show to U2," unless Bono is planning to do all of Conan's schtick from now on!
  • This headline writer did better than CNN, which wrote "Conan giving show to U2," which made me picture Bono sitting quietly while Conan does hand shadows.
  • This brings me to a pet gripe. Why do some people write internet headlines in condensed form with the artificial present tense ("Dog bites man") instead of in normal English ("A dog bit a Kingston man on High Street yesterday")? The standard headline format was designed because newspapers have a limited amount of space in both dimensions - but there is no need to apply that convention to the internet (except for humor, as Andy Borowitz does). Web pages don't run out of room! In this Conan/U2 case, artificially dropping the article changed the meaning of the headline. If he had just typed "Conan to Turn An Entire Show Over to U2," it would have communicated his message, but he dropped the article to conform to a newspaper convention, even though he was not writing for a newspaper, but for a radically different medium which requires different conventions.
  • I would prefer "Conan WILL Turn AN Entire Show Over to U2." Complete sentence. Correct verb tense. And while we're at it, capital letters in the middle of a sentence are for dinosaurs and Germans. Why not a nice, simple, "Conan will turn an entire show over to U2"?
  • Since headline format is, by its very nature, ungrammatical and ambiguous ("New Zealand finds Black Cocks hard to swallow"), I suggest dropping that convention faster than President Bush dropped Advanced Calculus at Yale.


Pat Reeder

Pat's comments in yellow:

You Know, Like Pooty-Poot! - Tuesday, President Bush held a press conference to defend his nomination of his personal legal counsel, Harriet Miers, for the Supreme Court.  Asking conservatives to trust him, Bush said he'd known Miers long enough to know she won't change and start legislating from the bench.  He added, "I know her heart."

*  In Bush's world, that qualifies him to be a cardiologist.
*  Okay, now does anyone know if she has a brain?
*  It would be nice if he stopped looking into nominees' hearts and looked into their resumes instead.
*  Don't worry, she won't legislate from the bench because she has no idea how.
*  Bill Clinton never nominated one of his personal lawyers, and he had HUNDREDS!

A Bear Of Very Little Brain - Due to complaints by offended Muslims, workers in the city council office of Dudley, England, were ordered to remove all pig-theme toys, calendars and novelty items from their desks, including a tissue box featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.  Muslim Councillor Mahbubur Rahman defended the policy, saying it is just "a tolerance of people's beliefs."

*  Well, his beliefs...
*  What if you believe this is really stupid?

They Flip A Coin? - The 2005 Nobel Prize for medicine went to two researchers who proved that stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, not stress.  One of them, Australian Prof. Barry Marshall, turned himself into a human lab rat by drinking a cocktail of the suspected bacteria.  It caused nausea, vomiting and stomach pain, which was cured by the treatment for ulcers.  Marshall said everyone thought they were crazy, so "somebody had to do it, somebody had to swallow those bacteria and develop the disease."

*  Of course, swallowing all that bacteria was VERY stressful...
*  And yet, he had to share the prize...DAMMIT!!
*  And deliberately drinking ulcer-causing bacteria proved he WASN'T crazy?
*  If drinking cocktails until you vomit is all it takes, Paris Hilton should win a Nobel Prize.

This Thing Sucks! - The New York Post reports that Bergdorf Goodman is selling a new, $1600 anti-fat machine called the Wellbox, which promises to fight wrinkles and cellulite.  It's like a vacuum cleaner with multiple heads that you run over various parts of your body, and the maker claims the suction gives underlying tissues a workout and spreads fat more evenly.  But Manhattan plastic surgeons expressed skepticism.  One said his office bought a similar machine, it didn't work very well and is now gathering dust, and he suspects the home version will end up in the back of people's closets with their Stairmasters.

*  You know, if you got that Stairmaster back out of the closet, you might not need a fat vacuum.
*  It makes you look like a teenager again, because you have hickeys all over you.
*  Women find it to be useless, but men think it's the best sex partner ever.

One Day Won't Do It - One-day courses in how to iron clothes are being held for men across Austria.  An instructor says there are three types of men who sign up: confirmed bachelors, men who want to impress their wives or girlfriends, and men who've just split up.  Their slogan is "A real man knows how to iron."  To give the men more incentive, they get to compete at ironing a shirt before a timer goes off, and there's a wine-tasting after class.

*  It would be more fun to have the wine BEFORE the ironing contest.
*  Real men already know what an iron is for: making grilled cheese sandwiches.
*  When I hear about Austrian men pumping iron, this isn't what springs to mind.
*  Australian men want to make it clear that this is going on in AUSTRIA.

Key Word: "Relatively" - An Australian health care provider is looking for a man who's willing to have a vasectomy on TV.  A spokeswoman said they want to show how simple and "relatively pain-free" a vasectomy is, and to dispel common misconceptions.  The show is inspired by a similar show last week on British TV.  Vasectomy recipient John Klapvijk said the worst thing about starring in it was the ribbing he got from his friends.

*  That, and the first hour after the anesthesia wore off.
*  The ribbing would've been even worse if the director hadn't muted the screaming.
*  Keep in mind, the person saying it's pain-free is a spokes-WOMAN.
*  In America, any man who wants to get a televised vasectomy can just be interviewed by Ann Coulter.

A Win-Win, Except For The Insect - Many male spiders are killed by the females after mating, but a researcher at Denmark's Aarhus University discovered a British spider has developed a unique way to survive sex.  The male presents the much-bigger female with a gift of a dead insect, then collapses at her feet, pretending to be dead.  While she's preoccupied with eating the insect, the male creeps up under her, copulates and flees before he gets eaten.

*  This is why a man who wants sex always buys a woman dinner first.
*  So she eats during sex, like Kirstie Alley.
*  This is similar to the mating habits of other British creatures, such as Prince Charles and Camilla.

Good For What Ails Ya! - An unnamed Oregon woman is suing her former doctor and his medical clinic for $4 million, claiming he convinced her he could cure the pain in her back and "lower extremity" by having sex with her.  He claimed the sex was consensual, but he lost his medical license and spent 60 days in jail after pleading guilty to charging the state health care plan $5,000 for his 45-minute "treatments."

*  45 minutes?!  He must have quite a bedside manner!...Most doctors would be in and out in ten minutes!
*  It didn't help her back, but it sure helped HIS lower extremity.
*  If she'd wanted to be screwed by a quack, she would've joined an HMO.

Serious Boob - Tara Reid told Steppin' Out magazine that she's tired of journalists treating her as nothing but a party girl, and she just needs one more great role to prove she's a serious actress.  As for that incident where she stood on a red carpet, oblivious to her breast hanging out, she told FHM that it was reported "like it was the worst crime in the world" and "you would think my boob had popped out and shot Gandhi!"  But it won't happen again: Reid said she now uses "double double tape" so "my hooters are under control."

*  I guess it's true: duct tape can fix anything.
*  Standing there with her boob hanging out didn't mean she's a party girl...but the fact that she didn't notice it for 15 minutes, well...
*  If her boob really could pop out and shoot Gandhi, I'd pay to see a movie of THAT.
*  She just needs one more role as deep and powerful as Melody in "Josie & The Pussycats."

Was She "Fully Loaded?" - Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood, just three months after a paparazzi crashed his car into hers to get photos, Lindsay Lohan crashed her Mercedes into a van.  There appeared to be no serious injuries, thanks to Lohan's air bags.

*  They're not as big as they used to be, but they still do the job.
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