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There was an excellent sex scene in the new Strike Back (s4e8) between Sully Stapleton and Tereza Srbova.

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"Da Vinci's Demons"

Season one in 1920x1080

Episode 6

Lara Pulver

"Top of the Lake"

(2013 TV Series in 1080HD)

Johnny's comments:

What can I say about Top Of The Lake? What a right royal depressing mess of a series. Queenstown, New Zealand must be a complete shithole per this series, yet it's portrayed as a great place for a holiday in the ads. The series is full of just the worst people, police and locals, and no-one seems all that bothered that a 12 year-old girl is pregnant. Ugh... I'd like to give the show a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but the series has some really intriguing stuff and some excellent acting from Elisabeth Moss (whose Australian accent is, for the most part, pretty spot on) and most especially Peter Mullan, who's always good. But, it's mixed in with completely unexplained nonsense and 'deus ex machinas' that seem to be the only things that move the plot along instead of careful plotting. After this and In The Cut, I'm convinced Jane Campion has no idea how to write a mystery and should stick to the moody drama, which is the best stuff here.

Also, why was this shown in 7 parts when the 6 part series runs better with proper endings? That must have been even more fun to watch. And to think the ABC passed on this intriguing mess because of the casting of Elisabeth Moss and instead went with Serangoon Road, possibly the most uninteresting show the ABC has done in a while. Oh, sorry, that was the appalling Cliffy, God what a dud that was.

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Robin Nevin film clip (sample below)

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Erica Englert film clip (sample below)


(2009; 1080HD)

Kimberley Nixon film clip (collages below)

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Lacey Chabert in her Maxim Photoshoot, November 2013

Edita Vilkeviciute in her LUI photoshoot, September 2013 in 720p

Clara Ponsot in Cosimo e Nicole (2013) in 1080p

Rosanne Mulholland in Fake Blond (2007)

Andrea Bogart in Dark Ride (2006)

Katherine Heigl in Prince Valiant (1997)

Loryn Locklin in Fortress (1993) in 720p

The women of the unforgettable cinema treasure, An American Hippie in Israel (1972) in 720p

Tzila Karney

Lily Avidan

Tzila Karney and Lily Avidan together


one more look at gorgeous Helen Flanagan topless

Lea Seydoux photoshoot