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Room in Rome


This presentation, comprising two gig of film clips, will extend over several days. Today: the final set of clips, and all the pics of the two of them together:


For the next couple of submissions, I thought I'd head to Spain. This week's movies were made from 1973 to 2003

Part 2 today


Christina aka Christina y la reconversión sexual (1984) is another movie with a lot of nudity.

Jewel Shepard

and Pepita Full James show the lot.

Anne-Marie Jensen,

Helen Devon

and Josephine Jacqueline Jones show their breasts.

Karin Schubert shows a bit of cleavage.

The Other Side of the Bed

Some nice exposure in The Other Side of the Bed aka El otro lado de la cama (2002) by Natalia Verbeke

and Paz Vega.

Nathalie Poza

and some unidentified are looking good.


Once again Penélope Cruz is topless, this time in Volavérunt (1999).

A bit of cleavage by Aitana Sanchez-Gijon

and Stefania Sandrelli.

"Spartacus: Vengeance"

Lucy Lawless

Viva Bianca

Katrina Law


Film/TV Clips

Lady Gaga in a Fame Perfume ad

Kea Kaing in Les cinq parties du monde (2012) in 1080p

Marie Kremer in Les cinq parties du monde


  actress Pauline Delpech

more Lady Gaga

Mindy Robinson in The Haunting of Whaley House (2012)

Elvira is still lookin' pretty good at 61

Angeline Ball in Holy Water (2009)

Lisa Catara in Holy Water

Susan Lynch in Holy Water

Beatriz Rico in Simpatici and Antipatici

Julia Duffy (of Newhart fame) in Night Warning (1982)