Godfather of Harlem

s1e2, 1080hd

Marie Rose Baramo

Naked News
October 1, 1080hd

Tia Larose hosted the Entertainment segment

I have been looking for an opportunity to fit in two recent films. It's kinda difficult to do because (1) they have a massive amount of nudity, and (2) none of the women are really familiar to general audiences. Since there's not much going on today in terms of new material, this seems like a good time.

2018, 1080hd

Wij is a drama in standard Dutch and a related language, Flemish. "During a scorching summer in a Belgian-Dutch border village, eight teenagers play games of discovery to break the listless monotony. They challenge each other and themselves and pretty soon, their sexual curiosity starts to blur the lines between right and wrong. As innocence is crushed in depraved games and sexual exploitation, the teenagers soon turn into ruthless predators."

Various women and men

The female stars are Salome Grunsven, Laura Drosopoulos, Gaia Cozijn, Maxime Jacobs, Lieslot Siddiki and Pauline Casteleyn. I don't know who is who.

She's Just a Shadow
2019, 1080hd

This is one crazy-ass film about the Tokyo underworld. It's an American film, (mostly) in English. The entire film is drug-taking, strip clubs, orgies, porno and gangsters. It doesn't seem to be a good movie, but it is frenetic and colorful, and some of the scenes have a touch of visual poetry. There are 17 film clips and 33 captures, but that's just a Whitman's Sampler. There's about 30 minutes of nudity altogether.


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Wild Bill

1995, 1920x1080

Ellen Barkin

Holmes and Watson: Madrid Days

2012, 1080hd

Belen Lopez film clip (collages below)

Macarena Gomez film clip (collages below)

Aline Jones and Leticia Sabatella in Verdades e Consequencias (2019) in 720p



Adding to the massive downloads way up above, why not also take another HD look at Chloe (2009), featuring sex scenes between Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried in her prime, before she got super-slim. (Fair warning: File size is 1.6 gig!)



Spike Lee came up with more than his usual amount of nudity in She Hate Me (2004), but the movie is not good at all. Spike made terriific films, even great ones, before and after this one, but She Hate Me is just plain brain dead. The nudity is supplied by Kerry Washington, Paula Jai Parker, Bai Ling and Savannah Haske.



Bai Ling