TV Round-Up

O Negocio is a series on HBO Brazil. The following summarizes the appearances of Michelle Batista in s1.

Episodes 3+4

Episodes 5+6

Episodes 8+9

Episode 10

Episode 12

In addition to Michelle, some other women made topless appearances in episodes 1, 6 and 7.


  Rachelle Wilde got a "promo" in the Naked News October 3 edition.

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season four of the US version

today: episode nine

Emmy Rossum

Nichole Bloom

Y Tu Mama Tambien


Maribel Verdu collages

TV and Film Clips

Juno Temple and Kendra Anderson in Horns (2013)



Leandra Leal in O Lobo atras da Porta (2013)

Annabeth Gish in Brotherhood (2006)

Zoe Salmon in Scobie Malone (1975)

Victoria Abril (1975-84)

I don't know whether Victoria Abril has done more nude scenes than any other mainstream actress in history, but she must be one of the top contenders for that ... er ... honor. She has done about 35 that I know of. Here's a pretty good summary of the first ten years of her career in nude scenes (1975-84). She did at least eleven nude scenes in this pre-DVD era. Two of them (a couple of 1982 films named Entre Parentesis and La Casa del Paraiso) are not represented below, but the other nine make an appearance in clips ranging in quality from VHS to DVD (no HD, in other words). The nude scenes marked with asterisks are not even in Mr Skin's database.

Various Pics/Collages

Cameron Diaz exposed a nipple very briefly in Sex Tape!

Crissy Teigen posted this on social media

Kylie Jenner posted these on Instagram

Pamela Anderson wardrobe malfunction (or, in her case, probably just wardrobe function)

Lady Gaga getting a tattoo nowhere near her butt, but exposing herself anyway
('cause, hey, she's Lady Fookin' Gaga, bitches)