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Mathilda May film clips

Caps/collages below


Scoop's notes: about the new videos/collages

Aesthete has produced this legendary nude role in 1920x1080 film clips. Altogether the package is larger than a gig, so I split it up into four days. Today includes all the screen captures/collages, plus the first quarter of the film clips.

 About the actual movie:

Has it really been a quarter of a century since this movie came out? 

It is a silly movie, but filled with little unexpected delights, not the least of which is plenty of full frontal and dorsal nudity from Mathilda May, the ultimate French babe, and possessor of one of the ten best chests in the history of filmed chests.

It also has:

  • Some excellent sci-fi effects by the master, John Dykstra (Star Wars). This was actually an expensive movie. It cost 25 million bucks. In addition to the outer space scenes, it portrays the burning of many London landmarks in miniatures and on sound stages.
  • A musical score written by Henry Mancini. Yup, the guy who wrote Moon River, The Days of Wine and Roses, and The Pink Panther. How did they persuade him to do this movie? And why did they want him?
  • Direction by Tobe Hooper, of "Poltergeist" fame. (And "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", if'n you like your horror gorier.)
  • Captain Picard, delivering a small, but truly over-the-top, performance

Of course, all of those elements are more or less wasted on one of the screwiest scripts ever written, making it a space, vampire, zombie, end-of-the-world, nudie, sci-fi, horror movie. (What, no songs?) It seems that there is an alien spaceship living in Halley's Comet, and it is investigated by earth astronauts. Inside the ship, our intrepid earthlings find some dried-up bodies, some creatures that look like bats, and Mathilda May naked. Oh, yeah, and a couple of naked guys as well. They leave the bats and the dry shit behind, but they bring Mathilda and her friends into the earth ship for, um ... closer examination. Oops. Not a good move.

Well, it turns out that Halley's Comet is the source of all vampires. The vamps live in their secret nest there, and visit earth every eight decades in order to suck up earth lives. They suck the life out of earthlings, who in turn become temporary vampires for a couple of hours, and suck the lives out of other earthlings, and so forth in geometric progression until the life is sucked out of London.

Hey, I think I was in London that summer.

Anyway, the vampires have this special system rigged up where they channel all the human life-forces from earth through Mathilda May in the form of violet light beams, and thence into space where everything is absorbed by their umbrella-shaped space ship. It seems the vamps are going for the whole enchilada this time, the entire life-energy of the planet. To combat this, NATO plans to drop nuclear bombs on London, but an American guy decides that plan is overkill, and that he can defeat the vampires single-handed by driving a stake through their hearts. 

Well, it isn't as dumb as it sounds. You see, he is the astronaut who was selected by the vampires to be their original earthling model. While they were studying him, they ended up exchanging life forces with him, so now he can "feel" their weaknesses, and "sense" their presence.

Never mind what I said before. It IS as dumb as it sounds. 

In fact, the movie tells us, one cannot kill a vampire by driving a wooden stake through its heart. Pure poppycock and folklore! A "thanatologist" tell us that the vampires must be killed by driving a lead stake two inches below the heart. Thanatology is apparently a very exact science. I guess it has to be, because if the thanatologist drives those stakes three inches below the heart, or uses a stake with insufficient lead content, that just makes 'em really mad. 

At the end of the movie, London was filled with zombie-like creatures stumbling around aimlessly while making the requisite "living dead" noises and gestures. And that was just the crew when the pubs closed! The action in the actual movie is even sillier.

Colin Wilson might not even recognize his novel "The Space Vampires" if he saw this movie.

Never mind that. This is arguably the single best movie in history to watch stoned, maybe even better than 2001: A Space Odyssey, because the Kubrick movie provides only the rich visuals, but no laughs. This one also has the look and the sound, and its bizarre, often self-contradictory plot is a laugh a minute. If you like to get together with a group of your friends and hoot at over-the-top movies, welcome to your dream date. Ya got yer silly premise. Ya got yer rhetorical acting. Ya got yer bad science. Ya got everything you need except an evil twin. Rent this and have a ball. 







Thick as Thieves


Radha Mitchell film clips. Collages below.





French-Canadian black comedy featuring brother-sister incest and one of the few North American movies this year
to feature female frontal nudity.

Julie LeBreton: full frontal

Marie-Josee Godin: topless


Victoria Day


A recent coming-of-cage release on DVD in Canada.

Melanie Leishman: brassiere with guy getting on second base.

Holly Deveaux: brassiere with guy getting tagged.


"Cashing In"

(2009 tv series)

Six-episode series that starts the first episode with Karen Holness having sex. Not much afterwards.

Karen Holness: side boob

Sarah Podemski: boobs almost falling out of her dress

Nancy Sorel: cougar cleavage

Jennifer Pudavick: cleavages, after sex scene

Chantal Kreviazuk: sexy as herself

Courtney-Jane White: cleavage as uncredited casino patron

Kate Todd: bikini, skivvies in catfight


Grizzly Rage


Kate Todd again: torn blouse revealing bikini top, see-through wet shorts revealing white panties.


The Art of War II: Betrayal

(2008 video)

Athena Karkanis: bra-less in tank top.

various: bikini girl, some nude women in blackmail photos with whom it appears to be David Letterman


"Vampire Diaries"

episode "Friday Night Bites"

By the third episode the actresses seem to be wearing less.

Candice Accola: cleavage in nightie

Nina Dobrev: brassiere


"Paradise Falls"

season 3

No (female) nudity yet but Kim Poirier is briefly bra-less in episode 5.


Dawn of the Dead


I took a second look at this again when it aired on cable to compare it with the so-called unrated US version and the
overseas version which does not have the nekkid girl (Luigia Zucaro) obscured by digital blood on the car window. It appears the cable version in Canada is the latter.

Kim Poirier again: shaved clam.

Luigia Zucaro: topless.


The Last Kiss


A recent nudie classic.

Patricia Stasiak: boob and buns as stripper performing lesbian sex at stag party.


You Never Bike Alone

(2008 documentary)

Starring nekkid cyclists Sasha Webb and Suzy Webb (Sasha is wearing a green scarf). These were the same sisters that were featured in an news episode of Passionate Eye on CBC two years prior. Interestingly the sisters look even sexier with their clothes on.



(2009 miniseries, now on DVD.)

Eva Simon: partial boob as stripper

strippers: sexy


The Strawberry Statement


Now step back in the time machine to the era of love. Kristina Holland, best known as the secretary in the TV series "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," gets nekkid.




Lohan at her pool

Italian actress and reality star Carla Velli (I believe these are actually from late August)


Irena Cara in Fame

Nora Catrone in Fame

Rana Davis in Sex Pot

Michelle Penick in Sex Pot


Brenda Vaccaro in Summertree

Melanie Laurent in Je vais Bien


Film Clips