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Annie Hall


No nudity in Woody Allen's Annie Hall but plenty of pokies by Diane Keaton

Shelley Duvall

and Laurie Bird.





Again, no nudity in Showbands (2005) but Kerry Katona shows her ample cleavage.



My Boss's Daughter


No real nudity in My Boss's Daughter (2003) with the closest being some see-through breast exposure by Carmen Electra.

Molly Shannon shows some cleavage

and Tara Reid shows that she can scrub up very nicely and didn't need a silicone job.



Medicine Man


Some more see-though breast exposure in Medicine Man (1992), this time by Lorraine Bracco.


Some native Amazonian women are topless.



Curse of the Forty-Niner

Curse of the Forty-Niner (2003) is a so-so horror movie. Elina Madison flashes her butt

and Carrie Bradac shows a bit of cleavage.



Sparkling Cyanide


Sparkling Cyanide (2003) is a British movie and Chloe Howman shows her breasts as she takes a shower.



No nudity in Yes (2004). Stephanie Leonidas fills out a bikini

and Joan Allen doesn't look too bad.



How I Spent the End of the World

From Romania we have How I Spent the End of the World aka Cum mi-am petrecut sfarsitul lumii (2006). Doroteea Petre shows her breasts.



To Paint or Make Love

From France we have To Paint or Make Love aka Peindre ou faire l'amour (2005).

Hélène de Saint-Père is completely naked

as is Amira Casar.

Sabine Azéma is topless but the goodies are hidden.


Inside Paris

Also from France is Inside Paris aka Dans Paris (2006). Joana Preiss is topless

and Héléna Noguerra is down to her underwear.




No nudity in the last French film, Narco (2004), but Zabou Breitman is looking good.


Come Sweet Death

Come Sweet Death aka Komm, süsser Tod (2000) comes from Austria.

Jutta Fastian is briefly naked as a corpse.

Barbara Rudnik is partially naked but all is hidden

and Nina Proll shows a bit of cleavage.



The Erotic Traveler

Today's episode from The Erotic Traveler (2007) is called Carnal Cabaret.

Molinee Green


Roxy Jezel

Kaylaani Lei

Divini Rae

and some unidentified ladies are naked.



Will and Grace

Tonight's caps from Will & Grace are from the fourth season.

Episode 1 - The Third Wheel Gets the Grace

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 2 - Past and Presents

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 3 - Crouching Father, Hidden Husband

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 4 - Prison Blues

Debra Messing - excellent pokies

Episode 5 - Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Debra Messing - pokies

Parker Posey - down to her bra

Episode 6 - The Rules of Engagement

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 10 - Stakin' Care of Business

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 15 - A Chorus Lie

Debra Messing - looking good, and is that a thong?

Episode 16 - Someone Old, Someplace New

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 20 - Went to a Garden Potty

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 22 - Fagel Attraction

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 23 - Hocus Focus

Debra Messing - down to her bra

Megan Mullally - some cleavage

Episode 24 - A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin'

Debra Messing - looking good







More "Hankster Light" today.


Posed for Murder

Back to the eighties for Charlotte J. Helmkamp, a former Playboy Playmate of the month in December 1982. She competed in the Junior Olympics as a teenager. She was also the first Miss Budweiser. Charlotte gets topless doing a photoshoot. Caps and a clip.


"How I Met Your Mother"

Britney Spears with some cleavage.









Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

High Definition

 Part 1. Michelle Monaghan

Flim clips here. Collages below.







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Elsa Zylberstein and Anne-Katherine Normant in La Fabrique des Sentiments

Elisabeth Sender in Si T'as Besoin de Rein

Elodie Navarre in Les Femmes de Abord







Emmanuelle Chriqui see-though

Collage of Monica Bellucci's recent yacht pics


Film Clips

Flora Martinez in Rosario Tijeras

Uschi Digard in Superchick

Annet Renneberg in Kolle