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Deadly Blessing



Deadly Blessing (1981) was the third film from Wes Craven, who both wrote and directed.

Maren is married to an ex-Hittite (a fictitious religious sect that makes the Amish seem like swingers) who has been shunned by his father for marrying her, going to college, using a tractor, and other horrible sins. It is clear that the Hittites don't like them being there, and the sect members talk a lot about "the Succubus" and "his messenger." When Maren's husband is killed by his tractor, two of her sorority sisters come to stay with her, and a retarded Hittite dies in their barn. Her husband's brother is also having trouble with the father, and lusts after one of the sorority sisters. The body count rises ...

 ... and then things get positively weird.

The film starts strongly, then goes down hill in the third act, with an ending completely out of left field. Despite the weak ending, this has enough going for it to be of interest to genre fans.

  • It was directed by Wes Craven, and includes a full-length commentary from him on the DVD.
  • It stars Maren Jensen of Battlestar Galactica and provides her only career nudity. Her character shows breasts, bush and buns. The buns are hers in two scenes, and she also show parts of her breasts from the side as well, but while wearing bandages over her nipples. A body double shows the actual nipples and bush.  (See below for a precise breakdown of who is who.)
  • The supporting cast includes Sharon Stone in her first speaking role.
  • Ernest Borgnine went far enough over the top to earn a Razzie nomination for this role, although I saw nothing wrong in his portrayal of a religious fanatic. (Borgnine once won the Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Marty.)

IMDb: 4.9

Us: C-

The bad news is that it has never been released on DVD, and none has been announced here as yet. The good news is that it is available at on an Australian release that is not yet available there. It is an all-region PAL, and so will play on your computer.

Deadly Blessing

For reference, here are Mr. Skin's film clips.

Maren Jensen

Maren Jensen's body double










Hollywood Boulevard


Today the Time Machine goes back for a low budget but fun movie with lots of breasts. The flick is about the making of a B-movie.

Candice Rialson topless, sunning herself and having her top ripped off by a bunch of baddies as the cameras roll.



Rita George shows off the boobs.


Tara Strohmeier is not to be undone in the boobage department.

Tara Strohmeier, Rita George & Candice Rialson all topless at the beach.

Then we wrap it up with some unknown wet t-shirt girls.






Notes and collages


Shannen Doherty  Season 1, Episodes 6 and 7

Episode 6

Episode 7

(No captures from #5 or #8)






Latin Lover

A last bit (for now) of naughtiness from Peru

Natalia Viillaveces 73-104







A film clip of Juliette Marquis in The Insurgents


Edwige Fenech in The Virgo, The Taurus and the Capricorn


Kelly Brook poolside

The venerable Helen Mirren topless in the November GQ (pictures taken in 1979).








El niño de barro


Inspirada en hechos reales. Buenos Aires, 1912. Una serie de brutales asesinatos a menores se propaga por la ciudad. Mateo (Juan Ciancio), un niño de 10 años, esconde un secreto: a veces su mente le conduce a un oscuro lugar de la memoria en donde es testigo de los asesinatos. Al descubrirse su secreto muchos creerán que es el asesino. Estela, su madre (Maribel Verdú), con el apoyo del forense de la policía, el Dr. Soria (Chete Lera), tratan de encontrar una explicación racional a las visiones y así minar el escepticismo del Comisario Petrie (Daniel Freire). Pero los asesinatos siguen ocurriendo….Y el caos termina por adueñarse de la situación.


Inspired by real events. In 1912 Buenos Aires is terrorized by a series of brutal murders of children. One ten year old boy becomes the primary suspect when he experiences several visions that seem to connect him to the murders. His mother and the forensic psychologist seek to find some other rational explanation for the connection between the visions and the murders, but the police commissioner is convinced of the boy's guilt ... and the murders keep occurring ...



Maribel Verdu




Rosalia Martinez




The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Police are investigating after Democratic Ohio State Rep. Matthew
Barrett gave a lecture to high school students and a picture of a topless woman came on the screen. Barrett said he had no idea where it came from, and that the memory stick was supposed to contain a graphics presentation he'd downloaded from the Internet on how a bill becomes a law.   

*  The topless woman was part of the section on "Lobbyists." 

The Teimlo company of Wales has launched a new service called Ecumen that delivers the Bible to your cell phone.  They call it "faith on the move," and a fun, funky way to spread the good news through a new medium.  A spokesman said many young Christians want Christian content for their phones, so Ecumen offers hymn ringtones, phone screen wallpapers such as a cartoon tomb door with the words "He's alive" on it, daily prayers by text message, or for about $12 (US), the entire "Bible you can read in the dark." 

*  After "The meek shall inherit the Earth," they added "LOL." 

As if Britney didn't have enough problems, there's a rumor on the Internet that some random guy she picked up in Hawaii last June and
took to her hotel room made a sex tape that he's trying to sell.  Don't expect much because he admitted that it was disappointing, and they just had "normal" sex for about 25 minutes, then they both passed out.

*  It's like the MTV Awards: Britney vaguely recalls how to do the most basic stuff. 

Steven Lee Myrick of Watts, California, is facing multiple life terms after being convicted of rape, and he might never have been caught if he hadn't had to give a DNA sample after he was arrested at a protest where he mooned the cops

* That's how they finally caught his ass

* They were finally able to crack the case

* All things considered, I guess it's a good thing he likes dropping his pants in front of other men.