TV Round-Up

In the Club is a BBC production. Episode 4 had a tiny bit of nudity. (Boobs, no nipple.)

Katherine Parkinson

As I speculated the other day, Rachelle Wilde has returned to Naked News. (October 2 edition)

That means they now have ten anchors including part-timer Melissa Childs. It's difficult to find enough screen time for so many women in a show which runs less than a half-hour.

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The Fappening was hot Thursday, but Friday has gone quiet again. Check Other Crap for updates in real time, or close to it.




season four of the US version

today: episode seven

Nichole Bloom

Emily Bergl

TV and Film Clips

  Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape (2014) in 1080p
(The gymnastic scenes are presumably a stunt double.)

Model Zippora Seven in Day in the Life (2014)

Laura Birn and Amanda Pilke in Purge (2012) in 720p



Karoline Kunz and Zenia Herzog in Rosa Roth: Flucht nach vorn (2005)



Two versions of Susan Blakely in Capone (1975): widescreen 720p, fullscreen DVD size