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Valerie Kaprisky film clips



Scoop's notes: A tale of four titties


Quick, name this actress:

She produced some of the most memorable nudity in screen history from 1982-1984, then basically stopped getting naked. We have vivid memories of her having been in outstanding nude scenes, but there really weren't that many such scenes, they all occurred within a short period of time, and they were a quarter of a century ago. She is now in her mid 40s.

There are two answers which are equally correct. Take your pick. For about two-three years, the period 1982-84 to be precise, Phoebe Cates (age 46 today) and Valerie Kaprisky (47) were the queens of the hill in the world of cinema nudity, and then they both pulled the plug on nudity.

Kaprisky wasn't as much in demand with her clothes on, but she is still acting regularly. Her IMDb page shows two films and two TV series in 2009.








Last House on the Left

1972 version and 2009 remake

In 1972, Wes Craven became infamous for a horror film that was considered exploitative, violent, gory, and graphic, and as you'd expect, became wildly popular. In 2009, they remade it, very faithful to the original story, but even more gory and graphic than the original. I thought it might be interesting to cap both.

Mari, a teen vacationing at a lake house with her parents, joins up with a local friend to go to a concert. They spot a young sleazy-looking guy and ask him if he can supply some pot. He takes them back to a hotel room, but instead of pot, he gives them three on-the-run killers who eventually assault, torture, and kill the girls, although Mari makes it to the lake before being shot as she tries to escape.

When their car gives out in a storm, the killers take refuge in a local house which just happens to be Mari's. The parents are gracious hosts until the mother sees the young punk wearing Mari's necklace. Then things change.....

Top-notch horror, definitely not for the weak of heart or stomach, and I really can't decide which version I liked the best, although the 1972 version is definitely tamer. The 2009 caps are from the Blu-ray version. The quality of the 1972 DVD was fairly poor, but still worth seeing.




Jeramie Rain Lucie Grantham Sandra Cassel


Martha MacIsaac Rikki Lindhome Sara Paxton

The 1970s is again the theme and, unfortunately, the quality is not very good for a number of caps due to the age of the source material.

C.C. and Company

From 1970 we have C.C. and Company.

We have some brief nipplage by Ann-Margret but, unfortunately, the scene is dark.

Jennifer Billingsley clearly shows her breasts

and Jacquie Rohr shows hers but it's a bit unclear.

Kiva Kelly shows some cleavage

and Teda Bracci shows her midriff.

Evil in the Deep

The nudity in Evil in the Deep aka Treasure of Jamaica Reef (1975) is by an unknown woman.

Emma Lepore shows a bit of cleavage.

Cheryl Stopplemoor fills out a bikini very nicely, something she did a couple of years later in Charlie's Angels where she performed under her married name - Cheryl Ladd.

The Mad Bomber

Limited nudity in The Mad Bomber (1973) by Paula Mitchell. She is naked but it's very brief.


Linda Evans is topless in Mitchell (1975) but is facing the wrong way.

A couple of unidentified good-time girls are nipply.

Pink Angels

Unfortunately most of the nudity in Pink Angels (1971) is by unidentified women.

Melanie Sintagelo shows her breasts and bum.


No visible nudity in Rattlers (1976).

Celia Kaye has trouble with a rattlesnake in the bath. She's naked but facing the wrong way

and there is an upskirt by Elisabeth Chauvet.

Savage Weekend

Savage Weekend (1979) was a horror movie with a bit of nudity.

Kathleen O'Heaney,


Marilyn Hamlin


and an unidentified woman were topless.

The Seniors

The Seniors (1978) has appeared a couple of times in the FH.

Priscilla Barnes' topless scenes are well known.

Also topless is Chantal Westerman,

Ashley Cox

and some unidentified women are also topless.

Catherine McClenney (Morgan Fairchild's sister) shows some see-through nipples.

T.N.T. Jackson

Some nice naked women in T.N.T. Jackson (1974).

Jeanne Bell,

Pat Anderson

and an unknown stripper are topless.

The Death Collector

Victoria Hale was completely naked in The Death Collector (1976)

and an unidentified stripper looks good in her pasties.

The Lazarus Syndrome

Pokies by Sheila Frazier in The Lazarus Syndrome (1978).

The Seducers

The Seducers aka Death Game (1977) was a horror film.

Sondra Locke

and Colleen Camp both show their breasts and bums, although some of the arty-farty camera work gets in the way.

The Sister-in-Law

The Sister-in-Law (1974) has some lovely naked women.

Anne Saxon shows the lot


and Meridith Baer is topless.

Treasure of Tayopa

Rena Winters is topless in Treasure of Tayopa (1974) but the quality of the picture makes seeing anything difficult.

The Woman Hunter

No nudity in The Woman Hunter (1972).

Barbara Eden looks lovely in a bikini, and shows her belly button!

The Young Graduates

A few unidentified women are naked in The Young Graduates (1971).

Patricia Wymer is also naked but nothing is visible.

Marly Holiday shows a bit of cleavage.

Silk Stalkings

These caps are the last part of the second season.

Episode 12 Jasmine

Jamie Rose - freckly red-head

Marie Marshall - bit of cleavage

Mary Fanaro - lovely in a bikini

Episode 13 Crush

Denise Gentile - topless but hidden

Pierrette Grace - wet in a bathing suit

Episode 14 Was It Good For You Too

Diane Robin - lovely see-through

Julie St Caire - sexy cleavage

Kim Morgan Greene - brief upskirt

Lori Jo Hendrix - nice in a bikini

Rochelle Swanson - a little bit of cleavage

Unknown - sexy women

Episode 15 Dead Weight

Erin Gray - brief pokies

Jenny McShane - a bit of cleavage

Mitzi Kapture - upskirt

Unknown - lovely bikini lady

Episode 16 Kid Stuff

Christi Allen - lovely

Elizabeth Burns - down to her underwear

Maddie Gorman - cleavage

Episode 17 Night Games

Barbara Niven - very sexy in a number of ways


Lana Clarkson - lovely cleavage

Episode 19 Star Signs

Jacqueline Sheen - cleavage

Robin Frates - topless but hidden

Terry Donohoe - cleavage

Episode 20 Giant Steps

Karen Moncrieff - wearing very little

Episode 21 Soul Kiss

Eva Loseth - looking good

Unknown - a victim in her underwear

Episode 22 Look the Other Way

Shannon Whirry - cleavage

Episode 23 Voices

Katherine Armstrong - cleavage

Unknown - wearing very little



Gretchen Mol in Bettie Page in 1920x1080

Eva Herzigova in Vogue

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