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Confessions of a Window Cleaner


There were four Confessions films starring Robin Askwith in the same role, a bungling doofus who, for some reason, is irresistible to the ladies. In this first installment of the series he loses his virginity after two abortive attempts. It seems that washing windows not only provides intimate looks into apartments and houses, but often entails servicing the lady of the house along with her windows. Robin is smitten by lady cop Linda Hayden, but doesn't let that get in the way of shagging every other woman in sight. Robin's brother-in-law owns the window washing business and tries to show him the ropes. He does just as much fooling around as Robin, although (or maybe because) his wife very pregnant. Robin's dotty sad works for the bureau of misplaced items, and brings home anything that strikes his fancy.

Perhaps the nudity summary will give you a better idea than anything else what is going on here.

  • Carole Augustine does full frontal using a sun lamp in her apartment.
  • Andee Cromarty shows breasts as a window dresser being shagged by her boss.
  • Linda Hayden does full frontal as the cop and love interest to Askwith.
  • Christine Donna shows breasts and buns as a stripper enlisted to break Askwith in.
  • Sue Longhurst shows breasts as a willing housewife.
  • Katya Wyeth shows breasts as an avid film fan.
  • Olivia Munday does full frontal when she and Askwith are interrupted by the landlord who's come 'round to take the rent out in trade.
  • Judy Matheson shows breasts and buns trying to make her lover (another woman) jealous.
  • Four women, Glenda Allen, Ava Cadell, Zoe Hendry and Petula Noble do full frontal in a shower scene. No idea which is which.

In addition to plenty of nudity and some simulated sex, it is full of double entendre and general silliness. If you enjoy Benny Hill and the Carry On series, you will also enjoy this. It was a huge box office success when released, so successful that it spawned three sequels. For a generation of British youngsters, it was THE film to sneak into. Since the film is in the top drawer for its genre, the pathetic IMDb score (2.5) is just an indication that the voters see that sort of score as the theoretical maximum for a lowbrow sex romp. But such an appraisal ignores the fact that this film is fun to watch.

This is an easy C+ as a 1970s British sex romp. Top of the line as a film which represents the best of a unique genre in a unique time.

Glenda Allen, Ava Cadell, Zoe Hendry and Petula Noble 11

Sue Longhurst 2

Katya Wyeth 11

Olivia Munday 17

Judy Matheson 6

Carole Augustine 10

Andee Cromarty

Linda Hayden 16

Christine Donna 10










The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood


Time travel continues as we go back to 1980 for another visit with the Happy Hooker.


Xaviera Hollander is played this time by Martine Beswick, who gives us lots of T & A.

K.C.Winkler: boobs playing pool and riding a guy.


More boobage from Susan Lynn Kiger.

Tanya Boyd shows off her tits.

And wash it all down with some topless unknowns.







Notes and collages


Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs,  Season 1, Episode 4





I'm backtracking to season 1. The show originally didn't have as many sexy outfits as later on, yet I'll collage what there was ...






Latin Lover

Much more naughty action from the oversexed Peruvian soap opera.

Liliana Mas


Malu Costa


Paola Aravena


Silvia Caballero






If you enjoyed Carice van Houton in my captures from Black Book, then you just gotta see her other major nude appearance in Die Passievrucht. As luck would have it, here's a film clip. Even if you know nothing about her, or aren't that impressed by her, it's still a helluva good scene.

A film clip of Elisabeth Rohm in Eureka Street

Karina Smirnoff on last week's Dancing With the Fuckin' Stars. Oh, I'm sure you were all tuned in, but I thought maybe you forgot to record it.
All kidding aside, here's one you really do want to see. Gwen Stefani can't stay inside her top.
Rosanna Davison. This was contributed by His Holiness himself, Jimmy the Saint, who hasn't been seen for a while on the page because he is apparently making a long pilgrimage to the Holy Land on foot. This would normally be a difficult task for a man living in Ireland, but saints have that whole "walking on water" thing goin' for 'em, so if you take a Mediterranean cruise and see a lone man walking East on the Sea, wave to Saint Jimmy.
Note: Jimmy is one of the few Saints with a nickname. You rarely hear people refer to St. Jack the Baptist, Eddie the Confessor, or St. Tony of Padua ... except maybe when people refer to St. Paddy's Day, or elementary school sports teams (The St. Tim's Titans, St. Stan's, e.g.)

Come to think of it, Jimmy is the only living saint, so perhaps he will be upgraded at death to James the Saint.








Dorm Daze


Boti Bliss



Cameron Richardson



Katie Lohmann



Marieh Delfino



Marie Marquis




The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Monday in Mesa, Arizona, about 700 middle and high school students
from the Higley Unified School District were watching a play on a field trip when school arts official Tara Kissane stood up 40 minutes into the show and halted it.  She said there was inappropriate language and very suggestive content, and she doesn't care "what students hear on the streets," but that was "not a kind of performance that we want them to see."  The show was the popular comedy, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)."  The play's producer said the word "penis" appears twice in the first 40 minutes, but other than that, he's baffled at what she could have found offensive. 

*  It was the writings of a dead white male; today's kids aren't allowed to be exposed to that.

Tommy Lee said when he was married to Pamela Anderson, he endured 10 minutes of agony getting her name tattooed on his penis.

*  It reads "Pamela Anderson Lee," followed by her address and Social Security number.