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Virginia Morris

Deep Powder


Deep Powder is a true-life drama set in 1982 about Danny (Shiloh Fernandez), a ski-lift operator who is saving up to go to college when he meets Natasha (Haley Bennett), a rich girl who is with her boarding school friends when she loses her purse on the lift. She's not that fussed about it, but Danny finds it to give back to her which leads her to invite him to a party her friends are having. It turns out the party is for a club that gets cocaine for other rich kids from Ecuador and Natasha has won the privilege to go and get the cocaine. Even though Danny doesn't enter the party, but leave a record for her to listen to and from there, their relationship develops. Natasha decides to take Danny with her to get the cocaine and give him the money she is getting for doing so to help with his college fund. In Ecuador, they get the cocaine with only a small hiccup, but it's when they get back that things go very bad for Danny and Natasha.

An OK film that never really stretches itself beyond the usual drug trafficking motifs or perils of blind love and the ending is a bit much even if it's based on a true story. But, the movie is fairly watchable with likeable leads, but this is hardly a memorable movie.

Haley Bennett film clips (collages below)

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Maruschka Detmers in First Name Carmen (1983) in 720p, but a TV aspect ratio


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