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Magnum Force


Suzanne Sommers 1080p film clips (stills below)



Adele Yoshioka 1080p film clips (stills below)





Season eleven, part two

Finally, after six months, we are finishing Baywatch. These collages are from the eleventh season and were made in 2000 and 2001.

Episode 8 - The Cage

Stacy Kamano - sexy bikini

Episode 9 - Ben

Brande Roderick - nice, very nice

Krista Allen - very sexy

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 10 - Ties that Bind

Kimberlee Peterson - lovely

Krista Allen - minor pokies

Episode 11 - Black Widow

Brande Roderick - sexy

Jenna Gering - sexy

Unknown - bikini eye candy

Episode 12 -The Ex-Files

Krista Allen - sexy pokies and cleavage

Episode 13 - The Stalker

Alicia Rickter - bikini

Brande Roderick - sexy

Unknown - bikini

Episode 14 - Father Faust

Caprice - sexy

Katie Zitz - bikini

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 15 - A Good Man in a Storm

Ali Hillis - nice

Krista Allen - pokies

Episode 16 - My Father, the Hero

Krista Allen - bikini

Episode 17 - Boiling Point

Teresa Hill - sexy bikini

Episode 18 - The Return of Jessie

Brooke Burns - bikini

Stacy Kamanos - bikini

Susan Blakely - sexy

Episode 19 - Trapped

Brande Roderick - sexy

Melody Lomboy - bikini

Episode 20 - Dead Reckoning

Brande Roderick - cleavage

Brooke Burns - sexy

Krista Allen - pokies

Episode 21 - Makapu'u Lighthouse

Kaela Dobkin - sexy

Kona Carmack - bikini

Tara Sweatt - bikini

Unknown - bikini

Episode 22 - Rescue Me

Brande Roderick - sexy

Stacy Kamano - cleavage

Wanaao Watson - bikini

Unknown - upskirt


"Pan Am"

er ... pilot episode

New ABC series about some of the first stewardesses during the 1960s.

Kelli Garner: in period piece girdle underwear.

"Terra Nova"

episode: "Genesis"

New Fox series produced by Steven Spielberg.

Allison Miller: nice bikini.

"Family Guy"

episode: "Lottery Fever"

Peter Griffin complains about the Anna Paquin nude scenes in True Blood saying that she has the body of a twelve year old boy. And the animators drew her with really bad teeth. Ouch!

Anna Paquin

Phoenix Goddess Temple

This Arizona new age church got raided last week for being a brothel as the practitioners where offering "tantric" sex in exchange for money. Porn actress and model Leila Swan is one who offered her services and was born in Canada.

Leila Swan: parting the white sheet and revealing her holy of holies.

Here are some Leila Swan links:



The High Cost of Living


Recent Quebec release.

Isabelle Blais: very pregnant.

strippers: sexy in change room.

Good Neighbours


Another recent release.

Emily Hampshire: a triple B but dark performance.

"Being Erica"

episode: "Doctor Who?" (s4e01)

The first episode of the last season.

Erin Karpluk: already flashing a side boob in the opening scene.

"Cashing In"

episode: "Bloody Money" (s3e04)

Chuckie should move to Winnipeg just to start false rumors that he's banging his cousin Rachel.

Rachel Sheen: stripper.


episode: "Suffer the Children" (s1e04)

Pretty randy episode but the sex is either off screen or fully clothed.

Michelle Thrush: fully clothed sex.

Chantal Perron: sexy as teacher.

Andrea Menard: sexy.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Mirror, Mirror" (s2e04)

Jessica Rimmer: aka Wipeout Canada hostess Jessica Phillips: sexy as hooker.

"Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays"

episode: "Vomiting" (s1e04)

Now airing Tuesdays.

Jennifer Irwin: randy sex scene.

"This Quarter Life"

web series

Holly Timpener: fully clothed vampire sex


tv series; episode: "Faces of Eve"

This is her first role but, because shes uncredited as the female body of Wayne Robsons character Shorty, it appears shes Wayne Robson in drag.

Chantal Quesnelle: sexy

"The Collector"

tv series

Still some more...

Crystal Lowe: more boob and buns in episode "The Tattoo Artist".

Jory Gillies: nekkid in freezer in "The Tattoo Artist".

Sonya Salomaa: brassiere in "The Tattoo Artist".

Megan Leith: rock hard pokies in "The Pharmacist".

"Somebody's Girl"

(music video)

Music video sung by Carol Hegadorn and starring Mackenzie Gruer.

Mackenzie Gruer: brassiere.


Jen Araki: partial boob as model.

Sasha Von Bon Bon: topless backstage at the Oasis Aqua Lounge (run by the swinger Toni Johnson featured last week).

Manon Leblanc: sexy photo of Quebec singer.

Shauna Black: sexy still from the Nero Wolfe Mystery series



Kate Magowan in Screwed (2011)

An Allison Kyler double bill: ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011) and Maneater (2009)




Two more from Maneater: Mercy Malick (left below) and Nicole Moore (others below)

Jannike Kruse in En Ganske Snill Mann (2010) in 720p

Laura Bach in No Right Turn, plus a deleted scene (2008)

The lesbian scene between Selma Blair and Stana Katic in Feast Of Love (2007) in 1080p

... and Radha Mitchell's full frontal nudity from Feast Of Love in 1080p

Fernanda Reto and Xochitl Marbach in Crimenes de Pasion (1995)

Jacqueline Pearce in White Mischief (1987) in 1080

Three from Guld til praeriens skrappe drenge (1971)

Judy Gringer

Kristen Sloth

Lykke Nielsen




Poppy Montgomery in the "Unforgettable" pilot

Victoria De Mare in George's Intervention (2007)

Diora Baird in South of Heaven (2006)

Lena Hill in South of Heaven (2006)

Jamie Lee Curtis in Grandview, USA (1984)