Of the world's 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries

Screech does Stand-Up ... Comedy

Albert Pujols finishes with 49 homers - having missed 19 games.

I wrote at the beginning of the year that Pujols would have difficulty maintaining his extraordinary career parallel to DiMaggio because he was competing against Joltin' Joe's 1941 MVP year - the year with the 56 game streak. I underestimated Pujols. The following summarizes their first six years in the majors.

There is now nothing which can keep Pujols from the Hall of Fame other than death or DQ. He will finish with a better career than DiMaggio. He will keep pulling farther and farther ahead every year. After his brilliant 1941 season, Mr Coffee slumped in season seven (1942), finishing with 21 homers and a .305 batting average. Seasons 8-10 never happened because it was 1943-1945, and other things were more important than baseball. Seasons 11-12 were two more off years, as DiMaggio was slow to get his skills back after the war. He hit .290 and .315, failing to reach either 30 dingers or 100 RBI, although so great was DiMaggio's mystique that he won the MVP award by batting .315 with 20 homers and 97 RBI! At any rate, Pujols will accumulate some 200-250 homers in the next six years, during a time when DiMaggio hit only 66 homers and batted an all-too-mortal .306.

DiMaggio would never again be a .350 hitter as he was every year in the 1939-41 period, but he did come back with three solid seasons, or maybe it would be more accurate to say two and a half solid seasons, in 1948-50.

Joe Mauer becomes the only American League catcher ever to win a batting title
  • And that covers a lotta years. The American League started in 1901.
  • The last National Leaguer to lead in batting average was Ernie "the Schnozz" Lombardi, 64 years ago, in his one and only season with the old Boston Braves.

Freddie Sanchez wins NL batting title
  • I suppose bookies cleaned house on that one. I'm thinking nobody had any pre-season money on Freddie. His .344 average was the highest for the Pirates since Clemente hit .345 way back in 1969

Tigers blow it
  • The Twins were in first place in their division exactly one day all year. But it was the right day.

Weekend Box Office Results for September 29–October 1, 2006
  • Mr. Acting, Ashton Kutcher, took the top two spots!!
  • The results were consistent with predictions, albeit a hair softer than expected by the pundits. It was still a reasonably good weekend, given the lack of a knockout top-line picture. The "top twelve" group was 13% above last year's comparable group and four million better than last week. This is the first week in two months with a substantial increase over last year, so one should not make too much of the shortfall versus the predictions.
  • Open Season was very solid on Saturday, pulling $10m from the kiddie crowd.
  • The weekend's sleeper was Facing the Giants, an independent football drama which was produced by a Christian group and ignored by the mainstream media. It managed to finish in twelfth place despite being in only 441 theaters!
  • Another promising trial run belonged to Gondry's "The Science of Sleep." It was only on 221 screens, but finished in fifteenth place overall, and landed in an impressive second place as measured by the "average per theater" column.

Lobbyists: Sports Tickets and Springsteen—The E-Mail Trail
  • "'Those guys should get anything they want for the rest of the time they're in office ... Opening Day tickets, Skins v. Giants, oriental massages, hookers, whatever ... '"
  • I know I'm getting too old for a career change, but I'm starting to think that "politician" is what I want to be when I grow up.

Trivia quiz: which of the following celebrities said: "I think I’m useless to society". (HINT: which of them would actually admit it?)
  • Madonna
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Mike Tyson
  • Keith Olbermann

NASA Cassini Images: Sunrise Over Saturn and its Rings

"Foley's 'No Congressional Page Left Behind' Bill Faces Uphill Struggle in the House"

Roger Clemens Is Named in Steroid Probe

President Bush Pardons Self for War Crimes, Torture, Parking Ticket

Scorsese and his three big stars discuss The Departed

Senator George Allen takes your questions (Satire from WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

Ya gotta love Japanese popular entertainment. Great simulated ping-pong game.




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Edmond (2005)

Caracara (1999) is a Canadian made-for-TV thriller.

Natasha Henstridge plays an ornithologist specializing in birds of prey, and even has her own Caracara, which she takes to Central Park frequently. One night, two FBI agents knock on her door, and offer to rent part of her living room for a surveillance job. Her best friend talks her into it, pointing out that Natasha is in desperate need of getting laid. After a few days, another agent shows up. He is very attractive, and Natasha is starting to fall for him, but the very night she has decided to jump his bones, his true mission comes out. He is a rogue agent, there to assassinate someone in the apartment across the street from her. He kills his two partners and intends to kill her as well since he can't leave any witnesses. She manages to thwart him, and discovers that she has saved the life of Nelson Mandela. Of course, she, her mother, her friend, and the visiting African Delegation are all targets until the assassin can be caught.

It's a pretty good thriller, especially given that it was made for cable. The performances are good, the plot is complicated enough to keep one guessing, and there is an entertaining subplot about the relationship between Henstridge and her 60s hippy alcoholic free love mother played by Lauren Hutton.

I think it's a C- on our scale.

IMDb readers say 4.9, but the top comments felt, as I did, that it was pretty solid. The scores increase steadily as the raters get older, and men like it better than women do. Viewers over 45 score it 5.7, which seems more appropriate for the movie I saw.


Natasha Henstridge shows breasts almost having sex.










Starting with a couple of movies of models taken from Fashion TV.

First up there's Devon Aoki (zipped .avi). Much of it consists of clips from 2 Fast and 2 Furious, and Sin City but there is some nipplage as she walks the catwalk.

Eva Herzigova (zipped .avi) is shown wearing some Victoria's Secrets lingerie and Liberty Ross (zipped .avi) shows some see-though nudity, also on the catwalk.



Elizabeth Hurley shows plenty of cleavage in Method (2004).



Cool Money

There are minor pokies by Stefanie von Pfetten in Cool Money (2005)


and Emily Hampshire is topless (zipped .avi).



Oh, Heavenly Dog!

Some cleavage and underwear by Jane Seymour in Oh, Heavenly Dog!(1980).



Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

In one of the sexiest scenes in a Star Wars films, we have Carrie Fisher in her harem outfit in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the  Jedi (1983).



League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

Some sex appeal, but no nudity, shown by Emily Woof in League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005).



Saving Face

Some topless lesbian action (zipped .avi) going on between Michelle Krusiec


and  Lynn Chen in Saving Face (2004).




Goldie Hawn is always sexy and it was no different in Overboard (1987) where she shows her very nice butt.



Erotic Tales - Music

From the Erotic Tales series of short movies we have Music.

We see a completely naked Juka Ceesay,


see-through nipples by Lara Harris,

side breast by Tara Ann Culp

and pokies by Anjelica Torn.



Ned and Stacey

Debra Messing was supposed to be topless in this episode of Ned and Stacey called The End? (1996), but she probably wasn't






The Ghost in the Teeny Bikini

Michelle Lay


Rebecca Love


Christine Nguyen


Nicole Sheridan and Christine Nguyen








Susan Anbeh in Heute heiratet mein Ex

Bernadette Peters in concert. Very pretty. Lots of cleavage.


Holly Hunter in The Piano

Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page