The Deuce

s2e4, 1080hd

Emily Meade and others


Check Other Crap for updates in real time, or close to it.

Ray Donovan

s5e11, 1920x1080

Alyssa Diaz

The Final Girls


There is no nudity, but no shortage of sexy women

Angela Trimbur

Malin Akerman

Taissa Farmiga


Sunset Strip

2000, 1080hd

Anna Friel film clip (collage below)

Varsity Blues

1999, 1080hd

Ali Larter film clip (collages below)

Bristi Havens film clip (sample below)

Tonie Perensky film clip (sample below)

unidentified film clip (sample below)

"Dream On"

continuing season four in sub-DVD quality

Linda Dona in s4e10

I wish we had this one in better quality. She is gorgeous. This aired in 1993, but her career went nowhere. She had no credits between 1997 and 2006, then apparently made a brief comeback, but has had no credits since 2009.