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Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


"Da Vinci's Demons"

Season one in 1920x1080

Episode 2

Hera Hilmar

Laura Haddock



Clemence Poesy
film clips (collages below)

Kata Peto
film clip (sample images below)

TV/Film Clips

Nora Tschirner in Girl on a Bicycle, 2013

Louise Monot in Girl on a Bicycle

Min Ji-Hyeon in Norigae, 2013, in 720p

Kim Jin-Seon in Role Play, 2013, in 720p

Han Ha-Yoo in Role Play

Clara Ponsot in Cosimo e Nicole, 2012, in 1080p

Amanda Aday (Meatloaf's daughter) in Carnivale, s1e5, in 1080p. No need for a DNA paternity test here. She looks just like her old man. That's not really a good thing. She does have some big boobs, but so does her father.

Tanit Phoenix in Maya, 2008, in 720p

Patricia Arquette in Human Nature, 2001

Chelsea Handler in The Plotters, 2001


Speaking of Chelsea Handler, here are a few stills from her sex tape, which never got released, despiter much ballyhoo.

and here's what Chelsea looks like now. She's not a gym rat, so this is not really a pretty sight.

Rihanna, as usual, is posting revealing pics of herself

In honor of Breaking Bad, here is the series's only real nudity, from Linda Speciale in the 2008 pilot

and here's some kinda-sorta nudity (butt crack) from Krysten Ritter in a 2011 episode

Vanessa Hudgens in The Frozen Ground (2013)

and some old-time collages from internet veteran Zononon Zor

Josephine Baker

Jayne Mansfield