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Life During Wartime


Allison Janney 1080p film clips (stills below)

Charlotte Rampling 1080p film clips (stills below)



I thought I would change continents for a couple of contributions and I have headed to Great Britain. All these movies were made in the 60s and 70s.

Circus of Fear

No nudity in Circus of Fear (1966) but Margaret Lee is looking good.

Come Play with Me

Come Play with Me (1977) is a softcore movie set in a health resort. If you look at the cast list it was stacked with well-known comedy actors of the 70s, and lots of naked women, including:

Anna Bergman

Isabella Rye

Lisa Taylor

Marta Gillot

Mary Millington


Mireille Allonville

Pat Astley

Penny Chisholm


Sue Longhurst

Suzette Sangello

Suzette St Clair

Suzy Mandel

and many I couldn't identify.



The Deadly Females

Some nice nudity in The Deadly Females (1976) by

Angela Jay,

Gennie Nevinson,

Olivia Munday

and Sally Faulkner.

The Magic Christian

The Magic Christian (1969) has Raquel Welch in her prime in leather - enough said.

There are also a lot of topless women.

 I have included a movie of Raquel's scene. Summary grabs below.

Man at the Top

The nudity in Man at the Top (1973) comes from a topless Nanette Newman (although it could be a body double).

 Angela Bruce shows a bit of side boob when she takes a shower with Margaret Heald.

Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise (1966) is a co-production with a lot of Italian actresses. There is no nudity but the women are looking good:

 Monica Vitti,


Rossella Falk,

Scilla Gabel,

Tina Marquand

and a sexy barmaid.

Naked as Nature Intended

Naked as Nature Intended (1961) is an excuse to show naked women, this time showing two women heading to a nudist colony. There are plenty of boobs and bums. The women are:

Angela Jones,

Bridget Leonard,

Jackie Salt,

Pamela Green

and Petrina Forsyth.

Not Now, Comrade

No nudity in Not Now, Comrade (1976).

The very sexy Carol Hawkins is down to her tassels


and Michelle Dotrice flashes some cleavage.

The Playbirds

The Playbirds was a girly magazine from England in the 70s and The Playbirds (1978) movie was designed to publicise the magazine. Plenty of naked women (and you'll notice some names keep recurring!) including:

Erik Von Jump

Gloria Brittain

Mary Millington



Pat Astley

Penny Spencer

Susie Silvey

Suzy Mandel


and lots not identified


Queen of the Blues

Queen of the Blues (1979) is another softcore movie set in a strip club sans pole. Lots more naked women:

Cindy Truman

Geraldine Hooper

Lynn Dean

Mary Millington (this turned out to be her last movie before she committed suicide 32 years ago)


Nicola Austin

Pat Astley

Rosemary England

and many not identified.


Ryan's Daughter

Some very nice breast exposure by Sarah Miles in Ryan's Daughter (1970).


Satan's Slave

Satan's Slave (1976) is a horror movie with plenty of nudity. The women are:

Candace Glendenning,

Gloria Maley,


Moira Young,

Monika Ringwald.

Secrets of a Windmill Girl

The Windmill Theatre ran a burlesque show and Secrets of a Windmill Girl (1966) is supposedly the story of some of the dancing girls. The topless nudity comes from some actual Windmill girls who weren't identified.



The known actresses just get down to their underwear or flash a bit cleavage:

April Wilding,

Dana Gillespie,

Jill Millard

and Pauline Collins.


The Servant

More of Sarah Miles in The Servant (1963), this time just some side boob.


Tanra Ferova shows the lot in Terror (1978)

 and Tricia Walsh shows some see-through breasts.

That'll Be the Day

That'll Be the Day (1973) shows Deborah Watling's breasts. She is better known by many people as a former companion of Doctor Who, played at that time by Patrick Troughton.

I have included a movie of a her scene.

Under the Doctor

Unfortunately, Under the Doctor (1976) isn't the best quality.

Hilary Pritchard shows the lot


and Penny Spencer shows her breasts.


Liz Fraser flashes her ample cleavage.


Virgin Witch

Some lovely nakedness in Virgin Witch (1972), particularly by the Michelle sisters,




and Vicki.


 Patricia Haines

and some unidentified women are topless,

and Helen Downing is looking good.

Zee and Co.

The body double for Elizabeth Taylor shows some breast and bum in Zee and Co. (1972)


and Susannah York is looking terrific, as usual.



Bianca Kajlich in 30 Minutes or less

Penelope Cruz in Elegy in 1080 HD

Patricia Clarkson in Elegy in 1080 3D