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Scoop's notes

Sheena is a very beautiful lady Tarzan raised by a tribal shaman and jungle animals. The tag line tells you quite a bit about the nature of the project: "Sheena. Part animal. Part legend. All woman."

A sportscaster comes to an African country to write about the king's brother, who is also a top football star. The football-playing prince engineers the assassination of his brother, followed by his own ascension to the throne. When he becomes king, he decides to invade the neighboring tribal territory of Sheena's people. Ooh! Bad call. Sheena, of course, summons all the animals to stampede, calls all the birds to make irritating noises, and the usual Tarzanistic clichés.

Here's a tip for you colonialist youngsters - never piss off a white person raised by African jungle animals. I have yet to see this strategy pay off.

Although the simplistic plot seems to target the kiddie audience, and the film is rated PG, it includes several beautiful, if innocent, nude scenes.

Only in the 80s.

Ah, the 80s, how I miss thee!

The film features some great shots of the countryside in Kenya, and lots of wild animals in various degrees of domesticity, because Sheena has the usual obligatory special rapport with animals. The photography is first-rate, which makes this movie an attractive travelogue, and a good nature film. Without the beautiful scenery and the nudity, Sheena would an be unwatchable throwback to the juvenile, mass-produced jungle pictures of the 1940's and 1950's. The actors are so amateurish they make Johnny Weissmuller seem to be Edmund Kean, and Sheena's dialogue includes stuff like, "The mouth is to eating. Why do you press yours upon mine?" 








HQ versions of Sophie Monk's nipple-slip in that black suit. She looks marvelous!

Courtney Love in a semi-transparent blouse

Ali Larter in Varsity Blues

Toni Perensky in Varsity Blues

The beaver shot from "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Mitsuko Baisho in Vengeance is Mine

Moeko Ezawa in Vengeance is Mine

Eva Green

Kelly Norin

Dita von Teese


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