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Guardami is one of the modern European art films with hard core content, possibly one of the better ones. It is loosely based on the life of real Italian porn actress Moana Pozzi, who died of cancer. The director used the story of the star and cancer to give an inside portrait of the porn business.

A middle class woman has found the ideal occupation in adult films, in that she loves sex and is an exhibitionist at heart. While the job provides plenty of sex, she spends her time off with her female lover. Then she is diagnosed with cancer, and finds herself an outcast in the industry and at odds with her lover. During chemo, she meets a man in the same situation, and the two become an item. Meanwhile, she still tries to stay in the industry.

Mainstream actress Elisabetta Cavallotti took the lead role. Cavallotti reportedly felt that this was simply too juicy a role to pass up, and she didn't shrink from the sex scenes. In fact, she gave a very explicit blow job, and also performed a lesbian pas de deux with Stefania Orsola Garello. There's lots of nudity (male and female) and sex, although there are no scenes where vaginal penetration could be proved. Cavalotti's decision to take the role has worked for her, jump-starting a career which had theretofore been steady but not spectacular.

Elisabetta Cavallotti gave an outstanding performance, and I did not find any of the sex or nudity gratuitous. Unfortunately, this film is only available in Italian with no subtitles, and I do wish I had been able to understand the dialogue. I found it intriguing enough that I will watch it again if it is ever released with English subtitles. The film has far too much graphic nudity and sex to win over anyone opposed to that content, but presents a fascinating portrait of the porn industry and a sensitive look at someone dealing with cancer.

The good news is that you can at least obtain it in the US from (But remember it's in Italian with no subtitles.)

Guardami DVD Elisabetta Cavallotti Widescreen (1999)

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Elisabetta Cavallotti

Stefania Garello











Today we have a little "Hankster Light".


"Ugly Betty"

The beautiful Salma Hayek in her "look at my new bra" scene from "Ugly Betty."






Notes and collages


Shannen Doherty,  Season 2, Episode 21 and 22

(No collages from Episode 20)

Ep 21


Ep 22







Girl in 3D

The movie starts with stats of how many girls go missing in L.A. Then we follow one such girl, who thinks she has found a dream job, playing Muse to one of her favorite musicians.

But the things that inspire him are not what she had in mind.

Bevin Tucker looks great and most of the movie she is wearing a tight black leather outfit and is all tied up and used as a toy by the bad guy.

Ashley Meyer


Bevin Tucker







Here are film clips of Rose McGowan from Planet Terror (non-nude), plus Alicia Marek and some other woman in the trailer for Machete.

Feast of Love

This film opened Friday, and the only material available is from a "cam," apparently the source of these clips

  • Selma Blair (breast)
  • Alexa Davalos (breasts, butt)
  • Radha Mitchell (full monty). This will be an awesome scene on DVD. Ought to make the top nude scene list if we get to see it before the year ends. (You can't see much in this clip.)


"Nos enfants cheris"

More film clips, this time from a French TV series. This is hot off the presses. Just aired in September.









Le Concile de Pierre


Monica Bellucci




The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

A man who worked at a factory in Wuerzburg, Germany, was arrested for stealing over a million screws from his workplace. 

*  Thus breaking the old record for sneaking the most screws at work, held by Bill clinton.

The shortlist of this year's nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was released Friday, but there isn't much rock and roll on it.  Eligible acts had to release their first record no later than 1982.  The list includes pop/dance queen Madonna, rappers Afrika Bambaataa and the Beastie Boys, folk singer Leonard Cohen, and disco acts Chic
and Donna Summer.  The only rockers in the bunch are John Mellencamp (sorta), the Ventures and the Dave Clark Five, who hit America in 1964, right after the Beatles, but who still aren't in the Rock Hall of Fame.

*  Who did Madonna have to sleep with to make it to the Rock Hall of Fame?!...Oh, right, I forgot: everybody.