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"Rosemary's Baby" (1968)

Rosemary's Baby (1968) is being released Tuesday the 3rd on DVD. This may well be the best horror film ever made. It stars Mia Farrow as Rosemary, half of a young couple who moves into a new apartment in a building with a frightening past. Their older neighbors befriend them, and when her husband starts having good luck, they decide to start a family.

Rosemary passes out, and wakes up with scratches. Her husband says he got carried away. At any rate, she ends up pregnant. We see the rest of the film from Rosemary's standpoint as she begins to suspect her neighbors are witches, and want her baby. This is the type of suspense scare, where we never really do see the evil, but slowly realize what is going on along with Rosemary. IMDB users rate it 7.7/10 with 2,449 votes, and Maltin gives it a full 4 stars.

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    "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1958)

    Next Tuesday is a big one for new releases, including a deluxe boxed set of The Worst of Ed Wood. After hearing Jr. and Scoopy talk about him for months, I couldn't resist, so here, in all of it's (limited) glory, is Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958). Hailed as the worst movie ever made, I would add that it is the worst movie ever made as a serious attempt. Aliens fail at their first 8 plans to contact earth, and resort to plan 9, which involves raising the dead under their control, then using them to conquer earth, before man can invent the photon bomb. It is nearly impossible to mention everything wrong with this film, but inane dialogue, in some cases amazingly badly delivered, cheesy special effects, and no continuity at all lead the list. Maltin awards it a bomb, but then admits it is funnier each time you see it.

    The others in the boxed set include Glen or Glenda, Bride of the Monster and Jail Bait.

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    Stuff from Tomcat

    I don't know who these people are. TomCat identified the movie as a 1989 film directed by Georges Wilson, and starring Jean Carmet. Since he only directed one movie, according to IMDb, and that was in 1989, and starred Carmet, I guess it must be "Vouivre".

    Tomcat had these caps of the dark haired woman identified as Carmet, but I don't think so. She was 68 when the movie was made, and not a very robust 68 because she died shortly thereafter. And this is no 68 year old woman. Even Cher's plastic surgeon couldn't accomplish this.

    If you can identify either the dark haired beauty of the redhead, please write

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  • Unknown 2

    Just for fun, this is two of Tuna's captures sewn together to make one naked Lea.

    "Brain Dead" (1990)

    Branded is a famous series with Chuck Connors and the theme song and the stripping off the epaulets and the breaking the sword over the knee ...

    Oh, wait a minute. This is Braindead, not Branded.

    Never mind.

    This is a Corman-produced movie that is fundamentally an episode fo the Twilight Zone stretched to 90 minutes. Hey, Corman, there was a good reason why those Serling scripts were only 22 minutes long. Overall, this is a pretty good watch, but it sure drags in the middle.

    This one is somewhere in the same general line as The Sixth Sense, Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge, Jacob's Ladder, and other movies of that ilk. A puzzle that you can't quite figure out. Is Pullman mad or sane? Is he dead or alive? Is he really a brain specialist, or is he the patient who projects his hopes into a doctor's job. Is he the sweeet invention of a lover's dream, or is he really as wonderful as he seems? What was the leopard seeking at that altitude? Where are the snows of yesteryear? The answer to some of those questions may be explained in the last minute, if you last that long.

    You'll love it if you wondered whatever became of cult favorite Bud Cort. He's in this - as a loony with the top of his head cut off.

    I rented this because of an IMDb comment about a Patricia Charbonneau nude scene. The nude scene wasn't nude at all, really. A very brief look at a backside and the side of a hip. With the dark funky lighting, she could be wearing thong underwear. There was also one pretty sexy upskirt (but panties underneath).

    Here's a more lengthy explanation.

    IMDB summary: 6.5 out of 10.

    DVD info from Amazon.

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    "No Alibi"

    I think this must be a horror movie, since:

  • the photography is so dark, they must all be vampires
  • written on the box are the three scariest words in the English language: "starring Eric Roberts"

    Um, let's see. Superman's brother borrows his car and rips off some stolen electronics. The guy who originally stole the merchandise (Eric Roberts) is pretty hacked off, especially since he took the electronic components out of the VCR's and replaced them with 2.5 million dollars in cash.

    By the way, Roberts' character name sounds like it should be in a Monty Python sketch. His name is Vic Haddock.

    Anyway, Eric sees the car fleeing the scene, researches the owner, and assumes that Superman (I'm referring to Dean Cain here, by the way) pulled off the rip-off.

    Well, about at this time, a mysterious new woman comes into Superman's life, and they seem to be hitting it off quite well, until she overhears the brother say that he borrowed the car that night. Then she decides to sleep with the brother. During their liaison who should show up but Julia Roberts' favorite brother, who kills the guy, and it then turns out the girl she was actually working for Big Eric all along.

    That part of the movie was a pretty damned good noir, atmospheric and mysterious, and they didn't immediately reveal the connection between the girlfriend and the crime, so they really had you wondering why this sweet girlfriend was suddenly making a play for the brother. That should have been the end of the movie, but unfortunately it wasn't. It was only a third of the way through.

    The rest of the movie hinged on the rather lame premise that the girl has fallen in love with The Man of Steel, despite having participated in the murder of his brother, and this makes Eric mucho jealous. So Eric shadows them as they fall in love and get married and have a child, and all along Superman is still wondering just exactly why his brother was brutally murdered, so he hires a detective, and he really isn't too pleased when he finds out that his wife first screwed the brother and then set up his death. That's gotta hurt.

    Years go by. Continents shift. They resolve it somehow, but I can't say how. I wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you. Actually the ending is OK, as were the first thirty minutes. The other hour seemed longer than the Hundred Years War.

    The star, Lexa Doig, Cowgirl from the Tek War series and Andromeda in the new Roddenberry-based Andromeda series (, is one fine-lookin' woman, but the sex scenes were so dark that it was frustrating. The other woman was in an equally dark scene, but had an unimportant role. (She's a hooker, and Roberts hires her to dress up like Doig.)

    IMDB summary: 5.6 out of 10.

    DVD info from Amazon.

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  • Southong
  • Scanman
    Alette Dirkse
    (1, 2)
    3 Dutch actresses in new 'caps by Scanman from the movie "De Boekverfilming". First up, Alette goes topless in #1 and gets it on in #2.
    Femke Lakerveld
    (1, 2)
    Ditto that for Femke who also goes topless and gets it on.
    Nadja Hüpscher No gettin' it on in these, but still plenty of skin.
    Jessica Alba A fantastic mini collection of 1024x wallpaper collages! Here is Jessica as Dark Angel
    Heidi Klum Beautiful see-thru swimsuits!
    Amy Ingersoll Zon pays tribute to Amy's role in "Knightriders".
    Pascale Jean-Louis Topless scenes from "Peng! Du bist tot!"
    Rebecca Pauly Also from "Peng! Du bist tot!". Looks like there are some full frontal views in this collage, but the lighting is a bit odd.
    Tatjana Blacher Pokies and some topless images in scenes from "Chill Out".
    Liz Hurley A great gallery of non-nudes with some of today's hottest stars. First up, Liz from "Austin Powers"
    Sonya Kraus From "Talk Talk Talk"
    Gillian Anderson Ahhh, Scully....
    Nadja Auermann On a German talk show.
    Andrea Wieser More talk show clips.
    Catherine Zeta-Jones From an Alfa Romeo ad. You know, seeing her promote Alfa makes me think about buying one...but it would seal the deal if she did all of the service too! Especially since those things are in the shop more than they're on the road!
    Nicci Juice Is that one of those exotic, South Pacific fruit juices?
    Sonya Kraus One more of Sonya on "Talk Talk Talk".
    and ...
    Jane Seymour
    (1, 2)
    Wow! A fantastic find by Akira. For those Gen X's or younger (Are we even called that anymore?), she's pretty much only known as "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". But once upon a time, way back in 1977, she was a hot young babe, barely dressed in horrible movie called "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger".
    Felicity Waterman
    (1, 2)
    Nothing new in these, we've run similar 'caps before. However, this time Aussie has put together some very nice images, probably the best I've seen from this movie. And quite honestly, I just think Felicity looks great topless. So on that note, enjoy these scenes from "Unlawful Passage".
    Kelly Brook
    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Kelly has unfortunately mastered the art of posing without revealing. Here are four great teaser scans from GQ.
    Jennifer Connelly
    (1, 2)
    Is it possible to get tired of seeing Jennifer show the goods? Personally, I have to say no way bubba! Here she is once again in scenes from "Waking the Dead". Thanks to Dann.
    Brenda Schaad
    (1, 2)
    No clue who she is, but she's a good looking brunette.
    Penélope Cruz A very sexy pose of the Spanish actress featuring a see thru-nipple peek.
    Hilary Swank Nice pokies
    Angie Everhart Snowblind captured a few pokies from Angie's appearance on Wild on the Riviera. I had the pleasure of meeting Angie about 8 months ago. And yes...she is a babe in real life too!
    Amy Smart More pokies
    Tara Fitzgerald Vidcaps from "The Student Prince", by Watty.
    In other news...
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Gives a BJ!

    Courtesy of

    ZIPPER CODE: Hollywood stunner Jennifer Love Hewitt found her new role in upcoming movie "Heartbreakers" a little embarrassing - it involved simulating oral sex for nine hours. And to make the scene more amusing, the producers decided to get Jennifer's famous long tresses caught in co-star Ray Liotta's zipper.

    "I Know What you Did Last Summer" star Jennifer says, "They had to wrap a wire around my hair and then they put this wire through his zipper and pinned it to his underwear. It was very odd and embarrassing for us both. I found myself attached to his crotch for a good nine hours." Jennifer, 21, joins Hollywood legends Gene Hackman and Sigourney Weaver in the comedy, which is set in the glitzy holiday resort of Palm Beach.

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